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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/7/2013 4:55 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin
August 7, 2013

Q: How is Justin Tuck?
A: He’s got a tight back. They’re just taking the precautions.

Q: Is he going to play on Saturday?
A: We’ll see. We expect that to be the case, but he’ll have to do a little bit of improving.

Q: How’s Justin Pugh coming along?
A: Good, good. I hope he gets cleared this weekend for next week.

Q: James Brewer and Cooper Taylor?
A: They won’t make it this week. Hopefully, the doctor was pretty optimistic about Taylor. I think once guys start feeling better with the … then they come along pretty quick. So we’ll see.

Q: They’re all concussions?
A: Taylor’s a hamstring.

Q: How about Nassib? What have you seen from him so far and he’ll play I assume on Saturday?
A: Young guy with a lot of ability that’s trying to fight his way through all of the learning. He did some good things again today.

Q: Last week you had Justin Tuck playing a little bit of standup. Is that something you guys have been exploring, maybe with him and a couple other defensive linemen?
A: He’s probably been doing that for the past five to seven years. Just to move him around, get him into position, bring him in different spots. There are multiple guys who can play that role, but he’s been doing it with the first team.

Re: play of Brandon Mosley in camp
A: He’s had some very good practices. He occasionally suffers from a lack of experience when something new confronts him. He’s been impressive. He’s a tough kid. He’s battling.

Q: How much have you liked what you’ve seen from Cullen Jenkins out there at defensive end? It’s been a few days now.
A: He’s a tough guy to block no matter where he is. He’s very effective, very good. Moves well. Just gives us a nice piece of versatility to be able to play him basically wherever we need.

Q: With the lack of contact, is it tougher to evaluate linebackers?
A: We didn’t have any lack of contact yesterday. We did all right in that area yesterday, but that’s what these games are for. They’ll get plenty of chances.

Q: Will the starters play a quarter?
A: Yeah, probably.

Q: Have you considered bringing in another team in for practice?
A: I’ve done that before, but not recently.

Q: Why not?
A: Well, it’s why and then why not? We have 90 or 86 or whatever we have. We have plenty of work to do right here. It’s very early in camp. You’d like to think we’d be a little more refined. You bring another team in here and I don’t know that you’re going to get as many snaps as these guys get every day. You also have to be very, very much aware of who you’re working against. We used to do this all the time. Years ago everybody did and so on and so forth and then it kind of disappeared a little bit and I think most people feel like the four preseason games are plenty, but if there’s an advantage, then I think people go ahead and do that.

Q: What about starters for the Steelers game?
A: Usually they’ll have a limited number of snaps, but we’ll play. Those that are healthy will play.

Q: With Bear Pascoe getting snaps at fullback, are you confident in Adrien Robinson and Brandon Meyers to do the job at tight end?
A: Yeah. Bear has done it before. He’s done it in big games and he’s done it through the playoffs. He’s been there before and that’s fine. He’ll do a good job.

Q: Deon Grant said he was retiring as a Giant today.
A: I just saw a glimpse of that. I did not really know that, but it makes me smile. He’s one of our guys. He did a great job when he was here. Mr. Versatility. He played linebacker. He played back in the secondary. We had a package basically designed to get him and others on the field at the same time and he responded very, very well. He was a very, very smart player; a guy who could direct traffic back there. The guys really respected him. He had the ability to recognize when things weren’t championship quality and he would call people’s attention to that and guys respected him for that. I look forward to seeing Deon again and see if we can get him in here and talk to our team, too. He does a very good job of that.

Q: Have you seen your quarterback’s rap video yet?
A: I just heard about that. I have not sat down and taken a look at that. I don’t know what the music awards are, but I’m sure he’ll be in the running, he and Peyton.

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