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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2013 7:02 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

August 26, 2013

Q: Mixing up the offensive line a little bit again today?

A: Weíll possibly do some of that. Weíll try different combinations. Nothing wrong with that, I hope.

Q: JPP coming off of the PUP today?

A: Get him going. Get him out there. Get him running around. Heís just going to do individual for now, but it wonít be long.

Q: Do you have a sense yet of whether you want to play your offensive starters at all o Thursday?

A: Whether I want to play them?

Q: Yeah, whether you would give them any series at all.

A: Well, Iím strongly inclined to do that. Itís just how much, thatís all.

Q: Damontre Moore did some individuals today it looked like?

A: He did.

Q: Is he getting close.

A: I hope so. Weíll have to take a picture of him again. He came out and he was excited to be out here.

Q: Itís only preseason, but is it important for that first unit offense to get someÖ

A: Itís only preseason, but itís important. Itís the fourth preseason game. It would be a good thing. Well, the first snap of the game wasnít bad. So weíd like to see more of that, yeah.

Q: Whatís Victor Cruzís status? Is he getting closer?

A: From my understanding, he is getting better but itís certainly not tomorrow morning.

Q: Tom, when we were talking to Mundy today he said he would describe himself as an above the neck player. Do you see that from him?

A: I do. I sure do. I would say heís more than that, though. Heís physical, too.

Q: The Eagles released Kenny Phillips. Would you have any interest in looking at him?

A: Iím not aware of that, although I do know our staff will look at every player.

Q: Corey Webster look ok today, being back on the field?

A: He did.

Q: How did Antrel Rolle manage?

A: He managed fine. Heís one of those guys that youíre not going to keep him down for long.

Q: Tom, is there a message you need to give to some of these guys who might be, quote unquote, on the bubble, going into Thursday?

A: The message is this. Thereís two practices, a game, look at the tape and cut to 53. Thatís where we are. If youíre going to make a move, if youíre going to show something, someone who is looking to make our team that hasnít made it before, Iíd say that you need to get about the business of doing it. Itís time. Thereís not a lot of time, but what opportunity you get to step on the field Thursday night, Iím hoping for your benefit that itís a good one.

Q: Do you feel offensively that youíve been close to having good things happen, just certain things not clicking?

A: Weíve been close on occasion, but the consistent execution, play-in and play-out, is not there yet.

Is it me or does TC sound very down on this team?  
terrykinard : 8/27/2013 12:57 pm : link
He's not nit-picking per usual; he is legitimately saying the Giants are not ready for the regular season and never suggests they are getting closer either.
If there is anyone in the league more irked by the shortened preseason  
Giantfan in skinland : 8/27/2013 1:03 pm : link
than Tom Coughlin, I would be shocked.

To the extent he's "down" on the team, I would guess a large portion of that would be based on how rushed he feels in his preparation for the season. This is a man who wants to practice practice practice. There are no talent deficiencies...just execution problems. Look at his response to the question on not playing the starters. NOT PLAY THEM? THAT'S CRAZY. This is a chance to practice more! And that wouldn't change no matter how good his team was.
and by shortened....  
Giantfan in skinland : 8/27/2013 1:04 pm : link
I mean camp/practice schedules/limitations.
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