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If you could bring back 1 Parcells-era player for 1 season

Chris in Philly : 9/6/2013 9:23 am
and it CANNOT be LT, who is it?

Carson? Banks? Jumbo? Collins? Bavaro?
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actually, given our current needs at OL  
Greg from LI : 9/6/2013 10:05 am : link
I think Bart Oates would fill a more pressing need than Jumbo. It appears *fingers crossed* that we have a solid pair of young tackles. At center, we have an overpaid disappointment who can't stay healthy and Jim f'n Cordle.
I'd take a Mark - either Collins or Bavaro.  
Big Blue Blogger : 9/6/2013 10:09 am : link
Because of the way the game has changed, I think Collins would give you the most value. Bavaro is tempting. I just don't think a great TE makes as big a difference as a very, very good corner.

As great as Harry Carson was, he would be a two-down player. Banks is a possibility.
hard because of the different style and rules of todays game  
Hades07 : 9/6/2013 10:15 am : link
Getting a great MLB in Carson would be the obvious choice, but does his style of play translate?

Similar issue with Mark Collins, would the rule changes diminish his effectiveness?

Rodney Hampton would fit perfectly the need in the backfield, but is that a big enough need?

I'll go with Bavaro...great blocker and receiver. Will improve the running game and give Eli another weapon. His play style also matches today's game so there is no doubts in that regard.
Collins under the new rules - would he be as effective?  
jcn56 : 9/6/2013 10:19 am : link
Not sure he'd be as good a corner if you took away his ability to be physical.

I'd have to go with Carl Banks. I don't think we're a Jumbo or Bart Oates short of that OL being a mauler although both would help. Put a LB with the vision of Banks back there and I think you make that defense a LOT better.
Took too long to respond, Hades beat me  
jcn56 : 9/6/2013 10:19 am : link
on the Collins question.
If your going to go cornerback  
wgenesis123 : 9/6/2013 10:24 am : link
Mark Haynes
that's a good point  
Greg from LI : 9/6/2013 10:25 am : link
Collins would get flagged constantly today.
Mr Carl Banks  
Paulie Walnuts : 9/6/2013 10:25 am : link
he would cover whitten
Any of the 2nd team LB's from the 80's,  
truebluelarry : 9/6/2013 10:39 am : link
like Andy Headen or Byron Hunt, would immediately make an impact and be hailed as saviors on this year's team.
I would choose  
DG : 9/6/2013 10:46 am : link
Banks too. One of the best coverage LBs ever and very good against the run.
tough era to choose from, so many good players  
dangerousrappingfrog : 9/6/2013 10:50 am : link
George Martin  
SMitch2 : 9/6/2013 10:52 am : link
and it's not even close. The guy was absolutely dominant from the 3-4 DE position. LT overshadowed him, but his numbers are sick.
George Martin wasn't a full time player as I recall  
Hades07 : 9/6/2013 11:04 am : link
If you are going 3-4 DE from that time, I'd go Marshall.
Joey in VA : 9/6/2013 11:10 am : link
In a 4-3 in a pass happy league? No thanks kids. No to Jumbo too, Beatty is on the verge of being our best OL, Jumbo at this point will not be a big upgrade at all.

I would say Mark Collins, or Bavaro. Bavaro keeps safeties in the middle of the field and likely a LB to chip him which opens up the edges a bit in the run game. His in line blocking as well would be a huge benefit to a guy like Wilson who operates in space. Adding his pass catching and blocking would make this offense unbelievable.
I meant to say Leonard Marshall  
SMitch2 : 9/6/2013 11:21 am : link
Marshall was selected to the Pro Bowl for his performances in the 1985, 1986, and 1991 seasons and finished his career with 83.5 quarterback sacks in the regular season and another twelve sacks in the post season. He averaged nearly ten sacks a season from 1985 to 1991, and posted double digit sack totals 3 times.

But George Martin was no slouch:
Martin missed only six games in his 14 year playing career (not counting games not played in because of strikes).

In November 1988, Martin became the NFLís all-time leader in touchdowns scored by a defensive lineman (DL), with 5, when he returned an interception for 56 yards against the St. Louis Cardinals. (He had previously been tied at 4 with former Dallas Cowboy defensive tackle Bob Lilly.) In the following championship season, Martin became the leagueís career leader in TDs scored by a DL as a DL (at 6) when he returned an interception for 78 yards and 6 points in an early season home game against the same Broncos team they defeated in the Super Bowl, a feat which Giant head coach Bill Parcells has called the "greatest football play I've ever seen."
Martinís 7 NFL TDs came on 3 interception returns, 2 fumble returns/recoveries, one lateral return following a blocked field goal, and one offensive pass reception (in 1980, lining up as a tight end). (In November 2006, Miamiís All-Pro defensive end Jason Taylor broke Martinís career record by notching his 7th defensive touchdown after intercepting a Brad Johnson pass.)

In addition, Martin amassed over 90 quarterback sacks in his Giants career (his official NFL total is 46; the Giants credit him with 96) during which time he was generally regarded as one of the league's most feared pass rushers.
I think Mark Collins could adapt.  
Big Blue Blogger : 9/6/2013 11:43 am : link
Although his style was quite physical, he was an outstanding technician, and not at all a one-trick pony.

I considered Mark Haynes, but his peak was very brief. If you could transport the 1984 Haynes to 2013, then yes - he'd be a huge upgrade.
This is for joey  
Rob_MTL : 9/6/2013 11:45 am : link
I know Carl Banks would handle this pass happy league.
VIDEO BANKS - ( New Window )
Banks had a relatively short peak as well  
Rob in NYC : 9/6/2013 11:47 am : link
where he was as good as any LB in the game, including, argubaly, for a brief period, one that played on his team.

thx for posting that about Martin! awesome  
dangerousrappingfrog : 9/6/2013 11:47 am : link
Same with Marshal.
I would go with a position where we need help  
The 12th Man : 9/6/2013 11:57 am : link
One of 3 Harry Carson, Mark Bavaro or Terry Kinard.
Keith Hamilton  
Chip : 9/6/2013 1:25 pm : link
not that we need another dt.
with the persistent injuries to Baas and subsequent line shuffling  
WeatherMan : 9/6/2013 1:29 pm : link
I'll throw Bart Oates name out for consideration as well. Lock down the center of the line, get Boothe back at guard, keep Diehl away from guard because Boothe is there... the benefits are multiple.
bob in tx : 9/6/2013 1:31 pm : link
Right now for 2013 the answer for me would be Mark Bavarro  
BlueLou : 9/6/2013 1:33 pm : link
and it isn't even close.

The addition of one key defender, even an HOFer like Carson or a close to HOF stud in his prime like Banks, would likely be wasted in Fewell's schemes.

I almost want the D to suck this year again just so TC's hand will be forced re dumping PF.
What BlueLou  
Mark from Jersey : 9/6/2013 1:34 pm : link
speedywheels : 9/6/2013 1:35 pm : link
As others have said, it would be great to know the TE would be neutralized that day, not to mention his run stuffing abilities...
I really feel  
djm : 9/6/2013 1:37 pm : link
that Leonard Marshall was the most underrated player from that NYG era. The guy did everything and he did it as a 3/4 end. He was a pass rushing force and he held his POA as well as any 3/4 end could have. He was as good a defensive lineman as any from that era and he gets NO consideration for the HOF. Multiple pro bowls. Postseason monster...Marshall was a very productive player, both statistically and at the POA and he did it as a 3/4 end. Can't be said enough how good he was.

Banks and Marshall don't sniff canton while Dan Hampton does? That bothers me. I know I know...NY players are overrated and LT made everyone around him better. Horse shit. You take Banks or Marshall off those teams and they are not winning two super bowls.

I'd take Carson on this team. lol...sorry for the rant.
scratch that  
djm : 9/6/2013 1:41 pm : link
give me Carl Banks who's game fits today's model more than Carson's did.
C'mon, really?  
jcn56 : 9/6/2013 1:43 pm : link
I almost want the D to suck this year again just so TC's hand will be forced re dumping PF.

I know there's an almost in there, but I never want our D to suck.
fuck that  
djm : 9/6/2013 1:44 pm : link
I'm going with my gut pick and I want Leonard Marshall on this team playing 4-3 DT next to Joseph and Jenkins. Lights out for opposing offenses.

No take backs...I want Leonard Marshall on this team.
jcn, yeah there's an almost in there,  
BlueLou : 9/6/2013 2:25 pm : link
and I don't want to miller the thread and turn it into a Fewell dump-fest.

BUT... I think the talent on our D, aside from the largely g-d awful LBs, is better than they've shown under Fewell. Like maybe they are at least average?

There's an ongoing theme of confusion among our D-secondary, and the buck has to stop with PF on that, IMO.
LT56 : 9/6/2013 4:42 pm : link
imagine him playing with our current receivers
I loved Phill Simms and still do, but if you're gonna put him  
BlueLou : 9/6/2013 4:47 pm : link
with these current WRs remember then you're also putting him behind this current OL. I don't think it would turn out well, not for Phil, not for the team.
Many good choices  
Maineline : 9/6/2013 6:14 pm : link
Carson then Bavaro third choice Mark Collins
Dave Meggett  
gunntom5 : 9/6/2013 6:51 pm : link
He would give Eli great field position, and he would make the Giants deadly in all third down situations.
Neil Guggemos ,,_Lol  
LMags : 9/6/2013 8:54 pm : link
Prb have to say Banks, just what our def needs,.
You didn't say it had to be  
Rick5 : 9/6/2013 8:59 pm : link
for this season, so I'll go with Phil Simms for the 1st year after Eli retires.
pjcas18 : 9/6/2013 9:06 pm : link
then Carson in a close 2nd.
Joe Morris or Mark Bavaro  
TheMick7 : 9/6/2013 9:27 pm : link
I presume you mean THIS season on THIS team  
baadbill : 9/6/2013 10:14 pm : link
... imo, the player who would have the biggest impact on this team this season would be Bavaro ... he'd help the running game, the passing game, and an incredible presence on the team (quiet toughness)
I have doubt that Carson could be a 3 down LB  
Steve in South Jersey : 9/6/2013 10:27 pm : link
in today's pass happy NFL. Not many MLB are 3 down players. I would take Banks. I think his game would still work well today.

Mark Haynes edges out Carson, Bavaro, Jumbo, and Banks  
xtian : 9/7/2013 12:50 pm : link
my order on who would help the 2013 team the most by position--no specials included. the first 5 would really help.
position: best player - comments
1 CB: Mark Haynes - total shutdown CB
2 MLB: Harry Carson - huge upgrade
3 TE: Mark Bavaro - two way upgrade
4 OL: Jumbo Eliot - RT - upgrade - move Pugh to G
5 OLB: Carl Banks - big upgrade especially against the run
6 S: Terry Kinard - definite upgrade
7 DL: Lenard Marshall - little need unless JPP trouble
8 WR: Ernest Gray - little need
9 QB: Phil Simms - no need
Mark Haynes  
Steve in South Jersey : 9/7/2013 12:55 pm : link
forced a trade from the Giants so he is off my list.
xtian : 9/7/2013 12:56 pm : link
8 RB: Joe Morris - little need - makes 9 WR and 10 QB
trueblueinpw : 9/7/2013 12:58 pm : link
Harry Carson - he'd be the best MLB since - well - Harry Carson.
Mark Haynes  
xtian : 9/7/2013 1:01 pm : link
for 3 or 4 years he was All-Pro with LT and sometimes Carson. was totally dominate. based on that extended play. was not trouble inside the locker room.
For me, Harry Carson, hands down...  
Big_Score : 9/7/2013 2:36 pm : link
immediately changes the quality and mindset of the LB corps. Also one the greatest locker room and team leaders the Giants have ever had. Of all the valid contenders mentioned I think Carson would have the most dramatic effect on the team in general. TC and Carson would be a marriage made in heaven. Hell, Carson even had LT's utmost respect, and that's saying something.
Any one of  
Matt M. : 9/7/2013 7:01 pm : link
Carson, Collins, or Haynes. Bavaro was my favorite Giant of all time, but he isn't as great a need with this offense, as the others are. Next up would be Jumbo, moving Beatty to RT.
For this team it's a bit hard  
LauderdaleMatty : 9/7/2013 7:38 pm : link
Lets face it the OL is just seriously average at best until proven otherwise. You could make a care for Bart Oates just as much as a case for Bamks or Bavaro

Any one of those three literally would be a Godsend.
lucky : 9/7/2013 8:19 pm : link
No doubt about it
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