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Transcript: Defensive Line Coach Robert Nunn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/20/2014 12:25 pm
Defensive Line Coach Robert Nunn
June 20, 2014

Q: After losing two starters last year, how difficult is it to rebuild and get new guys in?
A: You hate to lose good players but its an opportunity for someone else to come in, an opportunity for them to make a name for themselves. Its always difficult, but hey, its part of the business and you cant control that. These guys have all come into OTAs and minicamp and have looked very sharp and given themselves a chance to, once we get in pads, earn the job on the spot.

Q: How has JPP looked? There were obviously questions about his health the last couple of years. I think hes healthy now and poised maybe to have a big year.
A: He appears to be. I think hes in as good of shape as hes been since Ive been here. Hes in good shape, good condition, really worked hard from the end of last season. He hasnt indicated anything to me as far as any setbacks and so Im looking forward to getting out there and seeing him react when the real bullets start flying.

Q: Hes said publicly that he was obviously unhappy about his numbers last year, the way he played last year. He said, Im going to show people this year. Does he discuss those kinds of things with you also?
A: A little bit. We talked a little bit about that but really our conversations are more from day-to-day, what were working on and going back and looking at some things that have been successful for him, things that werent successful so thats mainly our conversations. But hes been impressive. Its too early to tell until we get the pads on and see where it goes.

Q: How about the two guys you drafted last year, Johnathan Hankins and Damontre Moore? Have you seen progress in those two?
A: Yeah, I thought Damontre really took a step forward and Hankins really took off at the end of last year and has done a great job in the offseason working out, coming in in really good condition and hes really given them a chance to, both of those guys, have really given themselves a chance to, once we get in pads weve got to see. Theyve got to go out there and do it. But I like where they are at now.

Q: What kind of leadership do Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson give you?
A: Theyre solid guys, solid veteran guys. And they understand where they are in this stage of their career and well have to take care of them through training camp. Both of those guys have had outstanding offseasons, I thought Mike came in here in really good shape. Cullens always been in good shape ever since Ive been around him. Well see where it goes. Again, its so hard to tell, were so limited in what we can do in the offseason now but theyre in great shape and a really good frame of mind and have done a really good job with leadership with the younger players. Well see where it goes.

Q: Markus Kuhn has almost a lost year last year coming off the knee surgery from the year before. The clich is that second year where you see the guys rebound from an ACL. Does he look healthy now?
A: He had an outstanding offseason, really outstanding practices. He and Hankins, theyll definitely get more reps in training camp than Mike P and Cullen if everything goes as planned. He showed up every day. When we go out there and go in team situations Markus was, there wasnt a day that went by that we didnt call his name out in a positive manner.

Q: Did Jay Bromley show you anything? Again, you obviously cant tell
A: You know, hes come in very willing to learn. Hes very green, very raw but hey, hes got to get started. Those guys are the ones that really suffer as far as how limited we are with what we can do. He needs all the work he can get but hes shown enough that hey, hes got to show up when the pads come on. Well see when that happens.
Two projections  
BillT : 6/21/2014 10:43 am : link
Kuhn will be a solid contributor. Bronley will have trouble getting a jersey (see: Joseph, William)
You're comparing Bromley to the Zookeeper?  
Klaatu : 6/21/2014 11:31 am : link
Big mistake.
So, basically, as BB'56 would say  
Bill in UT : 6/21/2014 11:37 am : link
when they show up in pads, we'll see what happens
That's true.  
Klaatu : 6/21/2014 11:39 am : link
But Joseph had no heart, and I think Bromley does.
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