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Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Sean Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/20/2014 12:45 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Sean Ryan
June 20, 2014

Q: Back here with the wide receivers, you kind of picked up where you left off?
A: Yeah, Iíd like to think two years later and after being with the quarterbacks that Iím a better teacher, a better coach and can bring the ideasÖ the quarterback and what he goes through, kind of over that position and let them know. Iím hoping Iím better than when I left off but itís good to be back there and working with those guys again.

Q: Itís kind of a different group now. When you had Victor Cruz before he was a young guy, breaking him in. Now heís like the old guy. Not old but heís the experienced guy, the leader of the group. Have you seen a change in him?
A: Yeah, I think definitely. Heís taken over that leadership role and I think itís important for him. He leads by example. Heís vocal in the room, heís vocal on the field with those guys. He definitely sets the tone for leading the group and the way that he wants that group to work. You see a definite difference in the experience and the success heís had, heís more comfortable now in that role. Itís good to see him.

Q: He had good numbers for a lot of receivers last year, for Victor they werenít great numbers. Do you sense in him a real desire to get back to what he had a couple years ago?
A: Yeah, I donít know how much, he doesnít talk about numbers in terms of that so Iím not sure how much that affects him. I know this Ė heís driven to have a great year. I think the way heís come out in the classroom and out here, the way heís working, heís locked in and ready to have a good year. Iím not sure how much the numbers play a role in that for him but I know, in terms of him setting himself up to have a good year, heís certainly on that path.

Q: Has Rueben Randle shown you signs that he can step up and be a solid number two behind Victor?
A: Yeah, definitely. I think Ruebenís whole deal, you look at him, the skill set, the intelligence, heís got that. For me that battle with him is consistency and I think he knows that and I think heís addressed it in this offseason in the way he approaches his job. I think thereís a difference there. Iíve seen a difference in him, his seriousness towards his work. I expect him to do well.

Q: There have been questions in the past about his approach to his job. Have you liked what youíve seen from him?
A: Yeah, this spring I liked what I saw. I thought he was locked in, I thought he did a good job of learning the new offense and the new system. Like I said, heís got some football intelligence to him. Things come to himÖ he sees things pretty well. But I thought he really worked hard at being locked in to the meetings and on the field as well, whether he was on the field or standing back and helping other guys so I noticed a difference from him.

Q: What kind of potential do you think Odell Beckham has?
A: I think Beckham is a dynamic, dynamic player. I think he can be very good. Weíve got to, again, help him get rid of the mistakes that young guys make, help him to see the different things coverage-wise and disguise-wise that heíll face in this league that maybe he didnít get in college but heís got the ability to be a very explosive wide receiver.

Q: There were some high-profile incidents with Rueben last year where he broke the wrong way and it led to an interception. Is it over-simplifying when you say that this new offense might be easier for a wide receiver than the one that relied on option routes?
A: Yeah, I think it maybe is over-simplifying because youíre always going to face route adjustments and route adjustments versus certain coverageís that youíre going to face. Maybe this offense doesnít have as many but heís still going to face those same decisions, heís going to have to see it, heís going to have to make those decisions so I think it might be over-simplifying a little bit but there is probably, in the terms of volume of route adjustments, thereís probably a little less in this offense.

Q: And the idea of having to recognize the same coverage the quarterback recognizes at the line of scrimmage, that kind of stuff isÖ
A: Itís going to carry over. Itís maybe a little lesser part but thatís always going to carry over in football. Youíre always going to have that. There are always going to be certain routes that weíre going to run versus certain coverages and weíre not going to run against others. Post-snap and when the ballís snapped they have to see it just like the quarterback sees it and be on the same page. Itís still going to be a part of the game itís probably just not as much.
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