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Transcript: Tight Ends Coach Kevin M. Gilbride

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/20/2014 12:48 pm
Tight Ends Coach Kevin M. Gilbride
June 19, 2014

Q: Howís the switch been?
A: Iíve enjoyed it. Itís such a different aspect, especially with everything that we do offensively with the tight ends. Iíve enjoyed the guys, theyíve worked hard coming in with this offense and everything that the offense is asked to do in the backfield, in an in-line position, playing the fullback role, playing the number one receiver, the number two receiver. Itís been a lot of teaching and the way that the guys are adapting to learning it, you have to teach conceptually and learn conceptually within this offense and theyíve done a good job with it.

Q: Coach McAdoo was saying that this isnít a completely new offense, that there are going to be some aspects of the old one. How much, if you can give a percentage, is old versus new?
A: I canít give a specific percentage but thereís definitely carry-over within our position, being asked to do all of those different roles. Thereís a lot of new involved with it for those guys, for those players but itís been enjoyable for me to teach and itís been enjoyable, I believe, for them. I think theyíve enjoyed learning the new aspects and the full picture of the offense.

Q: Whatís the biggest difference youíve seen from Adrien Robinson from last year to this year?
A: Well I didnítí coach him much last year so I canít speak to how he was before. I do know this Ė heís working incredibly hard to learn. Thatís something that, going in, just knowing him as a personality not as someone Iíve taught before, I didnít know. Heís in there, heís taking copious notes, heís answering questions very well. What we need to do is we need to get him to be able to transition that onto the field. Heís made strides, thereís no doubt that heís made strides but there needs to be a lot more. The more in detail we get with him, sometimes he loses some of the basics as far as the techniques are concerned and weíve got to get some carry-over with it.

Q: Whatís it been like working with Ben McAdoo after working with your father for the last couple of years?
A: I was going to make a joke but then you guys will all write about it. Itís really been very good. Heís a very good teacher. Heís very patient, whether itís questions from the players, questions from us if weíre not 100 percent sure because itís a lot, putting in a full new offense is a lot, so there are things that we donít necessarily know 100% that he does just from the detail perspective. So heís been great, heís been great in that regard.

Q: How is your dad doing? I know heís doing some work at ESPN, is he enjoying it?
A: I think heís really enjoying it. We get a vacation in the summer, heís been on vacation since the end of the season so heís enjoyed it. Heís been able to do what he enjoys doing. Heís spoken at a ton of different coaches clinics, heís spoken at high school banquets, things like that, things he hasnít gotten the opportunity to do as much with our busy schedule as a coach so heís really enjoyed the aspect of the vacation so far.

Q: Whatís it been like for you replacing someone like Coach Pope who had been here for so many years and had been identified with the position for so long?
A: I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Coach Pope for four years before so I got to know him as a man and as a coach and a teacher. I havenít thought much about replacing him so itís a hard question for me to answer. I will say this Ė he was a very good coach and a great man.
Sounds like  
TMS : 6/20/2014 2:06 pm : link
Robinson is still struggling with his assignments. Not a good sign after two years in the NFL. Means he is playing slow because he is not sure what to do.
old man : 6/20/2014 3:32 pm : link
A new set of TE responsibilities for him to learn in this O so short term memory is good, but the longer term evades him.
We'll find out when the pads come on.
Rooting for him, not only because it willhelp the team, but it's nice to see a guy step up and prove the fans wrong.
Someone explain to moi,  
Doomster : 6/21/2014 10:24 am : link
how in the world Gilbride, Jr., is a TE coach, after the great job he did with the WR's last year...
RE: Someone explain to moi,  
Great White Ghost : 6/21/2014 5:53 pm : link
In comment 11737138 Doomster said:
how in the world Gilbride, Jr., is a TE coach, after the great job he did with the WR's last year...
not to be a contrarian, but looking at all the interviews with the other coaches, the comments made since the offseason began, watching the whole changing of the guard play out, and the whole "No new TEs" on the roster thing, I have kept an eye on Gilbride jr. I will say I wasn't disposed to look favorably on him.

My current opinion of him, all previous things considered is positive. He seems to have an attitude, he seems determined to succeed. I think there is something in there with his dad getting canned that he is determined to take what he has to work with at TE and put a good product on the field. I don't doubt that there are issues with Robonson. I think he said out looud what they were. He uis putting pressure on the guy. at the same time I think he will be the starter, that's the plan, and Gilbride has made prgress with him and has brought him along. near as I can tell he is doing a good job as TE coach.I dunno what happenned as a WR coach, but just hearing him talk, he sounds like he knows exactly what he's doing, knows what's working and what's not, knows what needs to be improved, and, if he is this direct with the media as to the issues at hand, I think he is clear to his players as well.I'm thinking at this point he is one of thew better position coaches. He won't name a starter now, he wants to keep the pressure on and keep pushing his particular group. I have a feeling that he is one of the more demanding position coaches this year.Frankly, I think he has his shit together, and the issues with Robinson aren't so bad as much as he is focused on making the guy better and pushing him every way he knows how.He doesn't want any of his guys getting comfortable or complacent, far as I can tell.Listening to his interview compared to Ryans, who went back to coaching the WRs to me sounds like night and day. Ryan sounds like a boy, Gilbride sounds like a man.
RE: Sounds like  
Great White Ghost : 6/21/2014 6:04 pm : link
In comment 11736424 TMS said:
Robinson is still struggling with his assignments. Not a good sign after two years in the NFL. Means he is playing slow because he is not sure what to do.
I'm curious as to what his, whats that etst they give at the combine?wonderlik? what his wonderlic score was.Guy is a good kid, good athlete, mebbe not so bright. Will be a real test to see if Gilbride can take a guy like that and make him into a useful football player.Seriously, I think if Gilbride can unfuck this guy and make it work, and work well, then maybe he really has the goods as an NFL coach.If not, then maybe it was nepotism got him this far after all. Myself, I'm rooting for Robinson/Gilbride, and yes, I think their fates are tied closer together than either realize.If the Giants were able to save a draft pick, AND a free agent signing because the made what they had in house work, that makes Reese,Coughlin, Gilbride, and Robinson look good.Makes Mara look good.Makes the organization look good.
To me, it's quite the little drama playing out, with the team gambling on their in house talent and coaching, far as TE goes.
Good posts GWG.  
BlueLou : 6/22/2014 12:58 am : link
Not sure the whole gamble was by design, re not drafting a TE, rather than simply how the draft fell to them, from TC's comments post draft re the TEs.
re: someone explain to moi  
aquidneck : 6/22/2014 7:18 am : link
Dunno, doomster, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the cowboys' TEs with Pope and Witten will be no better and the Giants TEs with Gilbride and Robinson (et all) will be no worse than they were in 2013.

Whatever happened Pope whose been around the NFL forever got fired (probably for not bringing the kids along) and Gilbride got hired for a new job probably because he was seen as a talented young coach on the rise.

Or maybe the Giants fired Pope and hired Gilbride just because they wanted to create desention, undermine their new OC and ensure another failed season.

What do you think?
The job he did with WRs?  
Joey in VA : 6/22/2014 8:44 am : link
You mean the #1 WR who dogged it all year on an offense that couldn't run or block? Did you happen to notice Jerrell Jernigan bust out at the end of the year? Was that luck or coaching? Our OL was a disaster, so was the running game and so was Eli and you pick the WRs as the group with the most trouble? By that rationale, Eli should be gone, he was terrible.

Gilbride has always come across as very intelligent and detail oriented in his interviews. He was kept for a reason and I assume that reason is that Tom Coughlin thinks highly of him. Why would a man that thorough just say f it and keep Gilbride around for no reason? You're really doubting TC's integrity, football acumen and desire to win??
No other way to take those comments about Robinson...  
Jimmy Googs : 6/22/2014 10:41 am : link
he is struggling and Gilbride wants to see much more from him.

Unfortunately, with absolutely zero playing time to date, Mr. Robinson is just another rookie this summer trying to find his way.

To be fair  
mrvax : 6/22/2014 2:42 pm : link
and I wasn't initially thrilled to see Gilbride Jr. take popes place: He didn't do too bad last year as the WR coach.

Think about the fact that the WRs hardly ever had time to run their assigned routes. How could anyone have coached up a mixed up Nicks? Randle, yeah maybe. Maybe he could have done something to help his concentration, etc.

He did a fine job getting Jernigan up to speed as we saw when he was used in the last few games.
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