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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/24/2014 6:20 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

August 24, 2014

Q: Brandon Mosley?

A: Yeah, his back tightened on him. He came back ready to go and all of a sudden, I saw him over there stretching and thatís what it was.

Q: Any results on Geoff Schwartz?

A: Today is Sunday. I donít even think he is supposed to go out until tomorrow.

Q: Peyton Hillis returned. How did he look to you?

A: Okay. You know, rust, but he was out there. He was going.

Q: Looked like Trindon Holliday got a little work, too?

A: He did. He tried to do some running and he did an individual. That is probably the extent of it.

Q: Do you think he [Trindon Holliday] will play at all this week?

A: I am not even going to speculate. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Q: At this point, are you just looking for Odell Beckham to be back the regular season. Is he going to play on Thursday?

A: I would like the next time someone asks me that to have him out here practicing, so I donít have to answer it. You know as much as I do. You are out here watching him every day, too. Thatís all I can tell you. I would like to see the young man practice before he got into the regular season. That would certainly be a good thing.

Q: You had John Jerry out there at guard. Was he in with the first team because Brandon Mosley wasnít out here?

A: Yeah, by and large. He might have rotated in anyway some, but that is the reason he was where he was most of the time today.

Q: Brandon [Mosley] will be back tomorrow you think?

A: I have no idea.

Q: Do you anticipate that you will continue to rotate the offensive linemen in and out? Or are you looking to settle?

A: Most of that is done right here on the practice field. I had some plans to do a couple things the other night and I never had an opportunity to do it.

Q: With somebody like Jon Beason, do you have to activate him by the final cut to make him ready for the first game? Or could he stay on PUP as long as necessary and then be active at any point?

A: Good question. Before I say something I canít back up by virtue of the rule, you have to take him off PUP to get him active and right now heís 90. You can play some down the road games with one player, as you know, the returning player. He has to be on your 53, he has to come off in order to be eligible.

Q: What did you think of Will Beatty?

A: Will is out there. He comes, heís working hard, he has a very good attitude, he gets better each time he plays, and did some good things the other night.

Q: So you are happy with Friday when you watched the film?

A: Happy and satisfied, again, are not the words I would use to describe it. I do recognize the progress and I do recognize the fact that he is working hard at his trade.

Q: Do you have any sense with Beason that he is close to getting off?

A: I donít ask every day, they donít tell me every day. He works on the side and occasionally I will get close enough to him to ask him how he is doing, or in a meeting I will say something to him. His responses are all positive. ĎI feel good. We are going to do this and this today and we are going to do more of this the next day.í Only one time did he say, Ďoh, I am a little sore today.í That is the only time I ever heard it. Everything else has been stuff that you would think would be encouraging.

Q: Seems like Rashad Jennings had a pretty good game in terms of his pass protection, pass blocking.

A: Yes. He is very good at that, he is very good at it. We knew that when he came, he is very attentive, he is very smart. He works at it. He had some good runs, had some good protections.

Q: He almost sounds like a coach when we speak to him. He talks about being a student of the gameÖIs that something you knew about him?

A: That was very evident. We knew that about him. When we interviewed him, it was evident he is that kind of a young man.

Q: A tight end we havenít really talked about much is Jerome Cunningham. Has he stood out to you in any way?

A: Yeah, he stood out to me on the practice field. He is young, heís green, he has great energy, stamina and looks like he can run. He does have very good timed speed. We timed him when he came in but he has a lot to learn. He hasnít disappointed, not at all.
CGiants07 : 8/24/2014 8:01 pm : link
find Jerome cunninghams bio on rotoworld here is his date of birth so you can update it in roster page.

5/25/1991(hes 23)and a practice squad guy id think
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