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Transcript: OT Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/22/2014 7:39 pm
T Justin Pugh

Conference Call, September 22, 2014

Q: Do you think the offensive line came of age on Sunday?

A: I think we have been working hard ever since training camp started. We have been able to put together some good runs and we put together a full run on Sunday obviously. We would’ve liked to finish with the ball in our hands and convert that first down there with four minutes to go.

Q: Is that the first time you ever played like that. I think you flipped on the left side for one play and actually played outside as well. What was the idea for that and was that the first time you guys have done that this year?

A: Yeah, first time we did that. It was just something we put in for this week and something we will see where it ends up going, but yeah, first time with me going over to the left side.

Q: For a lineman ,how tough is to come back four days after you play a game?

A: It is something where it’s part of the NFL, you have to be able to do that and get your body right. I think that you have to spend extra time this week outside of being at the facility to get that extra work that you need. Today was important to come in, get in the cold tub and make sure you are getting your body recovered.

Q: What kinds of things do you do outside of the facility?

A: I did this cryotherapy, they put you in this tube and the fill it with liquid and nitrogen and it gets it to like -275 and it helps get new blood in your extremities, arms, legs. Massage, acupuncture. Just eating right, those are a few of the things that are outside of here.

Q: Will that be something you will spread out for a couple of days, or maybe have to condense a little more?

A: Yeah. It is something that you have to condense. I normally have to do it before the games, but on a short week like this, wherever you can fit it into your schedule, you want to try to do that.

Q: When you look back, was that one of the most physical games that you played in the NFL? It looked like almost every play it was a battle down there.

A: Yeah, definitely. Houston, they’ve got some great players up front, it was definitely a battle. Proud of the way of our offensive line, running backs, wide receivers, everyone played. Quarterback. It was a good win.

Q: What is the mood like in the building today?

A: Guys are happy. I think we put the win yesterday behind us and just moved on. We have a divisional game this week, but I think the mood today was, we came in right in the beginning guys were happy about the win but we started focusing on Washington right away I think that is where everyone’s attention is now.

Q: Whoever doesn’t win on Thursday is suddenly 2 ½ games out. That means the urgency is there again suddenly?

A: I think you have to go into every game with the mentality that it is a must-win and that is the way we are preparing this week.

Q: What do you see when you look at the Washington Redskins defense and what kind of challenge do they pose to you guys?

A: They have some great players. Obviously, Ryan Kerrigan, who is on my side, I played against twice last year. Two great outside linebackers, Jason Hatcher coming over from Dallas is another great guy that can create problems for anyone. I think they are a real great team. I think you see the way they compete and battle in all of their games. They are not a team you can take lightly, we have to make sure we go out there and execute our gameplan.

Q: Does it help that it is a short week playing a division rival?

A: I think it helps being a divisional game. We know these guys a little better than playing a non-division opponent. Like I said before, you have to put in those extra hours outside of that facility to make sure you are up to speed with where you would be if it was a regular week.
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