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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/20/2014 7:40 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

November 20, 2014

Q: Justin Pugh wasn’t able to go today?

A: No.

Q: Will Geoff Schwartz play for him at right tackle or is that still up in the air?

A: Two or three guys are rotating through there, rotating out there and rotating inside.

Q: Does this feel like a typical Giants-Cowboys week to you or because of your record some of the…?

A: No. It feels like a Giants-Cowboys week for us. We’re excited about that.

Q: Jacquian was making some progress out here doing some things?

A: He was out running on the side. We’ll see what the results are like.

Q: He’s still got to be cleared?

A: Oh yeah. He’s got to be cleared by the whole protocol.

Q: Are you seeing the energy that you want to see this week after what happened last weekend?

A: Yes. Good energy, good enthusiasm.

Q: Last time you played the Cowboys Rodgers-Cromartie was limited – he didn’t have a lot of snaps and Prince had to deal with Dez Bryant. Now with Prince not here, what’s your level of confidence that DRC can handle it?
A: He’s going to… if you’re asking me about the duration of the game he’s always set to go and then there are times when he does have to come out of the game. The matchup part of it, we’d love to have him be able to stay in and play the whole game but we’re going to have to see.

Q: What have you see from him and his ability to cover these guys?

A: He can cover them if in fact he’s able to stay in the game and get into the game and sort of figure out what the other guy is trying to do with him, so on and so forth.

Q: Is simply not a guy capable…?

A: Well, he practices all week long but there are points in the game when he does come out of the game and then he goes back into the game. That’s kind of the way it’s been.

Q: We talked about a couple weeks ago whether you can game plan for him being there the whole game. You said no. Can you game plan for him at this point, in any way, to do those kinds of things – cover a guy one-on-one considering how much you know you expect him to play?

A: We do game plan him in but we fully are prepared for what happens.

Q: On the defensive front, they don’t really have the numbers or the big names yet they’ve been playing pretty solid. What is it that they’ve been doing that they can get the job done?

A: Prior to our first game they had really limited snaps. Because of their style of offense they had time of possession and they’ve been able to limit and keep the ball so the other guy doesn’t get it as much. They rotate their eight through and as they rotate them through they play hard and they make things happen and they’ve got people… Mincey’s playing very well, Spencer’s now back in there. They’ve got some people that can go.

Q: Just to get back to DRC, would Chykie Brown be the guy who rotates in for him? That’s what you had the other night.

A: Well, depending on the circumstance. What are we, first and second down? Hosley could go in on first and second down as well. But if there are three wides on the field and Hosley’s already in there Brown would be next, yeah.

Q: Do you pay any attention to Tiki’s comments this week?

A: Come on.

Q: How has Weston Richburg’s rookie season gone in your mind?

A: He’s playing hard, he’s learning as he goes along. He’s working every day, every day is a new day and a new experience for him. He’s done a good job and he’s getting better.

Q: Schwartz?…

A: Well, we’ll see. He’s practiced both days here and reasonable taken all the snaps.

Q: When you guys signed him, did you think guard-tackle or did you think guard and maybe tackle if we need him?

A: Wherever we could fit him in. He’s played pretty much every position out there, including the X-O tight end.

Q: Did you grade him the same at both positions or close?

A: We graded him, the majority of the time he was a guard last year.

Q: Herzlich replaced Jacquian I’m assuming because you liked him against the run. Is he strong against the run? Is that…?

A: He did play well against the run.

Q: Will he get another shot there if Jacquian can’t go?

A: Those are numbers.
If I hear one more F'ing  
mjvm52106 : 11/21/2014 8:48 am : link
comment from TC about the energy, enthusiasm and excited feeling of the team in practice or how great practice was all week I am going to throw up. Who gives a shit. Do you really think any team is going to go to practice and be just god awful and lethargic and act like they don't want to play?

When I hear crap like that I think College Football and coaching there. This is the NFL, energy at practice means nothing. When our offense struggles and then I hear how surprised the coaches were because of how well they practiced I literally laugh out loud. First, its PRACTICE! Second, it is practice for offense against the #32 ranked defense... Ummm, if we can't look good there then we can't look good anywhere...

TC is a great coach but not the coach for this team. Its time to change a lot of things, GM and HC....
Interesting that both TC and Fewell put a bit of emphasis on DRC...  
arcarsenal : 11/21/2014 8:52 am : link
It seems like he's taking himself out of games a bit more than they'd like.

I wonder why he does that. Fatigue?
Isn't he still hurt?  
jcn56 : 11/21/2014 9:11 am : link
I thought his back was going to be a season long 'management' thing, so it's odd to read that they're upset about that.
Q: Did you pay any attention to Tiki's comments this week?  
aquidneck : 11/21/2014 9:28 am : link
A: C'mon.
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