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Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/20/2014 7:42 pm

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

November 20, 2014

Q: Tom Coughlin was talking about he thought you could really get a punt return for a touchdown last week. What was it about that that made you guys think that?

A: It is just the confidence in Odell Beckham Jr., blocking better, going with that mindset all the time, it is hard to get. Had an opportunity if we would of finished better on the block but we didnít, kind of disappointed in that last one at the end of the game where we could of established some field position for the offense.

Q: Does Odell Beckham Jr. bring an extra level to him?

A: Yeah, heís got speed , heís got running skills, heís legitimate, developing into a returner. You get excited having him back there.

Q: It allows you to do more things? On the kickoffs you had him back there.

A: Yeah that our you throw it out to him. Just trying to use the players you have on your roster to create some things.

Q: Talk about the onside kick. What did you see there?

A: It is something that Josh Brown does well, and you work on it every week. The punt situation, the field goal, kickoffs, you work and you hope you get a chance to call, luckily we did, luckily we got the ball back. It wasnít an ideal kick, kind of hopped up into him, we got lucky there.

Q: He probably doesnít practice that tackling?

A: No, we donít practice that where he tackles.

Q: I am sure he took a lot of joy in that.

A: Anytime you can make a play that tries to help the team, I think you get excited about it.

Q: For you, personally, does that mean anything? You had more positive plays in that game than you have had in a long time.

A: I thought the kickoff return had a chance, I think we stay on our feet. The punt return was a good spark, the onside kick was good. Trying to do that every week is hard to do.

Q: Is that something you can build on? Or is it so many changes that it is kind of hard?

A: There is changes, but you hope you can build momentum. You hope you can keep doing your job. Every week you have your different challenges; it is going to be tough this week.

Q: Odell Beckham Jr and Preston Parker, and Quintin Demps as the kickoff return. With Quintin Demps is it just a matter of him not being able to use him because he is already on the field?

A: It is a situation of how many plays has he played on defense and he is coming off of defense. So if you have a fresh guyÖ

Q: Is there a time when you can use him?

A: At the start-of-the-game type of situation.

Re: Return

A: Maybe come out the half. Preston Parker was doing good last week so we just kept going with Preston Parker

Q. Do you have any interest in being the Head Coach next season?  
Jimmy Googs : 11/20/2014 7:50 pm : link
A. I would think I have a good shot if my coverage teams don't give up any touchdowns for the remainder of the year.
That's right!  
Blackbeard : 11/20/2014 8:57 pm : link
Put your best WR in a position to be injured with the worst group on the team! For God's sake! Doesn't history teach these morons anything?
Does the name SEHORN ring a bell?
you know apathy and frustration have set in  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 11/21/2014 8:13 am : link
when the Tom Quinn thread is not littered with fake Q&A's.
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