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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/4/2014 3:57 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin
December 4, 2014

Q: Jacquian Williams?
A: Yeah, he didnít work. We thought he would, but he didnít.

Q: Is that his shoulder or is it still the concussion?
A: I think itís the concussion.

Q: Are you close to having to shut him down?
A: All I know is that he didnít work today.

Q: Was the expectation coming into this week that you would have a chance to get him back?
A: You asked me the other day. Yeah, it was a chance that he was going to practice and play. Thatís what we thought. Heís in the third week.

Q: How did he look yesterday?
A: He seemed to be okay and then he gets symptoms.

Q: How tricky is this injury? Youíve had a couple guys stay in games, it seems like itís something that seems to be really hard for you guys, everybody really, to manage these kinds of injuries.
A: Why, what are you talking about? Manage them? A guy gets it in the game and heís out. You have all kinds of medical people there, they make the call. If they have any symptoms whatsoever, out they come.

Q: It just seems like such a hard thing to even recognize.
A: Itís not hard to recognize.

Q: Jacquian played three quarters apparently. There were no symptoms but thatís what Iím saying, itís a tough thing for teams to be able toÖ
A: Itís not a tough thing. If the player has any kind of a symptom, if thereís any kind of a contact helmet-to-helmet, theyíre right there with them. The doctors are there. They ask them their protocol questions. If the player has any kind of an issue, heís taken out of the game. If he doesnít, then heís allowed to play.

Q: Is there a reliance on the players reporting the symptoms?
A: Not necessarily, no. Thatís why theyíre all watching the field. There are medical people watching the field, too. Theyíre watching it from the league office even.

Q: How long does he have to be symptom-free before he can evenÖ?
A: Heís got to pass the protocol.

Q: If Rashad Jennings canít go, would Orleans Darkwa be the second back behind Williams?
A: Yes.

Q: Is Rashad a sprained ankle?
A: Yes.

Q: Darkwa hasnít carried the ball for you obviously.
A: No, but heís done a nice job. Heís been good on special teams, heís impressed everybody with how fast heís picked things up.

Q: If Cullen Jenkins can go, does he play some at end?
A: He will play, yes, all over the place. Iím hoping he can go. Thanks for asking.

Q: You obviously havenít had many seasons like this but Iím sure youíve seen other losing teams where their locker room will disintegrate and thereís a lot of sniping among players. That hasnít happened with your team yet. What does that say about your locker roomÖ?
A: I donít expect it to happen at all. I think our players are solidly in support of each other and of what theyíre trying to accomplish. Thatís the furthest thing from anybodyís mind that I can tell. The guys are very good about supporting each other, sticking together. The team concept is the key.

Q: They said theyíve talked about it amongst themselves. Is that something that youíve had to address with them and say, ĎHey, lookÖí
A: I talk about it all the time, certainly.

Q: Is that something you take pride in?
A: I do, yeah. Itís not easy.

Q: What kind of thing, as a coach, can you do to sort of make it stay together even when you go through a time like this?
A: Talk, speak, communicate, teach. Thatís what you do no matter what the capacity is, no matter what the issue is.

Q: Larry Donnell talked about how his health is something heís got to be careful with if heís getting up in the air. How do you help a guy get past that or not, how can a guy like that not put himself in those positions?
A: Talk about it. Try to show him examples of people who are in similar situations that may have turned or rolled or did something a little bit different rather than end up in the air on the way down. Thatís basically what it is. I talked about it in front of the team the other day, how I was concerned about him.

Q: You have those in mind? Do you spot guys that do it right and show it to him?
A: Yeah but the big man, the tall man at that position has some issues with it. Heís got to fight his way through it. It takes almost the perfect kind of hit in order to put him in that position. Normally thatís not the case.

Q: Who specifically do you look at?
A: You have to find examples of it. Thereís no one person. You just talk about the proper way that you would want him to tuck and roll and those kinds of things to make sure he doesnít get in that position.
if you listen  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/4/2014 3:57 pm : link
to the audio, it sounds like TC was getting pretty pissy with Jordan.
I don't blame him  
nicky43 : 12/5/2014 9:09 am : link
They always ask the dumbest questions and then they harp on some stupid subject wanting more and more detail. It has to be very annoying.
RE: if you listen  
gidiefor : Mod : 12/5/2014 9:20 am : link
In comment 12018063 Eric from BBI said:
to the audio, it sounds like TC was getting pretty pissy with Jordan.

Jordan said at the beginning of the season that TC always gets pissy with him - because he doesn't back down
TC gets pissy with Jordan  
dep026 : 12/5/2014 9:31 am : link
because Jordan is a douche who asks the dumbest questions. I said this the other day... the only thing worse than our team is our beat reporters.
RE: TC gets pissy with Jordan  
gidiefor : Mod : 12/5/2014 11:24 am : link
In comment 12018798 dep026 said:
because Jordan is a douche who asks the dumbest questions. I said this the other day... the only thing worse than our team is our beat reporters.

dep... I'm not sure Jordan asks dumb questions - but he does ask questions that he knows Coughlin doesn't appreciate - and when he doesn't get an answer - or he gets sidestepped - he keeps hammering at it
I wonder about the things the writers choose to harp on.  
Ten Ton Hammer : 12/5/2014 11:31 am : link
There were some good questions there, and some that really aren't worth asking over and over and over.
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