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Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/4/2014 4:01 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn
December 4, 2014

Q: How did you hurt your leg?
A: It was during the game. I made a quick movement on a sudden change to get some guys off the bench onto the field, and then my calf tore. Old age sucks.

RE: I was wondering if you popped an Achilles or something.
A: That is what I initially thought, but it was the calf.

Q: Seems to go with the way things are going with the whole team this year.
A: It rains, it pours, but we are good to go.

Re: number of injuries and impact on special teams
A: Yeah, it is a constant roll. We are kind of used to it, that is usually what happens with special teams. You get new guys in…pretty much across the board it is the verbiage that changes, but schemes pretty much stay the same on the standard way you play it and you will add your wrinkles on how you exactly want to do it. Getting your guys in is good, it gets more competition, which is always good.

Q: What happened on Josh Brown’s miss?
A: He was too deep on his plant, anytime, you are going to push it, the timing of it.

Q: What have you seen from Orleans Darkwa?
A: He has done well. He came in, very level headed kid, smart, understands quickly and nothing is too big. Had to switch him around with some injuries last week….like his speed, he’s trained well with the place he was before so he is able to come in and contribute.

Q: Would have been …..if he becomes the backup running back?
A: Possibly, we got another guy in that would kind of fill some of the roles. Based on how much you plan off that.

Q: Is Damontre Moore still getting snaps?
A: I think so. If he plays more defense, then he would play a little bit less for us.

Q: ……
A: He’s done well, but the last three-four weeks when he is playing defense, we have had to adjust his snaps. That is something kind of free flowing during the game.

Q: How has Nat Berhe handled the responsibility of being the fullback on punt?
A: He has done a better job each week. I thought probably last week was one of his better games. More productive on kickoff, and starting to get it, pleased with his progress.

Q: Is that a lot to put on a rookie that is inexperienced in that spot?
A: We have done it before, it takes a lot of time with them. Sitting with Zak DeOssie, and going over the different protections and stuff. He is a smart kid and we did it for Tyler Sash in 2011, we have kind of been down that road before.

Q: You’re not going to need surgery, are you?
A: No.
We're running out of players to get hurt so now the  
Blue21 : 12/4/2014 4:05 pm : link
coaches show up injured. Are you kidding me?
He tore his calf on the sidelines  
kepler20 : 12/4/2014 7:49 pm : link
Christ almighty.......

This team is cursed this year
Please put him  
old man : 12/4/2014 8:00 pm : link
on IR.
Can we do worse without him?
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