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Transcripts: Rashad Jennings,Devon Kennard, JPP

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/10/2014 4:25 pm
RB Rashad Jennings
December 10, 2014

Q: First, just about this vote that was basically passed today. The reps and the actual players werenít involved in this decision-making. Whatís your feeling on how it was handled and the fact that you guys werenít really involved in the decision-making process?
A: As a newly selected player rep amongst my peers, I actually havenít had the papers in my hand. I just got out of practice, so I thoroughlyÖ for me to give an answer will be improper because I havenít looked through and done my due diligence yet. so when I take a look at it I could give you a little bit more of an opinion.

Q: As a player rep, were you disappointed that you werenít involved in the decision-making process?
A: You always want to be involved, but again, I have not seen enough to really give my opinion either way.

Q: What was it like at practice today with the idea of coming off a win instead of a loss? Do you sense something here thatís a little different, better energy?
A: Definitely, the energyís up, but the energyís up because weíve got a home game playing against a rival. It counts twice. They come in here wanting to prove a point, we are, too. Itís another chance to go out and get a good taste in our mouth. Putting the best foot forward, finishing the season the right way.

Q: Is running the table something thatís really important?
A: Right now whatís important is getting this tape, studying it and let the game take care of itself. If we keep focusing on taking care of day-to-day checkpoints, weíll supersede our goals.

Q: Playing a complete game like that, offense, defense and special teams, that must have felt good that you guys put a complete game together on tape.
A: Yeah. We left some stuff out there when you put on the film, but collectively, offense, defense and special teams played well enough to get the victory. Itís a testament to how hard everybodyís working in this locker room and what weíre capable of doing when we put it together.

Q: When you guys run the ball as well as you did and when you guys throw the ball as well as you did, is that contagious? Does the passing game feed the running game and the running game feed the passing game?
A: Yeah, it works, the synchronicity in between. You get the run game going, it helps out the pass game. You get the pass game going, it helps out the run game. Defense shutting them down linked in by special teams, so every piece of the puzzle matters to the play call and how you went into the game. Itís a team victory.

Q: Good to see your understudy, Andre Williams, break out?
A: Man, Iím so excited. You have no idea. Before the game I was telling him, ĎThis is a good opportunity, itís going to be a breakout game.í Itís good to see him get that confidence, not necessarily to prove it to us, but to prove it to himself. Obviously Iím going to be on him. Heís still on himself. Heís still got a lot, a lot, a lot of room to improve and grow but itís good to see my little brother kind of get a taste of his first 100-yard game.

Q: How much does Beckham open up the field for you guys?
A: You see it just like I see it. Heís fast, explosive, he plays physical and he understands all the tree routes. Heís hard to guard. Heís a good player and heís going to continue to develop. Youíve got to respect him, where heís at on the field, because heís the type of guy that can carry it the distance. He demands respect.

Q: Going back to Andre Williams, what do you notice to be the biggest improvement heís made from since he got here until now?
A: Slowing down. Heís starting to slow the game down a bit. Finishing his runs like heís always done. I was happy to see him catch the ball out of the backfield a little bit more, so all around heís just growing and becoming a complete back. Thatís something that he expects for himself, we expect as an organization from him. Itís the kind of back that he can be and he will be in the future. Iím happy to have him as an understudy.

LB Devon Kennard
December 10, 2014

Q: I think youíre the first Giants rookie to win this award. Does that make it that much more special?
A: There have been some incredible linebackers to play for this organization so something like that, it was definitely special but I know that I have a long ways to go and a lot of things that I want to improve and continue to develop in my game. Iím just taking it one day at a time and am grateful for that accomplishment.

Q: Do you look at that as a great game?
A: I think I played a good game but there are always things. Iím very critical of myself and there are always things that I could have done better or things that could have gone even better. There is definitely still much room for improvement in my game.

Q: The league said it was the best defensive performance of the week. Not just rookies or anything, the best. Itís got to be pretty darn good, I would think.
A: Yeah.

Q: Two sacks, Iím sure, were the ones that stood out, a forced fumble, too. Do you like blitzing more? Do you like hitting quarterbacks? You knocked one out of the game, you knocked one out of the season.
A: Yeah. I didnít intend on doing that. I feel sorry for him. I like trying to make plays for my team, whether thatís blitzing, which has been lately, or whether thatís in coverage or whether thatís just stopping the run. I want to help my team win any way I can and do whatever the coaches are asking me to the best of my ability. Thatís what Iím going out and trying to do every Sunday.

Q: What else do you feel that you can improve on? You said that youíre very critical and you feel like there are other areas that you can get better in. Like what?
A: Just everything Ė route recognition, understanding formations, just allowing myself to play faster and faster. Thatís all going to come with the more reps I get, the more comfortable Iím getting. I just want to continue to get better. Iím not in any way, shape or form satisfied.

Q: Do you feel like these last couple of games have given you an opportunity to build up your confidence to where youíre ready for that next level?
A: Most definitely. Like I said, I want to just continue to take steps on improving and being the best player I can be and finishing this year strong.

Q: Youíve played outside, it seems like, more recently. You havenít moved around quite as much. Has that helped you gain a comfort level of it faster?
A: Iíve still been moving around, there have just been certain situations where theyíre pressuring me but Iíve still been doing some different things. Itís definitely just coming together when I am blitzing and I have been able to be in good situations.

Q: How much did the pass rush stuff you did at USC for a couple years help you prepare to do that stuff here?
A: You know, that definitely prepared me. Especially my last year, I rushed the passer a lot. Itís something Iím comfortable with and Iím starting to get in a rhythm when they do blitz me.

Q: Did you have to show something, prove something to them to start letting you blitz?
A: Iím not sure. Thatís something to ask the coaches. For me, itís whatever they ask of me, whether itís blitzing, whether itís in coverage, whether itís stopping the run. Whatever they ask me, I want to try to excel at. I want to be a peak performer every time I step on the field. I donít want to be seen as just a blitzing linebacker. I want to be able to do whatever they need and ask of me every week.

Q: The Jacksonville game was the first game they really started sending you. Did you know that was going to happen in the game plan?
A: It wasnít any more or less than other games. Every game we have a couple blitzes where we blitz and do different things. I thought that game plan was really good. I was able to make some plays.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul
December 10, 2014

Q: What was it like to get out there and practice off a win for the first time in nine weeksÖ Could you sense a difference?
A: Yeah, we won. It was a great feeling to win and break the losing streak. We did what we had to do to win the game. It all came together.

Q: Did you feel a little energy today or a better feel in the locker room?
A: We are taking the same approach we took last week. We are going to go out there and do our jobs and execute our plays and get things done. We are trying to win out on these last three games.

Q: What impresses you about the Redskins offense?
A: I havenít looked at the tape yet. I am going to do a lot of studying on them and see what we got.

Q: You have seen [Redskins RB] Alfred Morris before and know what kind of running back he isÖ Can you talk about dealing with him?
A: He is a great runner. He is the type of runner where when you hit him, and I have hit him a couple times and he didnít stop. He kept going. You have to hit him and you need multiple guys on him to stop him. That just comes with the territory. He is a great running back and you have to give him his props. We know what we are dealing with.

Q: They are ranked 10th in the NFL in total offenseÖ They have some talent on that side of the ball, donít they?
A: Yeah, they do. On the offensive side. I donít know about the defense or whatever. They have some talent. I donít care what the Internet says or the media says. They have some talent over there. We have to respect that.

Q: What is the mindset for the next three ball games?
A: Finish strong, finish healthy and finish the season. That is basically it. Win these last three games.

Q: You guys have gotten 15 sacks the past two games. What has been the biggest difference in terms of that?
A: I think it starts in our defensive line room. [Defensive Line] Coach [Robert] Nunn does a very good job of explaining things to us. Communication has been better with us. We have guys out, so we know we have to communicate way better than we were before. Coach Nunn does a great job with that. We stay in and study more. We take extra time and come in during the morning to study. That is basically it. We have a lot of young guys playing, but they are doing their jobs and playing great. Damontrť [Moore] is doing a great job. Kerry Wynn is doing a great job and you have Cullen [Jenkins] playing in there, too. We know what it takes to get to the quarterback, we just have to do a great job communicating.

Q: Do you think this locker room has held together even through some difficult times and if so, why?
A: It is football. You donít know whether you are going to win or lose. You just go out there and play the game. We have been through times this season and last. We fight through it and the better thing to do it now is to come out and win these last three games. Through it all, we know what it takes to win. Sometimes it just doesnít fall like that. We have had a losing season, but we broke the losing streak and we are just trying to win these last three games and finish the game healthy.

Q: It is hard to prepare for Washington when you donít know who is going to be playing quarterback?
A: No, not at all. You go into to the game and you prepare for whatever quarterback. Whoever is on that roster is who you are preparing for. First, second or third string, we prepare for.

Q: A couple years ago [Redskins QB] Robert Griffin III used to be a headache for you guysÖ Is he the same player now?
A: I donít know, I have to watch him.

Q: As we get closer to the end of the year, how much do you start thinking about your future beyond this season?
A: I donít think about it at all. I think everything is going to fall into place for itself. That is just what it is. I am playing great. We will see what happens.

Q: Is it hard to avoid thinking about it?
A: No. All I am thinking about is going through the off-season and getting better. Finding out my mistakes this year and watching what I can correct. How fast can I get to the quarterback? How can I play the run better? Just going to look at my film work and see what I can do better next year. That is my main goal. I am not worried about my contract.

Q: Do you have a preference to stay here if you can?
A: Yeah, if I can stay here, I would love to be a Giant for life. Who knows how it is going to fall out. I donít know what the future has. Whatever I can do now to control my own destiny is going out and finishing these games and being healthy. That is what I can control.

Q: Does any part of you look forward to itÖ It might be funÖ?
A: Who knows? I donít know what is going to happen. I donít worry about it. I will let it sort itself out. I will let my agent handle that with the Giants when it comes time to talk.

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