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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/11/2014 3:30 pm

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

December 11, 2014

Eli practiced well and did everything. There wasnít any real restriction on him, so we feel good about that.

Q: Is he going to be limited again or full?

A: Heíll be limited. Weíll just leave him on there.

Q: How has Rashad Jennings looked this week in comparison to what you saw last week?

A: I think he gets better as the week goes on and I think he did better today than he did yesterday. Friday should be better, yeah.

Q: Did you get Jameel McClain back?

A: Yeah.

Q: What did you see out of Andre Williams last week that was different? Is it just part of the growth process?

A: Yeah, I think so. I saw the nice, long run, which I was glad to see. The power, the decisiveness, the cuts, there were a couple that he probably should have made a little bit different in reaction to, but just the process I think of playing more, getting greater opportunities.

Q: Technically speaking, did he do a better job of following the blockers rather than just kind of blasting into the hole?

A: Yeah, he does that sometimes to the point where you wish he would just stay where he was. Yeah, he definitely does that.

Q: How would you describe Rueben Randleís season?

A: You know, I think that heís had games where heís played well, very well. Other games, not so well. Youíre always striving for the consistent performer and I think he would agree with that. Try to get better, thatís the whole deal.

Q: When thereís a game like last week, Odell Beckham obviously played well and you guys focused on going to him. The feeling is always that the other guy should be getting open if thereís that much attention on Odell. Should Randle have gotten open more or did he? Were there opportunities there?

A: Well, thereís more thanÖ you saw Preston Parker had some grabs, he had some opportunities. Itís always a progression, it isnít just throw the ball to one individual, so if the first progression is there, then thatís where the ball goes. After that, it moves on down the line. Regardless of what the call is, it could come right back to another individual. Open some, not open some, thatís just the way the game goes.

Q: It looks like youíve been getting Adrien Robinson a few more snaps. Howís he been playing?

A: Weíd like to get him more. Weíd like to get more experience, more exposure for Adrien. It doesnít always avail itself. Heís done a better job on special teams. He blocked well the other day. Weíd like to try to do that. Itís not easy.

Q: Do you feel yourself having maybe a little sympathy for the guys that have to back up Eli? They donít play much.

A: Next question. You must have stayed up all night thinking of that one.

Q: Iíll ask another one. How close is Odell to breaking a punt? I know thatís something you want to see from this team.

A: Well, two weeks ago, almost, very, very close. The other day, okay. Maybe one or two. I think closer a couple weeks ago, but heís one of those guys. Heís capable at any time. Exactly where the ballís kicked, how the blocking is set up, can he get to the initial block to spring him, do we block the gunners well enough to allow him to get started? All those things are the questions.

Q: I know itís a long time ago, but do you look at the tape of your first game against the Redskins in September and are there lessons there?

A: Sure, absolutely. We always do that. All three phases probably start with that, I would say.

Q: Thatís one of your better games.

A: I would say. The production was outstanding. So you do definitely go there. Teams change in the course of that much time in between, which we all know. The same personnel, there are a few starters that are going to be different for the Redskins on both sides of the ball, on our side of the ball, but youíre still looking to study. You know the concepts that you are introducing and playing with. We have to make some decisions on that.

Q: Do you have a grasp of what went right then as opposed to some of the other games?

A: I donít know anything that I would want to talk about. The execution was outstanding.

Q: When you look at your team, what do you see as the difference between then and now?

A: Probably the number of young players that are having an opportunity. Thatís probably it.

Q: How did Damontre Moore do last week other than the penaltyÖ?

A: He did a good job. He was a good part of the rush package.

Q: You started Cullen Jenkins at defensive end. Is that something that is likely to continue?

A: Yeah, yeah. In situations. Itís all situational, whether heís inside or outside.

Q: Itís a little old news but Mathias Kiwanuka had the scope. Did he have anything else that hadÖ?

A: At this point in time, all I know is the scope.

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Trainmaster : 12/11/2014 4:09 pm : link
Q: Do you feel yourself having maybe a little sympathy for the guys that have to back up Eli? They donít play much.

A: Next question. You must have stayed up all night thinking of that one.

If the writer wants Coughlin to comment on Nassib or on Eli's toughness / durability, the writer needs to try harder than that.
And he followed it up with another stupid question....  
Milton : 12/11/2014 5:18 pm : link
How close is Odell to breaking a punt?
This was asked of OBJ in his transcript, too. As if the reason he hasn't broken a punt is all on him and it's just a matter of him gaining more experience at the NFL level.
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