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Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/18/2014 3:36 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin
December 18, 2014

Q: Any update on Jameel McClain and Rashad Jennings?
A: Full practice for McClain. No practice for Jennings.

Q: What has Jennings been doing?
A: He lifts. He works. He hasn’t been out here. He works in the training room.

Q: With their pass rush, how important is the running back and how is Andre Williams doing?
A: He’s doing well. He’s done well. You have those initial thoughts about a young guy facing sophisticated rushes, if you will, but as the season has gone on, he’s gotten better. He certainly has shown that he can do it.

Q: Are the Rams a sophisticated rush or are they straightforward?
A: They’ve got it all.

Q: How do you view the performance of your special teams this year?
A: We feel better about our punt return, even though… A couple of weeks ago we had stats and last week, we had none. Our kickoff coverage has done well all year. Kickoff return… we had a nice return last week with a 45-yard return last week. Our punt coverage is tested from time to time, but has done okay. Last week was outstanding with a number of punts downed inside the 20 and four down inside the 10. I think we have improved and as I said before, as our young guys get reps, a little bit later in the season and they’ve gone through it they seem to be handling it well.

Q: Have you gotten the results from special teams this year?
A: I’m not sitting down and analyzing the whole season right now. You’re asking me for that and I’m not prepared to do that, but you certainly always would like it to be better than it is, but nevertheless, I think there’s progress.

Q: Antrel Rolle said yesterday that he’s had better seasons than the way he’s played this year. For a guy not playing at his best, is there still value in his passion and energy?
A: No question, always. His sincerity, his work ethic, his passion for the game… There’s no question about that part.

Q: Can you see that rubbing off on some of the younger players?
A: Well, for sure, they’ve been with him in the meeting rooms for the entire season and those that have that benefit have definitely had a veteran player show them the kind of spirit, passion and energy that you need to be able to play in this league.

Q: With two games left in the season, are there things you need to see from this offense before you head into the offseason?
A: I think you need progress. We’ve challenged them here at the latter part of the season for point production and you know the week we talked about the third quarter and we got some production then and the two-minute drill – we had a little production then. I’d like to see all of that put together. Now, obviously, I’m back to the running game after last weekend. You’re always looking for something that gives you the opportunity to say there’s consistency and that’s probably the biggest thing over the next couple of games, if we can balance this thing off.

Q: Are there things you’d like to see specifically from Ben McAdoo’s offense?
A: I’d like to see it in the end zone a bunch more. It doesn’t matter what offense we’re in for that matter.

Q: How big of a matchup is Justin Pugh vs. Robert Quinn?
A: He’s on the other side. He’s the right end. Wherever he goes, and they move him around a little bit… He’s an outstanding pass-rusher. He’s somebody that’s going to challenge whoever you put on him.

Q: Has Andre Williams gotten better at locating the hole?
A: Two weeks ago, he did very, very well. Sometimes the blockers ought to make a little more hole. Sometimes when you run into the back of people, there’s not a whole lot of space. I’d like to see that improve.

Q: What have you seen from Justin Pugh since he’s come back?
A: He went through that. He was injured. He came back from the injury. He’s had some very good games. He’s had some games where he was just so-so. We count on him to be a guy that we can rally around up front.

Q: Do you watch Odell Beckham almost a little bit as a fan when he’s doing his thing?
A: Not if I’m standing on the sideline. I’m rooting for him all the way, but I’m counting the impact that he makes in the game. When I get to Mondays, sometimes I’ll run it back maybe an extra time or two.

Q: Do you take a glance at him in practice?
A: Every time he’s got the ball or every time the ball is directed there, sure, just like anybody else. I follow the progression just like you would if you had the sheet that I’m looking at and so wherever the ball gets directed, through the quarterback’s eyes, that’s where I’m going if we’re throwing it.
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