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Transcript: Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/18/2014 6:49 pm
Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

December 18, 2014

Q: What have you seen from Jason Pierre-Paul and Jonathan Hankins over the past few weeks?

A: I think Jonathan Hankins is really coming into his own right now. Hes playing with good strength and power. Hes playing more snaps for us. Hes playing about 35 to 45 more snaps a game and so with he and JPP working together over there, I think that they feel very comfortable in what theyre doing and how theyre communicating and I just think JPP has turned it up a notch this second half of the season, with the last three, four ball games. Hes setting the edge of our defense. Thats what weve asked him to do. Hes been setting the edge of our defense and has been solid over on the left side. Now weve moved him around, both left and right, but hes doing a good job of setting the edge our defense.

Q: With regards to Hankins, I think people presumed he was a capable run-stopper, but has he surpassed even what you guys had expected in terms of his pass-rushing?

A: I would say yeah. He may be surpassing what we felt. He showed flashes of being able to play each position on the defensive line in his college tape. We saw flashes of him being able to have power and rush the quarterback. We didnt know how that would transfer over. We thought he was capable. He wanted the opportunity to do that and so weve been giving him the opportunity. Hes telling us that he can play first, second and third down, so I think Jonathan is playing to his capability right now.

Q: How much of Hankins improvement as a rusher is technique? Or how much of it is playing with a high motor and playing until the whistle?

A: I think Coach (Robert) Nunn has done a good job with just developing his technique how to use his hands, when to use his hands, vulnerable positions with the offensive lineman that hes getting them in, setting up different moves for him. I think thats just the maturation process.

Q: How do you look at JPPs sudden increase in sacks these past three weeks?

A: I think hes kind of taken it upon himself with the other defensive linemen to apply more pressure. Weve always emphasized it. Its always been a stress point. I think hes just cranked it up a notch to try to do better and to do more.

Q: Whats changed about the defense over the past three weeks? Are you calling anything differently?

A: If I told you that, Id have to kill you.

Q: You had 19 sacks in the first 11 games of the season and now 22 in your last three games. Do you look at those numbers and marvel at what the difference is?

A: Weve had to do some different things. Obviously were happy with the numbers. Were happy with the pressure that were getting from the defensive line and were happy with some of the production that were getting from Devon Kennard. Hes helped a lot in that pass rush resurgence, so I think its a combination of both.

Q: What are a couple of things that stand out about Kennard?

A: For a rookie, hes very mature. Hes very serious about his work and his business. He has a very professional attitude every single day in the classroom and on the field about his work and how he can improve for a rookie. We always talk about the rookie wall or what have you. It doesnt seem to faze him. Were giving him more in the classroom and hes able to take it on the field. He loves to talk football and he loves to visualize what hes doing and how hes doing it. He takes the critiquing not personally, but he takes it as a learning experience and for a rookie, thats very mature.

Q: Has he ever asked you a question in the meeting room where youve had to pause because it was such an intelligent question?

A: Yes, because hes an intelligent man. He thinks about football. When you say, Did you pause? You would like for them to be that way because they think through what youre asking them to do and he does that on the field sometimes. Hell come off after a particular session We were critiquing him today and he said, I did it twice today. Im not very good at that. Ive got to learn how to do that. You kind of step back and go wow. Hes not taking it personally. Hes saying, help me with this. I need to improve.

Q: Whats his ideal position? He played all over the place at USC.

A: He was a defensive end at USC.

Q: Where do you see him ideally?

A: Thats really a good question. Its kind of tough from that standpoint. Hes a powerful man that can play at defensive end and rush and do that type of thing. Hes also skillful enough to play a linebacker position. Hes not as fleet-footed as you would like for him to be and so we put that in the term of a tweener. I think after the season and over the next training period, if he works on his burst and his explosion, that he can be an ideal linebacker. We call him a SAM linebacker. That would be his ideal position and he can also transition and put his hand on the dirt and rush, but I think linebacker would be his natural position.

Q: How would you describe JPPs play when he caught Robert Griffin III at the pylon?

A: Amazing. Absolutely amazing, because RG3 is a 4.4, 4.5 guy. JPP was on the right side of the defensive line. It just showed you his desire to want to make that football play and I think thats what he has done over the last three or four weeks. Hes turned up his desire to make plays. That was really a game-changing play in my mind because he wasnt going to fumble that ball unless he had an obstacle in his way and I was in awe. I really was. It was like wow. The guy continues to amaze you.

Q: When the defense was going through early season struggles, how did you tune out the criticism around you to focus on the task at hand?

A: I have an obligation to the guys in that room. I have an obligation to the Giants. No matter what goes on, I have to be focused because if Im not focused, theyre not focused. We have an obligation to improve every day, to be professional in what we do and how we do it. Thats easy for me. I have to tune that out and improve those guys because I have to look at those guys in that room every day and try to get them to improve every day. You just have to have mental focus.

Q: Over the past few games, have you as a coach and defensive unit kind of proven something?

A: I wouldnt say proven anything. All were trying to do is one day at a time, improve each day. Were trying to win as many ball games as we can win. Were trying to be a better unit than we were the week before. Were just trying to improve.

Q: Over the last few games, have you seen the Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie you thought you were going to have?

A: He is a guy that I would say he flashes his talent at us. I would like to see a healthier DRC, but yes, he is. Thats the guy we went after in free agency.
Of course he can't say why he thinks JPP came on the last few weeks!  
KeoweeFan : 12/18/2014 7:14 pm : link
A. Next year's contract!
Was he asked about the BBI "FIRE FUTILE Y or N?" thread?  
arcarsenal : 12/18/2014 8:15 pm : link
JPP has played the run well  
Kevin(formerly Tiki4Six) : 12/19/2014 6:53 am : link
For most if the year... Yeah he got beat on a few read options but they all do at some point. The sacks have come because of the tackles he's gone up against the last few weeks...

The one thing I will say is he held all the time due to his speed and moves and most of the time it goes uncalled ...

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