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Transcript: LB Jon Beason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/24/2014 2:36 pm
LB Jon Beason

December 24, 2014

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I am feeling great. Today is a good day. I just got out of my boot this morning, a little early Christmas present. The boot is definitely bad for the outfit, done with that and moving forward. Things are looking up.

Q: How important is it for you to not be defined by this issue? You talked in the past about injuries and how they set you back and you donít want that. Is it important for you in your mind to address that?

A: I think when you come into the NFL, you set huge goals for yourself. I think I was well on my way to accomplishing those goals. As you go, the story gets a little rough. You have these injuries and these setbacks and end up becoming a Giant. Going through all of the adversity, you keep blaming it on your feet. I think it is part of life, we all deal with our struggles. Really, what you do in the bad times defines who you really are. For me, I have learned to embrace it and use it as an opportunity to do something big.

Q: What have thought watching the defense, particularly Jameel McClain taking over you role, and the way Devon Kennard has played?

A: I think Jameel McClain has done a great job, first off. It is a lot of pressure to be a mike linebacker. A lot of times when things go well, you donít necessarily get the praise for it. When things go bad, you usually take the blame for it. It is kind of like being a quarterback. He has done a great job, he has the personality for it. Heís made some huge plays for us. He is going to be a big part of what we are doing next year. I think it is something we can build off of. It has been nice to see the guys continue to fight, not literally fight, but things were bad, we couldíve tanked five-six weeks ago, and it couldíve gotten worse. The guys stayed the course. We are a Tom Coughlin-coached football team. We are going to be resilient, we are going to be smart and, for the most part, do it with class.

Q: What was it like to sit there and watch when the defense struggled?

A: Obviously, you wish you can contribute. You want to be the reason why things are going well and not why they are going bad. You look at what the guys are able to do. You sit back and watch the film, and you say, Ďitís really a matter of taking ownership and being where you are supposed to be, being accountable.í That was a big thing. You donít give up the huge rushing games we have or in terms of points scored against us. It was pretty bad, and pretty consistently bad for a while, but you step up and you look at yourself first and see how you can get better. I think that is what guys did individually.

Q: Where are you in terms of timeline with your rehab? When do you think you will be back?

A: The prognosis is three to four months, today is eight weeks. Everything is about to increase big time. They say with toes, it is like watching paint dry. So for the first four, five weeks, I was just sitting around with my foot up, stitches are in. Over three weeks, which is a little long, I was on a little scooter, unfortunately. It is going to pick up the next couple of weeks, and based on what Dr. Anderson down in North Carolina has told me, I will be back running around here in the next three to four weeks . We have plenty of time to get ready for the offseason program, OTAís, minicamps, and we will keep moving forward.

Q: Are you going to change up how you train this offseason?

A: I think I have modified a lot of things. You come in as a young guy, you donít know anything. You are just kind of beating your head against the wall going as hard as you can, as often as you can. I have learned to be smart with how I train. Recovery is huge. I just think that is a part of it. The difference is that in my position; it is a tough man position. It is blue collar as a linebacker, and you play every down. You donít rotate like a defensive tackle or a defensive end, or certain packages. You are out there every play. If you are going to play at a high level, often you have to be in the best shape, in my opinion. There is fine line between in the best shape and overtraining. With the injuries I have had, I have to definitely modify what I do. Moving forward, I will definitely come back and still have been myself. I think still I possess that special skillset if I can go out and make a lot plays.

Q: Was this a good-as-new surgery, or was this something that you are going to have to monitor and deal with?

A: Nope, I think it was straight forward. It was involved, but it was straight forward. It makes perfect sense; right away, I have the push of strength. I can feel my toe when I walk now. It is not a matter of basically walking around like that. That is how I was attempting to play. Your big toe does everything; the other four just stabilize it. Like Ronnie Lott, we can cut those off and keep rolling but I need that big toe. I have that back, so I am happy about that.

Q: The organization gave a commitment to you last off season. Do you have a sense that any of that has changed? Do you feel like this is just year two of the same commitment?

A: I would hope so. I have been around long enough to know that it is a business and sometimes you have to address those issues when they come up. So far, we are geared for year two of a three-year contract, and I fully expect to hold up my end of the deal. Go out, lead, and be the best linebacker, and teammate I can be.

Q: Will you train here in the offseason?

A: Anytime you have surgery, you have obligations in terms of rehab. I am expecting to be here early in January. There is still some rehab I want to do back with the specialist in North Carolina. We donít have to officially be here until mid-April. I will be here just like any other offseason.

would be nice to have a healthy  
Simms11 : 12/24/2014 2:51 pm : link
Jon Beason manning the middle next year. He just can't stay healthy for an entire season though. Of this team could just catch a break (no pun intended) next season, we could be pretty damn good. Potential is definitely there.
Matt M. : 12/24/2014 2:58 pm : link
I agree and hope it happens. However, given his history and age, I don't think the giants can plan on it happening.
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