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CB Prince Amukamara Transcript

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/1/2015 3:57 pm

Cornerback Prince Amukamara

August 1, 2015

Q: To have young guys behind you in the safety positon, is that kind of worrisome or how do you address that?

A: Like I said, itís not worrisome now because we havenít played anybody. I think anytime we make mistakes, itís important to correct them before they get bigger later. I think the biggest measuring tool will be how we come out versus the [Cincinnati] Bengals.

Q: Landon Collins says, and your team says, that playing at Alabama in SEC is a different level of experience that a lot of guys have. Does that show up with him?

A: Yeah, for sure. It definitely shows that his coaches had a huge impact on him, just by how he carries himself around the facility and the type of respect that he gives and shows and just his work ethic on the field.

Q: Is that the kind of thing that makes an on-field transition a little easier?

A: Yeah, the SEC was known as the super conference, so they go against all the best talents like the NFL, week in and week out. Youíre going up against the best guys in the world. I would say Landonís mindset is ready for that competition and that pressure.

Q: You gave your glowing scouting report of Victor Cruz earlier in the month. Yesterday out on the field, and I donít know if you were matched up one-on-one with him at all in team drills or Odell, but if you were, what were your impressions yesterday?

A: He looked great. I donít remember if he [Cruz] caught any balls, but he looked great. He looked great running routes. It really doesnít seem like he missed a step. And man, Odell looked great, too. He looks pretty fast also.

Q: That one zig-zag up the field. If this was real football, would you guys be able to get him [Beckham] down in that situation.

A: Itís funny you brought that up because weíve been arguing about that since this morning. He [Beckham] keeps saying that I wasnít a factor and that he was more worried about DRC. It was on film and I think I would have got him because he did cut back. He just said like you touched me and weíre not playing two-hand touch or whatever. I told him, alright, next time Iím going to give it to you. Let me clarify that: Iím going to hit you.

Q: I would imagine the fines are pretty high if you come anywhere near Odell in that situation.

A: Exactly right. Iíd make it seem circumstantial or something, I donít know.
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