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OG Geoff Schwartz Transcript

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/1/2015 3:58 pm

Guard Geoff Schwartz

August 1, 2015

Q: Was yesterday a big day for you, first day back and healthy?

A: Yeah, I took every rep, so that was even more than I thought I would do. More than I think we planned on. I felt good and we kind of just have to monitor the reps as we go along because the ultimate goal is to be ready to play Week One, not be ready to play the first preseason game. Weíll see how it goes and monitor it. I was pretty pleased, yeah.

Q: The follow-up question would be are you limited in any way?

A: Iím limited in just sometimes it just gets sore or whatever. Iím not going to re-injure it. Iím not worried about that. Itís just a matter of getting the strength back. I was really pleased with how yesterday went, at least the reps wise. I think weíre all a little rusty, but I was pleased.

Q: It seems you guys were playing musical chairs in the spring. Do you guys have an idea, am I going to stay at right guard?

A: Iím fairly certain our offensive line is what weíre going to keep going forward unless there are injuries or something happens. I think we have kind of kept the same group all of OTAís and obviously opened camp that way. Thereís always room for changes, it always happens. Thereís always competition. I think the group we roll out now is what weíve been working with. I know weíre confident, at least up front, that we can get it done.

Q: Itís certainly different than last year.

A: Last year we had a lot of moving parts. I was new and we drafted Weston [Richburg] and Chris [Snee] retired. We had a lot of moving parts and this year it seems to be falling a little better. It just kind of is the way our whole offense is, second year, everyone is kind of more comfortable and weíre moving a little quicker, a little crisper.

Q: I know last year you guysóbecause of your injury and Brandon Mosley had a back problem -- you guys had flipped the line at sort of the last second. Is there a point as an offensive line member where you feel like that you need to have five guys set?

A: I think the week of the third preseason game, you kind of treat that as like a game week. So, thatís maybe the best time to have a full offensive line kind of what you know because you practice like itís a [regular reason] Wednesday, like a Thursday, like a Friday. That might be the general time. I donít know if you say like this day or that day is better to have a group. Itís always better if you kind of keep the same group an entire camp obviously. You get used to playing with each otheróthe communication, the kind of bonding. So probably that third [preseason] week.

Q: In retrospect, last year, was that crushing that you got injured late and Mosley got hurt and all of a sudden youíre flipping guys last second?

A: Well J.J. [John Jerry] came in and played well. Obviously, Weston was a rookie kind of out of position early on. I know it was different for him to play left guard. Thatís kind of the worst time to switch your lineupsóI guess last year was after the fourth preseason game. You kind of want to be set going into that game [that] you kind of treat like a game week.

Q: There are a lot of people looking at the offense and saying Eli is playing better and youíve got all these dynamic receivers. The question mark seems to be can the offensive line gel and get their running game going. Do you guys sit there and say itís up to us?

A: Well, offensively you kind of go where your offensive line goes, I think, especially running the ball. We have to run the ball better, thereís no question about that, and we know that. Weíre going to do what we can to kind of bring that part up. We get the pads on tomorrow, I think, and weíll start building that up. Without pads on, itís tough to really judge how good you can become as a run blocker.

Q: Justin Pugh was talking a lot about toughness. Are you guys talking about that, too?

A: I think that kind of goes along with the running game. Not many offensive lines that run the ball well arenít considered tough. You can say that you want to be tough, but you have to go do it. You have to go out and practice it, youíve got to go out and do it in games. And thatís our goal, is to go out and do it. We canít just sit and talk about it. We just have to go do it by force.

Q: Are there any concerns about having a rookie on the left side?

A: I donít know. I honestly havenít thought about it too much. I think weíre treating him [Ereck Flowers] like anyone else on the offensive line. We all have to be ready to go and so does he. Itís an accelerated process when youíre a rookie and things are coming in fast, but heís got a lot of things great things going for him. Heís tough, heís athletic, heís smart. Heís got a lot of good building blocks to get him to be ready for the first game.

Q: How much do you guys pay attention to whatís going on with Jason Pierre-Paul?

A: Obviously when you donít have a franchise player here, you notice. Heís a good guy to practice with, he makes guys better. Obviously itís disappointing that he hurt himself. But I donít know if we notice it much on film. Weíre not watching the defensive line, weíre focused on what weíve got to do to get better. But when you get to practice against guys like that, it can only make you better. It would have been good for Ereck to work against him.

Q: Do you look at the pictures and pay attention to that?

A: Someone sent it to me, but I mean, I donít know. Heís my teammate, I hope he gets better. I hope heís back as soon as possible. I donít really put too much else into it.
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