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WR James Jones Transcript

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/1/2015 3:58 pm

WR James Jones

August 1, 2015

Q: What made you sign here and what were your other options?

A: One of the main reasons was I wanted to get in a similar offense that I played in in Green Bay. Iíve had a real good relationship with Coach McAdoo, and I felt like I could come here and help this team be successful.

Q: What is it about the offense that you played in in Green Bay and that they kind of play here that makes you feel comfortable?

A: For me, itís a real comfortable offense for receivers. There really isnít a lot of thinkingó itís just going out there and playing. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks, as they should, because theyíre making the big bucksó but it [Coach McAdooís offense] just allows you to go out there and play and not really have to think too much.

Q: When you look at the receiving corps thatís here, how do you expect to fit in?

A: Iím just here to compete, man. You canít really get into whoís going to make the team and whoís fighting for spots. Iím just here to competeó Iíve been in the league for a little while, so Iím just here to compete, have fun, and enjoy my time while Iím out here.

Q: You said that you wanted to go to a similar offense, and now that youíve gotten a taste of what this [McAdooís offense] is, is it the same? Is it really similar?

A: Itís similar. Obviously every offensive coordinator has their own tweaks in the offense, so thereís a couple different things in this offense, but itís very similar to the Green Bay system and I was very comfortable out there and had some great years playing in the Green Bay offense, so Iím excited about it.

Q: Were you surprised that it took you this long to find a home? And what was it about here that drew you?

A: Once I got released from the Raiders, we had a couple of teams calling my agentís office, but we just waited and took the waiting game approach because I wanted to come to a situation that I felt best fit myself and this is the place that I chose.

Q: Did you know Eli at all before you got here?

A: Noó Iíve just watched him on TV. I didnít have a relationship with him or anything like that, but Iíve gotten the chance to talk to him and meet with him, so Iím excited to get to work.

Q: You worked so much with Aaron Rodgersó what is it going to be like working with Eli now?

A: Iím going to have to see. I havenít even practiced one day, so Iím going to have to see, but you can tell that both of those guys are hungry to win and they both want to be successful. Just meeting with Eli, he seemed real passionate about the gameó he wants everything to be perfect. Heís already going through plays and stuff with me because he wants everything to be perfect, so Iím excited to get to work and see what type of quarterback he is. Iím sure heís one of those top-notch guys.

Q: Youíve been at the topó top offense, quarterback, stats. How anxious are you to get more of that?

A: Like I said, Iím just here to compete. If 100 balls come my way, they do. If two come my way, they do. Iím just here to help this team win the best way I can and be a leader of the team, helping those young guys in the receiving room. Itís a great room in there with a lot of talented guys, so this whole situation can go either way. The main thing is just to have fun, compete and enjoy the time when youíre out there on the field.

Q: You obviously know the concepts of this offense. I would imagine that the transition is going to be the terminology, or is the terminology similar to what you did in Green Bay?

A: I had a chance to meet with Ben McAdoo and go over all the play calls, and it all was second nature to me, so that was one of the main reasons I chose here so that I could just come into a training camp and not have to worry about learning a whole new playbook with new terminology. I can come in here and just hit the ground running, so Iím excited about it. Looking at the plays, itís a lot of the things we did in Green Bay, so itís all starting to come back to me.

Q: When you talked to the team and you met with Ben [McAdoo], what was your impression of what they had in mind for you role-wise?

A: They just told me theyíre going to give me an opportunity to compete. I told them thatís all I can ask foró Iím going on nine years and who knows how much longer Iím going to play. They didnít really say, ďHey, this is going to be your roleĒ or ďthatís going to be your role.Ē Theyíll just let me compete, and weíll take it from there once that time comes.

Q: Did you keep in touch with Ben last year while you were in Oakland?

A: I spoke with Ben every once in awhile. I never thought Iíd be playing for him again, but I spoke with him a couple of times. Ben and I had a really good relationship in the seven years that we spent together in Green Bayó heís an unbelievable coach and an unbelievable guy, so Iím glad to be playing for him.

Q: You said that you wanted to come to a familiar playbook, but did your relationship with him help you choose here?

A: Oh, yeahó when I got a chance to talk to him and he sat me down to discuss things, it definitely helped me make my decision.

Q: Did you talk to him before you made the decision?

A: Yes.

Q: When you walk into a room, not many rooms have Cruz and BeckhamÖ

A: For me, I come from Green Bay where we had Donald Driver, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings, and also we had Jermichael Finley. All in the same offense. So I come from a talented offense and we all were involvedó we all had a chance to make some plays and some people caught more balls than others but we all had a chance to make some plays. So when I look at a room like that, I get excited, because when you put a bunch of receivers like the ones we have in that room on the field, itís tough to stop. Iíve been a part of offenses like that where defenses have big problems stopping a lot of weaponsó especially if you are rotating in and out guys that have been successful in this league. When I look in the room, Iím excitedó a lot of talented guys in there, and itís going to be a tough offense to stop.

Q: You had some of your best career years out in Green Bay obviouslyó what is it about that offense that is similar to what theyíre doing here that just speaks to receivers?

A: Like I said, itís just a comfortable offense for receivers. You can just go out there and play and not have to think about making a lot of adjustments. What you see is what you get, so you just go out there and use your ability and youíre able to make some plays. But then again, itís always [about] the guy throwing the ball, too, so if you have a good general back there throwing the ball, as we do, you know the offense is going to be successful.

Q: What did you think of the Beckham phenomenon last year?

A: Well, Iím a comedy movies guy, so I donít really watch too many sports, but heís a talented dude. Some of the catches he made are unbelievable and youíll probably never see those again. So Iím excited that I look in the room and heís in that room, because heís a talented player. Iím looking forward to getting out there and seeing these guys work, too.

Q: In order to compete, you have to put your best stuff on tape, so how long do you think it will take you and Eli to develop a proper chemistry that will let you show your best stuff?

A: I donít know, man. Time waits for that. The more reps we get out here, whether itís just routes on air or getting some team repsó thatís all going to have to come with the flow of practice, so it could take two days or it could take two years. I donít know.

Q: What did you think of your year last year?

A: It was an average year. We, as an offense in Oakland, were just trying to find our way, so to me, I was just trying to help the team. Whenever the ball came my way, I tried to make a play, but it was a rough year in general.

Q: How much does it feel to you that youíre sort of back to square one, trying to make a team again and starting from scratch? Is it that feeling to you or do you still feel like a veteran here?

A: Like I said, Iím going on nine years. Iím a veteran in the game, so for me right now, it is just about having fun and coming out here and competing with these guys. I really donít think about making the team or going out there and trying to show people out. I just go out there to compete, have fun, and the chips fall where they may.

Q: Howís your health?

A: Iím perfect. Iím ready to go. Iíll practice today, so Iíll get out there and run around a little bit. Iíve been working hard so Iím excited about it.

Q: As a veteran, people always wonder ďHow much does he have left?Ē How much do you have left?

A: Yeah, thatís the name of the game. But I donít knowó weíll see. I donít want to put any limit on me, so weíll see. I feel good right now and Iím going to go out there and run around today, so hopefully Iíll have a good practice.
Very impressive  
Milton : 8/1/2015 7:30 pm : link
Seems like a smart guy with the perfect attitude.
I'm wondering  
Joey in VA : 8/1/2015 8:18 pm : link
Who asked the idiotic WR room question. Jones' answer was perfect.
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