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DT Cullen Jenkins Transcript

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/2/2015 2:09 pm
DT Cullen Jenkins

August 2, 2015

Q: Whatís going to be different and what will be the challenge without having Jason Pierre-Paul?

A: Well, heís one of our guys, and anytime you donít have one of your guys here, you miss him. We hope we can get him back as soon as possibleó you deal with that aspect of itó but at the same time, weíve got to continue to carry on like we would even if he was here. Itís up to all of us to get better, continue to get better and do what we can do to help the football team.

Q: How do you expect this defense to come together?

A: It has to be effortó passion, intensity, desireó it has to be a lot of stuff, like leadership, and just buying into everything.

Q: Thereís so many questions about this defenseó does that kind of motivate you? Does it make you work harder or try to prove it to the group?

A: It definitely does. Anytime youíre an underdog or anytime youíre written off, if you have that pride and that competitiveness in you, thereís something deep inside that keeps pushing you to want to prove everybody wrong.

Q: So what drives you this training camp? Do you feel like youíre young again?

A: The same thing that drives me every training camp. I always feel like Iím an underdog, like Iím looked over. I know what my route has been to get to where Iím at and I donít want to feel like itís done.

Q: You spent time at both tackle and end last yearó where do you expect to spend most of the time this year?

A: Wherever is needed the most. Iíll go out there [at end] if they need me more at end in a particular situation or more at tackle in a particular situation. I just make sure that Iím working them both and that I know everything so that I can go in wherever needed and help.

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