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S Bennett Jackson Transcript

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/3/2015 5:10 pm

S Bennett Jackson

August 3, 2015

Q: Howís the transition from safety going?

A: I think itís going pretty well. Iím out there, Iím a little more confident now going through OTAs and what notómaking my mistakes there. But I think things are going smoothly right now. Just out there playing a little faster than I usually did in OTAs. Just more comfortable so Iím able to play a little faster.

Q: Are you playing faster than you thought you would considering what happened to you physically?

A: Not necessarily. I kind of thought about that during OTAs, I tested it out plenty then. When you donít feel something for a while, you stop thinking about it. I really donít think about it anymore.

Q: Whatís been the biggest obstacle so far to the position transition?

A: The biggest obstacle to me is probably giving the checks. Last year at corner and at nickel, I was the one who received all the checks, so I relied on the safety. Now, itís just more of Iíve got to be the one to process the formation in front of me and give out the checks. Just make sure everyone is aligned.

Q: The linebackers have said itís a very complex system. I donít know how complex it is on your end. Do you feel that way?

A: Yeah, definitely. I mean a lot of it relies on the linebackers and the safeties. I think coach Spags and all the defensive coaches are doing a good job getting the information to us and allowing us to get the information to everybody else.

Q: What have you liked so far about the position? Is there something about safety that appeals to you that maybe corner didnít?

A: I just like being back there, being back in the middle of the field, being able to run and attack the ball in the air. And definitely just being able to run down and hit somebody. At corner you donít get too many chances to run down and fill a hole and hit somebody. Itís different, itís something that excites me, and Iím looking forward to it.

Q: Who do you lean on to help you because there arenít any real veteran safeties on this team to answer any questions?

A: Honestly, we all lean on each other. Weíre kind of a tight knit group at safety. If any of us have a question, we all ask each other. If one guy doesnít know, you just go to the next guy. Yeah, we pretty much all rely on each other.

Q: You have a couple of guys that are heavy hitters, in-the-box safeties. Youíre coming from a coverage standpoint, do you think that helps you get more reps with the ones?

A: I think there are guys that are more physical tacklers than me, but I donít know how coach is going to do the rotation. I think I have good ball skills, I think Iím fast, Iíll be able to attack the ball in the air. Just play to my strengths.

Q: Theyíve said that theyíre going to move you guys in and out. When youíre out there with Landon yesterday and you see the first team guys, does it hit you? Does it even enter your mind when youíre with those guys as opposed the second team guys?

A: I mean, it hits you, maybe at first, it being my first time being out there. As you get going through practice, things come a lot easier because a lot more guys are communicating. All the guys around you know what theyíre doing. Itís just more motivation to kind of keep it going.

Q: Different with Eli back there flinging it around?

A: Definitely different with Eli back there, but he gives us a great look and we give him a good look. We just continue to push each other.

Q: Are you fully recovered from last year and how much was last year a learning experience with everything you had to go through?

A: I feel like Iíve fully recovered, yeah. Last year was a tremendous learning experience for me. Just kind of learning how NFL training camp goes. Just how the system works, how meetings go, everything. How to maintain your body. A ton of information. Itís just helps me this year kind of know what to expect and know how to get my body ready for training camp.

Q: Your own personal status between being on the roster, being off the roster, being on the roster last year. With everything you went through last year, how tough was that to not know exactly where you stood? Now youíre back here with a chance to start.

A: That was definitely stressful. Shoot, I remember the day I got that text to get cut, itís definitely humbling. I got another opportunity to go on the practice squad and then I got another opportunity this year. You really just have to make the best of all your opportunities and Iím trying to make the most of this one.

Q: Did you ever believe that it would turn out this way? When you got cut, did you think, Ďthatís it?í

A: Well itís just a text that comes in and then I kind of realized. Yeah, I mean I always thought I had the talent to play, I know I have the talent to play. Sometimes things just donít work out. I definitely think I can do it, Iím just going to continue to keep pushing myself with each practice. Each practice is a new learning experience and go from there.

Q: Did you keep that text at all, did you look at it?

A: No, I mean itís just come in. I spoke with all the coaches and everything and we went through why everything happened. Then I got placed on practice squad and I got to learn a lot on practice squad too. I got to go up against Eli [Manning] a lot and work with other guys. Itís just more of a learning experience.

Q: Is it almost remarkable how the world changes in the span of a year? You go from getting cut and not knowing where your future is to this yearóhaving a new position and having a chance to contribute?

A: Yeah, I mean itís why youíve just got to make the best out of each day. You never know whatís going to happen tomorrow. So, my motto is always try to make today your best day because you never know whatís going to come tomorrow.

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