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OC Weston Richburg Transcript

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2015 5:19 pm

G/C Weston Richburg

August 5, 2015

Q: You donít know the old school NFL with the two a days. As a young player whoís trying to develop, do you wish the practices were more physical?

A: You know what, I think at some points you do. It would be extremely challenging from what I heard from some of the older guys who talked about how it was back before this CBA. I do think from a physical standpoint, I think it would be pretty beneficial to have those two-a-days, but weíve got to play with the hand weíre dealt. That makes it more important for us to go out in our single practices and get as much work in and as much progress in as we can.

Q: Whatís your anticipation for Cincinnati like?

A: I think it will be real physical, especially against their front seven. Theyíre good players and itíll be good for us to see somebody other than guys weíve been practicing against for a couple weeks. Itíll be nice to actually change it up a little bit.

Q: Do you anticipate the whole intensity and chippiness to go up?

A: Iím sure the intensity will be ramped up quite a bit. Thatís all Iíve seen. Weíve never experienced it, but weíve seen fights and stuff from other teams. Itíll be physical, Iím sure, which weíre excited about.

Q: Do you think youíll be an instigator or a peacemaker?

A: Iím going to play some football and thatís my goal. Play football and get everything going with the offensive line.

Q: Will it be nice to go up against someone new?

A: Itís always nice to go up against someone new. Itíll be a good challenge to see somebody new like that.

Q: Has there been any talk about fights? The last time the Giants did a joint practiceÖ

A: I heard it was with the Jets, so that might be a different story. Iím sure weíll address it somewhere in the near future, but nothing has been said as of yet.

Q: Have you had an opportunity to get to the next level and to block Beason?

A: Yeah, a lot of our outside zone stuff, Iím able to get up to the second level and block some athletes at the linebacker position.

Q: Just curious what youíre seeing in Beason?

A: Heís a very smart player. Weíre making a lot of checks and heís kind of able to pick up sometimes what weíre doing. Sometimes weíre able to trick him, but heís a great player. Very smart, very strong, very quick. Youíd be surprised at his quickness. Heís a very quick playeróinstinctive player and itís fun to play against someone that good.

Q: Does it help you?

A: Oh yeah. Anytime youíre playing against the best, thatís what you want. You want to play against the best players possible and Beason is one of them. Thatís good for me, itís good for all of us.

Q: Itís not like a rookie or anything?

A: No, itís definitely not a rookie. Heís established himself as one of the best in the game.

F me  
Joey in VA : 8/5/2015 5:44 pm : link
These questions are idiotic
Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2015 5:49 pm : link
tell me about it!
And why, I just peruse through certain  
Big Blue '56 : 8/5/2015 5:55 pm : link
q & a's..My knocking of them through the years has nothing to do with being a PITA, it's really about torture..
Joey in VA : 8/5/2015 5:55 pm : link
Does this even mean??

Q: Itís not like a rookie or anything?

So someone asked Richburg if Beason wasn't like a rookie or anything? What does it mean and what answer would satisfactorily answer that question? Usually a query results in satisfaction of or rejection of said was this person looking to confirm or deny that Jon Beason isn't a rookie????
I love this one  
Joey in VA : 8/5/2015 5:57 pm : link
Q: Have you had an opportunity to get to the next level and to block Beason?

Translation : "I just learned what next and second level blocks are, how can I work that into in an inane question about practices I myself am paid to observe?..hmmmm
2 a-days ...  
Hem Roid : 8/5/2015 11:36 pm : link
In full pads with these guys ! Ha ! They can't even remain healthy enough when in shells and uppers ! There would seriously be no one available to practice ...
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