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Transcript: WR Odell Beckham

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/7/2015 3:01 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

August 7, 2015

Q: Whatís training camp like, you didnít really have this experience last year? Whatís your impression of it when you get out every day and grind?

A: Itís a lot more fun to be out there than when you watch, I can tell you thatóthatís for sure. Itís been cool just being able to go through practices and start to recover, and you feel what it feels like to go through these practices. Just being able to get back out there each and every day and take something new from every dayólearn from it. Itís been fun.

Q: Do you notice a difference in the way Eli is throwing the ball, are you guys connecting a little better?

A: I couldnít say weíre connecting better or worse this year. Weíre going about practicing and weíre running plays. Whatever plays are up and whatever plays are called, thatís what weíre going to run. I think itís going to be a great year for all of us. Eli [Manning] looks great, the receivers are looking better, and the offense is starting to click.

Q: Are you still sort of holding back a little bit running-wise or are you all-out?

A: It depends. I open up every now and then. Thereís times where you just pull back, itís still early. Just trying to make it through as many practices as you can and get better.

Q: Last year you had a pretty good year, obviously, without training camp. What do you think the difference is going to be for you? How much better do you think you can be?

A: I donít know, I guess only time can tell, really. I know that practice will make it easier, but at the end of the day, itís footballóitís what youíve been doing for a long time. As long as youíre on the same page with Eli, whether itís mentally or physically, I think it will be fine.

Q: Do you know exactly what a catch is in this league after seeing the film again from the officials?

A: Iím still a little confused every now and then. The only thing I can say is just donít even let the ball hit the ground and donít ever let go. Thatís the best advice I can give any receiver right nowójust make it no option to be reviewed.

Q: It looks like Coach McAdoo has put in some new wrinkles involving you and Vic. When you saw that at first what were your thoughts when you saw the things he has planned for the two of you?

A: I mean, thatís all of us. Reuben [Randle], Vic [Victor Cruz] and myself. It started last year a lot, we started moving around to different spots. So itís not something that he [offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo] just added yesterday, itís been built up over time. Just moving each one of us around, putting us in different positions and making it hard for defenses to line up certain coverages or game plan certain ways.

Q: You have any idea or sense of what to expect next week in Cincinnati?

A: Honestly, I donít. Iíve never been a part of anything like that. So, Iím kind of going inówhatever it is, is whatever it is. I know I play for the Giants and they play for the Bengals, so hopefully weíre out there to get work, but whatever lies is what lies there.

Q: Youíre a competitive guy, so do you envision yourself getting into a situation where it becomes like a game?

A: No, I know where Iím at right now. I donít expect to go out there and try and play a game on Tuesdayóespecially it being preseason as well. Just go out there to compete and get better. If they take it up to another level, then you just go with the flow. You just make sure youíre smart about it.

Q: Youíve seen your popularity grow over the past year, are you surprised when people are trying to get your autograph and stands are collapsing?

A: I really donít even know what to say on that part. It was just kind of weird, Iím signing a football, and I see the stands collapse and I see legs in between the bleachers and stuff like that. Itís just crazy. I donít like to see anybody, any kids or anything like that, in harmís way. Hopefully, thereís not another incident like that or getting put in those situations again.

Q: Is that something you thought about coming into your pro career, the celebrity aspect, and how you would deal with it? Or was it something that youíre taking in day by day.

A: Itís something that I kind of just take in day-by-day. I always thought youíre in the NFL, like youíre a football playeróyou play in the NFL, but I never thought there was so much more to it than what there is. But itís definitely not a bad thing, so to say. Itís just you live and you learn. Youíve just got to find the right way to do things.

Q: Victor has done his share with that, do you guys talk about that a lot?

A: All the time. I always clown with him, just about how crazy things can get sometimes or how crazy it may feel for you sometimes. I just think about him [Cruz] and heís been there. So if I ever need to ask someone for any kind of advice, I can just go to him.

Q: Whatís the pitch count like for you so far? Have you built up at all? Are you doing more or less than you were doing at the beginning? Is it going to stay the same, whatís your impression of it?

A: I donít really know. Honestly, youíd have to ask the trainers. They have those GPSís and they keep a track however much we practice. I have been feeling good and practices have been going well. So, stay pretty consistent with it.

Q: Whatís the most important thing you think youíve learned in your career?

A: Just keeping football as footballómaking sure itís the most important thing to me, which it is because this is what Iím here to do.

Q: Do you still have your hamstrings on your mind at all?

A: Hamstrings are always going to be on your mind. You can ask anybody who ran track, anybody who has ever pulled a muscle, itís always going to be something in the back of your mind, no matter if you try and let it go or not.

Q: From looking at the playbook and the plans this year compared to how you were implemented into the offense last year, how much of an expansion is it? Are they giving you a whole bunch more?

A: Not a lot more. Not anything that we couldnít handle. Itís just a matter of getting it all down and just knowing exactly what you have. I think itís pretty much the same as last year, just finding better ways to execute.

Q: Whatís the biggest thing that you try and improve?

A: Staying patient, staying patient and just really weathering the storm. Not allowing anything else to affect what you came here to do.

Q: Patient against what, what are you trying to rush?

A: Life.

Q: Life?

A: Life.

Q: Looking forward to seeing Jeremy [Hill]?

A: Oh man, I canít wait. I canít wait to see [Bengals running back] Jeremy [Hill]. We Facetime and we talk pretty much every day. Just clown with him and just ready to get to see him go to work. Itís just something about one of your boys, one of your brothers that youíve played withówatching him do his thing, it makes you want to do your thing. So Iím definitely excited to see him. Best of luck to him.

Q: Is there any difference, you get to see him and you get to see Jarvis Landry later on in the season. Do you guys talk about what thatís going to be like?

A: Actually, I talked to Jarvis [Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry] just yesterday. We talk about it all the time, itís just going to be something we always dreamed of. If not being on the same team, being on the same field in the NFL is a blessing enough. So Iím looking forward to it, looking forward to seeing Jeremy and Jarvis. Just really looking forward to this season.
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