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Transcript: Cornerback Trumaine McBride

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/8/2015 1:10 pm
CB Trumaine McBride

August 8, 2015

Q: Do you anticipate a little more fire, a little more chippiness in Cincinnati? I know the coaches want things controlled, they donít want any trouble. Do you worry about that?

A: Iím not worried, but I know that guys are going to be fired up. Itís going to be real chippy because weíre not teammates. So once you step on the field, you have to look at it like itís a game.

Q: How much or what specifically do you think it will do to help you guys be able to get away from camp for a week and face some other people?

A: I think itís just more of a mindset. When youíre here practicing with your guys every day, you know certain things you can do, certain things you canít do. You get used to going against the wide outs or you get used to going against the same linemen. So just having to see different faces, different techniques, different guys, will help us in the long run.

Q: As far as the corner competition is going, that depth chart is very tight, how do you feel youíre doing right now?

A: I have the same mind frame every year. For me, I have to make the team. They could have me one on the depth chart, two on the depth chartómy mind frame every year is, ďTrumaine, you have to make the team first.Ē

Q: Did something happen with your right hand (he was wearing a wrap over a glove)?

A: No, no, no. Iím getting a mold put on for it.

Q: Youíre focusing mostly on that nickel spot right now, right?

A: Correct.

Q: How do you see that competition? Youíve played outside here, but whatís it like to be focused on that spot?

A: Itís good for me because, like you said, Iíve played outside here. So just me being at nickel helps me to focus and just learn all the little details of the nickel spot.

Q: How has Victor Cruz looked, youíre up against him a lot?

A: Right. Heís good. Heís fast, quick still, hands still there, so heís the same.

Q: Is it hard with inexperienced safeties because at corner, the safeties get the calls to you. Is that a lot of an adjustment to get used to?

A: I mean, itís not really hard because I think, overall, just being a corner, you have to know what to do anyway. So whether you have a vet back there or whether you have a rookie, itís on us to know our jobs.
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