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Transcript: Quarterback Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/11/2015 6:55 pm
Q: (Inaudible)

Come in and I thought had good intensity on both sides of the ball but everybody just kind of played to the whistle. There were no extracurricular activities, guys were smart about it, and I think we had good work. Defensively they showed some different looks, stuff that we donít game plan for, we donít prepare for, and you have to come in and make our calls, get on the same page, but get the ball snapped and get going. Follow your rules and your assignments, make sure you can do it, and make adjustments. I thought we had good work and it was a good day.

Q: Is it important for the first team offense to look good in these two practices because of the limited reps youíre expected to get in the preseason game?

I think itís good for us to get work in these practices. Come out and you never know how advanced their defense will be in the game. The first preseason game, you usually stay pretty bland on the scheme, so I think practices youíll get some more of the blitzes, more different looks thatíll challenge us, and get us on the same page. I think theyíre all important. Practices are obviously very important but the game on Friday will be good for us as well.

Q: Are you happy with how the offensive line performed today?

Yeah, I thought the offensive line did well. We did some no-huddle stuff, we did some stuff at a good pace, and I think that helped us. It seemed like we had some good runs and the protection seemed to be good on most of the plays. Iíll go back and look at the film but sitting right here, I feel like we had a good practice.

Q: What was your take on their cornerbacks?

I thought Pacman (Adam Jones), (Dre) Kilpatrick, both of those guys are good in press coverage, and we tried to get over the top. We had to throw some back shoulder balls and they were all pretty well contested. I think we may have completed one but they covered a couple of them as well. I thought that was good work for one-on-one, going against different corners, and different techniques. I thought there were a lot of contested throws and guys going for the ball and thatís what you want.

Q: Have you seen QB Ryan Nassib grow over the last couple years?

Yeah, definitely going into his third year, second year within the offense, and I think heís got a good feel for whatís going on. Obviously the preseason games will be big for him, getting those live reps, and adjustments, and making plays. I think heís an athletic guy who works hard and loves what heís doing. I think heíll do well.

Q: Whatís your reaction to the news regarding Jets QB Geno Smith?

I kind of heard about it. You never want to see anybody get hurt, especially in training camp, or in that type of way. Itís unfortunate, quarterbacks kind of like to stick together, and you donít like any other quarterback having to miss time, especially with a silly incident like that.

Q: How important is it for you guys to keep these practices just football with stuff like that happening?

I think itís very important and I think Coach (Marvin) Lewis and Coach (Tom) Coughlin have done a great job talking to the team extensively about that. Thatís the important thing. Weíre coming here to get good work, and have good practices, and the Bengals here have been great in hosting us, and we want to give them good work. I didnít see our defense vs. the Bengals offense but I thought on our side of the field everything went really well and both sides had good respect for the other team.

Q: Was there ever a point when you had to settle guys down?

I think guys stayed in their lane and went hard, stayed up, and were safe. No little extra hits or chips and I thought it was good work.

Q: What were your thoughts of T Ereck Flowers out there today?

I have to watch the film but he seemed to be good. We did some cadence stuff, changed some plays, and he did a good job, I think, understanding what was going on, and understanding the looks and what his assignments were. It seemed like he had a good day.

Q: As the quarterback, is there anything special you have to do to help bring him (Flowers) along in situations like these?

I think you just throw everything at him. Weíll look at the film today and if there were mistakes weíll make the corrections. Weíll get on the same page. I have to continue to communicate and look at the film and see how we can do a better job just being quicker, making all of our calls, and getting up there and getting the ball snapped.
Nice to read his remarks on Flowers  
Stupendamatic : 8/11/2015 7:02 pm : link
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