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Transcript: Defensive End George Selvie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2015 2:41 pm
DE George Selvie

August 12, 2015

Q: Youíve been in several systems, how does Spags compare as far as getting his teaching and points of emphasis across?

A: Heís really good, he knows what he wants. Heís going to tell you, heís one of those people. Just listening to him and playing in his defenseóyouíre going to know what he wants and heís going to tell you.

Q: Compared to the other systems, do you like his? Is it fun, is it easy to pick up, does it provide freedom for linemen?

A: Actually, Iíve been in this system before. Spags drafted me in St. Louis. I remember it. I've just got to remind myself on stuff. I think itís a great system, youíve got a lot of pressures coming, you've got defensive linemen out thereóeverybody is moving around. So, itís going to be a fast moving defense.

Q: Itís touted as physical and getting after the ball, is that what it is?

A: Thatís exactly what it is. Thatís what a 4-3 [defense] is, itís an attack defense, so thatís what you want to do.

Q: Have you been able to, with your experience, help some of the younger guys or guys who arenít as familiar with it?

A: Everybody is learning right now, everybody has got to get used to it and everybody has to know what you've got to do on the defense. Of course, if someone asks a questionóif I know the answer, Iím going to help them out with it.

Q: How did you like the joint practice yesterday?

A: I think it was very good. I think it was good to have competition out there, and see some different guys, not going against the same guys and get that feel for it.

Q: As a veteran, I doubt you get jitters for the first preseason game. What do you like to get out of the first game?

A: The first preseason game, I just want to get out there and move around, make some plays, get some production out there. Just getting back used to it, the game is going to be fastóway faster than practice. So, you just have to get used to that game feel.

Q: Do you remember your first preseason game?

A: I do remember my first preseason game. I was nervous as hell. I went out there and made some plays. That first preseason game helped put me on Spagsí [defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo] team. It was pretty good.

Q: Remember who it was against?

A: I donít remember who it was against.
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