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Transcript: Quarterback Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/19/2015 3:22 pm

Quarterback Eli Manning

August 19, 2015

Q: Eli, do you think at all about your contract day to day? Do you just let your agent take care of all that stuff?

A: No, my focus is on practice and getting the best out of our practices and getting better. So thatís all that Iím focusing on and nothingís changed, nothingís different. Reports are all wrong and I donít know where theyíre getting their information from, I just kind of laugh at it.

Q: Would you like to get this done before the start of the season or does it matter?

A: Again, Iím just not thinking about it. Iím not concerned about it. If it happens, when it happens, itís not on my radar right now.

Q: You say the reports are wrong?

A: Sure.

Q: So you donít want to be the highest paid player in NFL Football?

A: No. No. Never been said. Never come out of my mouth. Never said it to my agent, never said it, so I donít know where the reports are coming from.

Q: Do you get updates from him about this or is this something youíre not even in the loop?

A: Yeah, you know, talk to him every once in a while but I donít like to get updates every second. If something comes up, I tell him to call me or keep me updated or send me a text.

Q: Does that upset you, does it embarrass you when you hear all that stuff?

A: Eh, you know. Iíve been here long enough, you understand reports come out but I guess you wonder how, if itís a guy just making something up to make a name for himself or I donít know what his purpose in saying it is.

Q: When you hear something like that, is the first thing you think aboutóall of us around here know you pretty well and have been around you and know thatís not something that would come out of your mouth. How preposterous does it sound when you see a report like that?

A: I didnít see it. I actually got a voicemail from my dad and he was sayingóhe was probably upset about it, so I got a voicemail from him and then I called Pat Hanlon, our media guy, just to see what was going on or what was being said since I didnít know all the information. He said he didnít really trust the source and not many people were buying into it, doesnít sound like you and the source is not very reliable.

Q: You say you never say it, but obviously you donít think itís your agent? Tom Condon has never confessed he said something?

A: I donít think thatís what he was saying. I donít know how negotiating goes and whatís being asked and this and that. I donít think I want to know and it was never said by him claiming that this is the goal of what weíre trying to do.

Q: Youíve always been linked to Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers, obviously, since you were drafted. This is another thing youíre being linked to. Benís got his contract, Philipís got his contract and youíre aware of that. You think that this will be your turn next since youíre in the same class as those guys?

A: I donít compare myself to other quarterbacks by their salary and by their contract. Again, Iíve been blessed to play in this league for so many years and still blessed to play this year. Iím going to do my job and thatís all I concern myself with.

Q: The offense last week had some struggles. Going forward, do you feel like you corrected some of those issues, do you feel like youíll be able to..

A: I think weíve had some good practices this week and I thought we had some good practices versus the Bengals. Thatís football, sometimes. We had some plays that we need to make that weíve got to go make them on the field, weíve got to make them on game days. I donít think thereís a case of us doing things incorrectly, weíve just got to do them a little bit better. I think weíre on the right process of getting better, and I think itíll show up this weekend.

Q: What kind of leaps and progress do you expect an offense to make in Ben (McAdoo)ís second year? Last year was a learning process.

A: I think we should be better off early on in the season and have a better understanding of what weíre trying to do. Some of the adjustments are playing faster, making adjustments, changing plays, getting different checks, changing protection. Everything should be a little smoother operation. I think even this past week, itís been good. I think weíve had Victor out there a little more, had Odell out there, seems like Iím getting more reps with them than early on in training camp. They were a little bit limited and sometimes Iíd go a couple practices and it seemed like I didnít throw them any passes because they were getting limited amount of reps and those reps, I might have not been working their way based on the coverage. I feel like weíre hitting some more plays and been sharper this past week.

Q: How much a difference do you see when you look out there at the offense between now and last year? What do you see that is different?

A: A lot of difference. Just sharper, playing faster, making changes in the plays. We just donít have as many mental mistakes. Last year, a lot of mental mistakes, lot of people thinking new concepts are going in and messing up those concepts and forgetting about the old concepts that were already put in and everybody was new to it. Obviously, this year only a few guys are new. You have the rookies and you have the new guys making a few mistakes, but for the most part the veterans are doing things correctly and playing fast.

Q: How much has the playbook changed, if at all?

A: Thereís always going to be new additions and new concepts that youíre going to work on and try to get things going, but for the most part, the system is in. Itís just about growing within it and getting more comfortable with more concepts.

Q: Tom Coughlin just said Cruz has a little bit of a calf issue and wonít practice today. Given the optimism that everybody was hoping heíd get to a preseason game, how disappointing is that he has a little bit of an issue?

A: Thatís news to me, so Iím just learning that right now. Like I said, I thought weíve had good work with him, getting him in more plays, more action, and hopefully heíll get back out there soon. But obviously weíre getting a lot of work in practice and itís always good to get live game work but the practice work is good also.

Q: What would you like to accomplish most this week in the second game?

A: Obviously, put some points on the board and get some drives going, sustain some drives. Hopefully be able to get out there, set the tempo, play fast with the offense, get some first downs and get into a good rhythm with the offense.

It will be a sad day  
Chris684 : 8/19/2015 3:31 pm : link
when Eli hangs em up.
RE: It will be a sad day  
Hem Roid : 8/19/2015 3:37 pm : link
In comment 12426091 Chris684 said:
when Eli hangs em up.

it will be, and many here wont realize it till it happens ... same goes for when TC goes ...
The sad day will be when whatever replaces him  
Ten Ton Hammer : 8/19/2015 3:46 pm : link
demonstrates that Eli was underappreciated.
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