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Transcript: Defensive End Damontre Moore

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/19/2015 5:34 pm
Damontre Moore

August 19, 2015

Q: Although you guys didnít get a win at Cincy, what did you like about what you saw in the defense?

A: I liked the fact that we handled adversity. When we got in there, they were running against us pretty successfully. We went in there and made some adjustments, and I felt like we came back and answered the bell, answered the call to adversity. So I think that was really good, showed us we could rally, and then showed that we had some fight. It also showed that the pass rush was there, which I really like. There were a lot of great positives things that came out of it. There was also a lot of good learning lessons and seeing where we were and stacking up against another opponent, too.

Q: Would you say you guys are building chemistry pretty quickly?

A: I definitely think so. Being in training camp, we see each other day in and day out. So weíre building chemistry that way. Practicing together, just being around each otheróyou can just tell with the different personalities that people are vibiní. If thereís one guy that listens to the joke, somebody telling the joke. Weíre always joking around and having fun. I feel like weíre bonding on and off the field. Thatís just making us that much better.

Q: What happened to the chemistry with Ereck Flowers the other day?

A: Hey man, it happens. You know, itís hot out, it was a hot day outside. When youíve got two competitive guys, things happen, tempers get flared up. Weíre both young and weíre both really energetic and very competitive. So it just happened. Itís just one of those things. We talked about it afterwards and we laughed about it and we were able to joke about it. You know, it comes with the territory.

Q: Is that good, though, when it gets that competitive and it carries over?

A: I feel like itís good and itís bad. Playing with that much emotion and aggressiveness, and the competitive nature is really good, but itís about finding that thin line of how to reach that point and get to that line without falling over. Obviously the other day, I fell over that line. I take full blame for it, and that was my fault. Thatís just one thing, as a young player, Iíve been battling with and Iím trying to fix as a player. But like I said, I feel like itís good to show that we have that competitive edge and that nobody should lay down. And I like that in an offensive lineman. Like I said, weíre teammates. All I know is that you hold back on your teammates. So I can only imagine if he (Flowers) fully unleased on somebody else. I wouldnít want to be on the other end of that.

Q: Did you feel you were more the aggressor in that situation? Is that why you take responsibility?

A: I wouldnít necessarily say that, it just happened. At the end of the day, it didnít matter who swung first, who swung last. Itís about what was seen and about doing too much. Yes, as far as that, I did take the blame on that. I took it too far, and I need to handle myself, and thatís one of the major issues. Coming out of college, and Iíve been dealing with it my whole football career, so Iím just trying to get better on that side.

Q: What do you need do to as a defensive line against the Jaguars?

A: As a line, we need to go out there and hold up against the run a lot better. I feel like we need to do that, and then once we do that, everything else will take care of itself. The pass rush was there. If it was from pressures from Robert Ayers, Cullen Jenkins, myself, Jonathan Hankinsóeverybody was eating. George Selvie, who a lot of people didnít notice, he was in the quarterbackís face all day. I think, honestly, we just need to improve on holding up against the run. And once we do that, everything else will take care of itself, and then weíll be able to do better as a unit, as a whole.

Q: You think you did okay against the run last week?

A: I thought there were some things I did okay, and then there were some things I didnít do well. At certain times I held up against the run. And then there was also certain times when I was getting washed down. So itís just about one of those things, me going in there and being honest with myself, the coach coming back there talking to me. And then also, I asked for help from the older guysóGeorge Selvie, Robert Ayers, Cullen. What did they see out there? And we constantly critique each other. Itís just one of those things weíve got to learn, and try not to just harp on the good. More so, harp on the negative.

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