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Transcript: Left Guard Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/20/2015 3:43 pm
G Justin Pugh

August 20, 2015

Q: Are you and Odell comparing dental notes?

A: Yeah. It was a long process trying to figure out how to fix it. I fractured my back molar, so it got infected. It was no good.

Q: You fractured it?

A: Yeah, I had a fracture in my back right molar.

Q: You just did it?

A: I did it probably six months ago. They kept telling me I was grinding my teeth. I had to wear a night guard, it was ridiculous. Then they find found out once it got infected that there was probably something wrong with it more than just grinding my teeth. I had to go to an oral surgeon to get the image they needed to finally see. So they took the tooth out, put a bone graft in and all this stuff. I didnít know you could do all that.

Q: Doesnít sound like a lot of fun.

A: It wasnít fun. Now, thereís like stitches, so they wanted to keep me out just to make sure the stitches healed up well and it wasnít a reoccurring problem.

Q: So youíd rather go through two-a-days?

A: Iíd rather practice than go get teeth pulled and not have a back right molar for two months.

Q: Do you expect to be back today?

A: Yeah.

Q: Where do you guys stand as an offensive line in your mind? Youíve still been switching around a little bit.

A: I think weíre healthier now than weíve been. Weíve got some things going in the right direction, we have competition now. With (Geoff) Schwartz coming back, me getting back into the mix today, itís going to be good. I think itís going to bring out the best, and I think itís going to bring out the best in this offensive line. Weíre seeing some things and executing some things that gave us trouble earlier in camp. So weíre definitely heading in the right direction and Iím excited to see the progress we make from here on out. Itís going to be fun.

Q: Have you guys seen any pieces fall into place? Like this guy is set here, that kind of thing.

A: You never want to say someone is set here, because something could always happen and someone has to step up. I feel like we have more than five guys right now who could go out there and win us games on Sundayís. So thatís exciting. And I think weíre having a lot of fun right now in the offensive line room. Itís a good attitude, itís a good atmosphere, and I think itís going to show when we play with each other. I think this is a very tight group, and itís going to pay dividends.

Q: For the good work youíve done, how frustrating was the game performance when you kind of did nothing?

A: Yeah, it was tough, because there was some things that we executed wellósome line stunts that we picked up and it was very close to hitting. You can see how close, a matter of inches can make the difference in the game. We got ourselves behind with some penalties. So thereís a few things that if we eliminate, weíre going to be fine. I think we saw that in that nice drive we had later on in the game. Obviously, it wasnít against their first-string defense. But the game is a not a set in stone, one quarter defines a game. Itís a long game and who knows where it would have been later down the road. So I think weíre going to progress and do well.

Q: Do you think youíre a left guard now, or do you think that could still shift?

A: I think whenever I step on the field, wherever they tell me to play, thatís what I am. So Iíve gone out there, and playing left guard, I feel very, very comfortable there. If I have to slide to left tackle or play right tackle, right guard, centeróI always go back to David Diehl. You have to be able to play whatever they tell you to play and execute at a level that can win in the NFL.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable at left guard though?

A: I definitely feel very comfortable at left guard. It was great to go out and play against Cincinnati, who is such a good D Line. To play against those guys, it was huge for me. So Iím excited to go against Jacksonville, theyíve got some good guys. And to just keep getting better, keep fixing things. I saw Chris Snee yesterday, he saw a few things, and we were talking about it yesterday before I went on the field. So itís always good to have those guys having their eyes on me and my play.
I always thought he was a duck-out-of-water ....  
Manny in CA : 8/21/2015 12:10 am : link
At tackle. He's very solid at guard.

The big thing is that there he can take care of business which means no extra pressure on Flowers.
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