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Transcript: Center Weston Richburg

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/27/2015 4:23 pm
C Weston Richburg

August 27, 2015

Q: Is this something youíve had before?

A: Itís never been, no. Last year, I was fine. It just all of a sudden popped up this year. Like I said, weíre trying to figure it out now. Figure out how we can eliminate this problem before the season rolls around and the games actually count and itís for real.

Q: Which knee is it?

A: Itís my left knee.

Q: Something you feel like youíre going to have to manage?

A: Yeah, itís all about management. Like I said, weíre trying to figure out a way to manage this. I guess itís kind of a blessing it happened during preseason, where we kind of have just maybe a little more time, even though itís still urgent. Have a little more time to figure this thing out.

Q: How do you balance that you want to play with the whole offensive line, but you also want to be healthy for the regular season?

A: Itís tough. I want to be out there just for chemistry purposesówork with my guys, make sure weíre getting everything ready for the regular season. At the same time, you want to get healthy for the regular season. So itís a really tough conflict.

Q: I know we always throw hypotheticals at you, but if this was Week 4 or the first week of October, would you have missed these practices?

A: No. Itíd be different. Itíd be different, I think. Like I said, weíre trying to figure out a way to kind of get a plan of action put together now, just in case something goes on in the regular season.

Q: Is it swelling or just soreness?

A: A little bit of swelling. That was the issue. The swelling can kind of take away from some muscle function. So trying to get that swelling down, get that figured out.

Q: Do you have any sense of if theyíre going to let you go Saturday night?

A: We havenít talked about that yet. Like I said, I want to be out here with them. But also understand that I want to be out there the entire regular season. Weíll continue to talk about it and figure out what we want to do.

Q: Coach Coughlin said the other day that thereís got to be a little sense of urgency because you only have two more preseason games until the opening day. You canít predict when an injury is going to come, but does this become even more of an issue that it has happened now?

A: Well, itís not as much of an issue as if it would have happened in the regular season, I think. So like I said, preseason gives us a little more time to figure it out, even though it still is an urgent situation. It allows us opportunity to figure out what weíre going to do if this thing pops back up in the regular season.

Q: Realistically speaking, letís assume for a minute you donít play against the Jets. The last preseason game, the starters usually donít play very much. How much do you think you need as the starting center of this team to really be ready for Week One?

A: I need to be in with my guys. Whatever the snap count is for the first group, I need to be in there. Like I said, weíll wait and discuss it and see what we need to do.

Q: How have you enjoyed this kind of weird day, in the sense itís not a practice day, more of a recovery day?

A: Itís different, yeah. I think there are definitely some benefits for it. I think we got some good rehab, kind of rejuvenation work for the entire team, which is good. Iím interested to see some results from this.

Q: Is it something youíve ever done before? Did you guys do anything like this in college?

A: No. This is different. I suppose that itís happening in other teams. So I guess thatís why theyíre trying it here. Like I said, Iím anxious to see some results from this, see what difference it makes.

Q: Whatís guysí reactions?

A: I think they enjoyed kind of working on their bodies. It was a mental day as well. We had a little walk-through, jog-through deal. So it was a mental day, kind of rejuvenation. I think guys like it.

Q: Did you do the massage?

A: I didnít do the massage, but I have one scheduled here for a couple hours. You guys are holding me up from my massage.
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guys come here and simply get infected...

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