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Transcript: Cornerback Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/27/2015 4:39 pm
CB Prince Amukamara

August 27, 2015

Q: Are you looking forward to your first game action of the preseason?

A: For sure. I think preseason games are important because you get your body in shape and you start to work that muscle memory. And going against players from a different team. So Iím excited I get to play this week.

Q: How are you feeling with the groin? Is this something youíre still managing or is it something you are completely over now?

A: I feel like Iím completely over. Iíve been full-go, not limited in any reps. Iíve been able to do everything that I did before I got injured. So I wouldnít say Iím limited in any case.

Q: Youíve been here for a number of years, what does this Jets-Giants preseason game usually mean? Is there still any juice to this rivalry at this time of the year?

A: I think itís a rivalry only because itís in-state, both teams in-state. Weíre about like an hour away from each other and we play at the same stadium. I know for our fans itís a huge game. Jets and Giants can split families, so Iíve heard. Iíve never played against a rivalry being at Nebraska. We were the only team there. So Iím excited about this game, itís fun. And I think thereís going to be great matchups with like [Darrelle] Revis and Cro [Antonio Cromartie] going againstóI donít know if Reuben is up, but Reuben and Odell. And then with me and DRC going up against Decker and Marshall. Iím excited for this game.

Q: Plus you get to play them down the road, obviously in a real game.

A: Exactly, yeah. And thatís huge. Iím sure that game, later in the season, is going to have more weight on it.

Q: Youíve been around for a few years, what do you make of this whole GPS when you can recover?

A: Itís definitely new, but I donít think any of the guys are complaining anytime that we can get rest. But also, work on our soft tissue muscles and getting massage and stretching. And spend more time in the meeting room. So itís more of a mental day. I think guys really like that. Coach said heíll just see how we respondóand thatís just our energy and our enthusiasm at practice tomorrow. If we respond right, hopefully we can keep the schedule.

Q: So thereís a pact between the players? You go out there and win 41-0 on Saturday night, heíll give you GPS every week.

A: Exactly, exactly. Itís kind of similar to the bye week. If you go out and demolish the team before your bye week, you would hope your coach would give you the whole week off.

Q: Could you foresee this happening on a Friday during regular season?

A: I donít know, because I donít know what the Saturday practice is going to be like. I think it all depends on how fast and tough the Saturdayís practice is. But if we respond well to it, Iím sure Coach Coughlin will take in our insight. Iím sure that weíll continue to do.

Q: Tom doesnít seem like the type of coach who would give up practice because a computer tells him to. Does that surprise you?

A: Right. Yes, very surprised. I would say injuries may have something to do with it. Injuries have been huge the last couple of years here. So I guess guysóI guess weíre all just trying to figure out and just trying to do different stuff to help prevent that.

Q: You were vocal in the spring about getting the young guys at safety to come together. This last week you guys have taken some more hits. Just curious what youíve been seeing when Meriweather and Miles are back there together. Is it a different feel to when the young guys were back there?

A: I wouldnít say different feel because everyone is new to this defense. But a guy like Meriweatheróheís a for sure, true vet. So he definitely takes ownership of the defense. So does Miles, and Collins does, too, when heís in there. So I havenít played in a game with them yet, so weíll just see how we all play together. Thatís what I like about preseason, because you get to build that chemistry and that communication.

Q: Is it comforting to have a guy like Meriweather back there? After losing so many guys, you could have been left with an undrafted rookie here or whoever. But to get a guy like him, itís unusual.

A: For sure. And especially because of his reputation. Just being a hard hitter. Iím sure quarterbacks and offensive coordinators are going to know where heís at on the field and whether heís going to post or something like that. Hopefully that puts fear in them from going across the middle.

Q: Youíre not saying that your defensive back might be targeting a wide receiver are you?

A: Iím not saying that at all. Iím just saying that his reputation is known for being a hard hitter. Heís talked about being more careful when hitting. But when two guys are going full speed, itís kind of hard to adjust.
I don't see the big hype-to-do  
Maccorkles667 : 8/27/2015 5:05 pm : link
about Prince...

has he really done anything?
Randy in CT : 8/27/2015 5:17 pm : link
he's good.
RE: Yes.  
Maccorkles667 : 8/27/2015 5:22 pm : link
In comment 12438863 Randy in CT said:
he's good.

Except against Dallas
Always good  
ballanda : 8/27/2015 5:22 pm : link
when our 2 player transcripts for the day start with "which knee is it?" and "how does your groin feel?"
RE: I don't see the big hype-to-do  
okiegiant : 8/27/2015 5:44 pm : link
In comment 12438839 Maccorkles667 said:
about Prince...

has he really done anything?

RE: I don't see the big hype-to-do  
BigBlueJ : 8/27/2015 7:33 pm : link
In comment 12438839 Maccorkles667 said:
about Prince...

has he really done anything?

I am going to go out on a limb and just call you an asshole...
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