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Transcript: Wide Receiver Victor Cruz

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/31/2015 1:22 pm
WR Victor Cruz

August 31, 2015

Q: Tom said you werenít cleared to practice yet, at least as of yesterday, is that still accurate? Or have you been cleared to return to practice?

A: Thatís still accurate. They havenít cleared me just yet. Iím just listening to the training staff. The things they say to me is indicative of what will happen out here on this field.

Q: Obviously none of us here are doctors, but it seems like a long time for what was thought to be a minor calf injury. Is it more serious than you first thought?

A: I think weíre just being careful, cautious with it. Especially, you donít want to come out here, and calfs are tricky. Once they feel healed and once they feel okay, you can go out here and mess it up again. So you want to make sure that itís fully healed and fully recovered once you step back out there on the field.

Q: Last week you called it inflammation in the calf, is that still there and still sort of what youíre trying to work with?

A: Itís gone down substantially. But weíre still working with the training staff to continue to get the swelling down and continue to get myself back to 100 percent.

Q: If youíre not able to get into practices this week or the preseason game, do you still feel like come opening day youíll be ready to go? Do you feel there might be some rust?

A: I think Iíll be ready to go. Hopefully come Week 1, Iím able to get on the practice field and run around a little bit. I know how Coach Coughlin loves his guys to practiceóif you donít practice, you donít play. So I want to be out here for practice come Week 1. And hopefully thatís the goal. Weíll see where it goes.

Q: Because of what you were able to do back in Cincinnatióit seems like a long time ago. It seemed like you were at that point where you felt like, ďGet me on the field, get me in a game.Ē Do you still feel like youíre at that point, where once youíre cleared, you can get right back to where you were?

A: Yeah, absolutely. I feel like, obviously, offensively I know the offense, I know all the things that Iíve done since I started playing footballócatching the ball, running routes, and all of those things like that. So I still think Iím right there. Just things happen, just a small setback. Iím just anxious to get through this and make it out the other end.

Q: Going through a major injury to this injury now, does it change how you think about this injury? Do you tell yourself to take your time?

A: A little bit. Obviously, you go out and you understand coming off a major knee surgeryósomething that comes off of that, any injury after thatóyou want to be careful, you want to be cautious with it. I think thatís what weíre doing. We just want to make sure that itís really back to 100 percent and strong and able to cut, and all those things before we try it out on the field.

Q: What have you been able to do so far in the past week or two? Are you working inside, are you jogging, running?

A: I havenít been able to jog. Not that I havenít been able to, but they donít want me to right now. They just want me to sit down and let it heal, let it repair itself and things like that. Iíve just been working outólower body one leg or whatever the case may be, upper body. Just doing all the things I can to stay in shape.

Q: Without the practices, obviously you have the time right now. Is there anything you and Eli can do to expedite that chemistry because it has been so long?

A: Thereís things we can do in the meeting roomsóunderstanding where he likes to position the ball. And coming out and getting together with him at any point in time. Trying to get some timing down with it within the practices or something we do kind of off the field. Whatever we can squeeze in timing-wise, it will be good. But itís all pretty much cut and dry. Eli knows where Iíll be, he knows the routes, I know the routes. So hopefully we can continue to stay on the same page.

Q: As far as we know, you never doubted opening day or your ability to return to full strength. Because of this setback, does any uncertainty creep into your mind about the opener and the first couple weeks of the season?

A: No. Not yet, at least. Nothing has been set in stone, in terms of playing that first week or not playing that first week. Iím still excited for Week 1óthatís still the goal, thatís still the plan, in my opinion. Obviously, the training staff will advise if they see differently as the next week and a half comes along. But weíll see. So, Iím just taking it one day at a time, and making sure that Iím ready to go.

Q: What about your confidence in your ability to return as the old Victor Cruz?

A: Iím still confident, I still feel good. Obviously the calfóonce thatís back to form and Iím able to run again, that confidence will always be there to go out and make plays and catch the football.
Is it finacially smart  
dep026 : 8/31/2015 1:26 pm : link
to cut Cruz at the end of the year if his injuries persist?
RE: Is it finacially smart  
barens : 8/31/2015 1:38 pm : link
In comment 12444887 dep026 said:
to cut Cruz at the end of the year if his injuries persist? is perfectly normal for there to be minor injuries coming off major knee surgery. Just speculating, but you would think he's slightly overcompensating for his knee, and that may affect his calf...even if that's not the case, there is no reason to to kick Cruz to the curb unless he clearly can't play.
Tough call at this point  
DC Gmen Fan : 8/31/2015 1:40 pm : link
My inclination is no, but we'll just have to see how the year pans out - if it's a lousy year, there will be several players we are asking ourselves this question about.
RE: Is it finacially smart  
81_Great_Dane : 8/31/2015 1:41 pm : link
In comment 12444887 dep026 said:
to cut Cruz at the end of the year if his injuries persist?
It may be financially smart, but probably not football smart.
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