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Transcript: Safety Stevie Brown

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/31/2015 1:26 pm
S Stevie Brown

August 31, 2015

Q: Did you pass your physical?

A: Yes, I did. Yeah, I am good.

Q: What have the last 48 hours been like for you?

A: Pretty exciting just being able to come back here --- seems like a position of need and it is a good fit [so] definitely exciting to come back.


A: It all just depends. I havenít actually sat down and looked at the defense yet but one thing about defense is, is that everybody plays a lot of similar coverages so it is just the techniques and the language that you have to learn.

Q: Was there any hesitancy to come here in the sense that everybody who is a safety seems to get hurt?

A: No, you know this is a good place --- where I wanted to be once everything was set and done.

Q: They offered you minimum after last year. Do you sit there and sayÖ.?

A: I was just weighing out the options. It was no hard feeling towards here [or] anything like that. As you can tell, I am back now so we definitely left everything on good terms. It was just after weighing out all the options at the time, Houston seemed like a good fit.

Q: What happened in Houston? In your estimation why didnít it work out?

A: It was just --- we parted ways on good terms down there as well. As for the release, it just wasnít playing into the strengths that I have as a safety, so you know there [was] no point in being around there.

Q: Why is this a good fit for you given that Spags is a new defensive coordinator who you have not worked under before?

A: I hear nothing but good things from the guys that I talk to, that I was still talking to you since preseason has started. They all like him and talking to Coach Merritt, Coach Merritt was just explaining to me a little bit of the philosophy that he runs out here on defense, saying even though I have mainly been known as a post player and everything like that, I can still come down into the box here and do what I need to do and the safeties are interchangeable, so there will be something good that I can do.

Q: Realistically speaking, how quickly do you think you can get up to speed to contribute if asked?

A: I like to think I can come around tomorrow. Realistically it is going to take a few days --- it is definitely going to take a few days. There is always a learning curve, but I will be good.

Q: How much film have you watched of the guys that they have here?

A: I actually havenít --- I just finished up signing everything so I havenít seen too much yet.

Q: Have they told you about where they see you fitting in with the group that they have?

A: Theyíre just talking about coming in and competing and being able to fit in where I can. Definitely an opportunity.

Q: You talked about being used to your strengths. You obviously knew what was happening here. Being waived or cut before the third preseason game is sort of rare. Did you sort of go to them and say, ĎHey, this probably isnít going to work out; is it possible that we can do something here?í

A: Yeah, I asked for my release. They were okay with it and they didnít want to keep me there and, so I definitely appreciate them for doing that and let me go whenever I wanted to.

Q: How are you physically right now?

A: Iím good --- Iím healthy. Being able to get back on to the field when I started down there, hit the ground running and been going ever since, so there have been no setbacks, not anything like that. I feel healthy.

Q: When were you able to come back? I know you had the injury and sort of rehabbed.

A: I started everything with them the first day of camp. I was cleared before that but whenever I decided to get back into playing football was the first day of camp down there.

Q: So it took you [until] almost, I guess, August to really get back [on the field]?

A: Yeah, probably mid-July I was doing everything.

Q: Any interest on your part to see how this plays out on Hard Knocks on Tuesday?

A: Oh, you know, it doesnít really bother me. I tried to stay away from the cameras as much as I could when I was down there anyways, but yeah, Iím not really fazed by that.
Welcome Back, Stevie!  
GiantBlue : 8/31/2015 1:31 pm : link
Glad you are back!
Hoping we get to see that interaction with the Houston management  
ballanda : 8/31/2015 2:25 pm : link
on this week's Hard Knocks.
McConkey went  
RetroJint : 8/31/2015 2:47 pm : link
away to Green Bay for awhile and found that the grass isn't always greener. It's worked before.
Curtis in VA : 8/31/2015 3:08 pm : link
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