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NFT: Transcript: Cornerback Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/9/2015 4:37 pm
CB Prince Amukamara

September 9, 2015

Q: How has Tony Romo changed as a quarterback?

A: Just being smart and not forcing those throws. When you have a receiver like Dez, all your confidence is like in that player and you trust that theyíre going to come up with the ball. I remember a couple years ago he would try to force those passes but now heís just being smart and he has other weapons, too. Anytime he sees a good matchup with either number 11 or 83, heíll take them.

Q: Thereís been a lot of times youíve been singled out to go one-on-one with the other teamís best receiver. Can we expect it on Sunday?

A: I donít know. I know last year I was able to follow Dez because DRC didnít really play that much. Then when they came back here, I was out, so DRC followed him. I donít know. I think coach might want to give him different looks but itís a good problem to have. He has two good number one corners and I know if he assigns me or DRC to follow 88, both of us will do it.

Q: You go against Odell here every day in practice, give me the quick rundown of the challenges when you face Odell and maybe some of the challenges whenever you face Dez?

A: If I give you a scouting report for DallasÖ But I would say with Odell, he plays the ball like heís 6-5. I think heís the best in the league at going up and getting the ball. And Dez, Dez is a very physical guy on the line on press and I like to press, so that kind of plays into his game. Heís very physical and itís very, very hard to tackle him. Youíll see a lot of his big plays just come from his tackles and he has a strong stiff arm.

Q: Can you talk about opening against a division opponent game one, right off the bat?

A: Thatís huge. Thatís no time to build up. This game matters. Itís in the division, itís Sunday Night. So all the hype is there and it just matters. Our number one goal is to win the division, and if we beat Dallas, thatís one step heading towards our goal.

Q: You guys have had to crawl out of holes in the beginning of the season the last couple years, I think itís four years in a row now youíve lost the opener. Every year that youíve been here, come to think of it. How important is this first game?

A: I mean anytime you go 1-0 in the first week, it kind of builds up the team morale and the culture around here. But going 1-0 against a division opponent is just even that more sweeter because youíre 1-0 in the division and you have a 1-0 record. Thereís a lot riding on this game and I know everyone else is on it.

Q: Speaking of morale, you guys probably knew it was long shot whether JPP wouldíve played this week. When you found out heís not ready, whatís your reaction?

A: I donít know if a lot of guys, no disrespect to JPP, but I donít know if guys put a lot of eggs in that basket, I donít know if they were expecting him to come back and making room for him in our game plan. I know a lot of guys keep up with the news and just hearing that he might, I think that gave us a little light and we were excited but even though thatís not the case, we just have to keep the ball moving.

Q: Can you put the eggs in his basket at all this season or do you think you just have to go ahead and think maybe heís not coming back at all?

A: I mean thatís tough. You would hope that one of your biggest forces on defense would come back as soon as possible. I donít know if guys are thinking heís coming back because guys donít know his condition. And even if he comes back, guys donít know what type of condition heís going to be in. I think weíre just worried about the guys in this locker room, like thereís Kerry Wynn, Damontre Moore, Selvie and Ayers. Weíre just worried about those guys right now.

Q: Whatís it feel like to be a leader now on defense and did you ever think when there were those rough days that youíd ever get to this point?

A: Iím definitely not looking over my shoulder anymore. Deon Grant was here and it was great to see him and kind of walk with my chest out a little bit even around him. Itís just a different feeling. A lot more responsibility to bring the guys along and keep that culture going when I was there.
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