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Transcript: Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/10/2015 4:26 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

September 10, 2015

Q: Wouldnít you worry about safeties?

A: Somewhat, because in this defense, a lot is put on the safeties. They have to make the call, the adjustments, lining people up and still play. Thatís kind of hard, but for the most part, guys have been picking it up and weíve just been rolling.

Q: Ö

A: Sunday you are just definitely ready to get out there to see how everybody plays together, how it goes, how the calls are being made. Just get that real game up under your belt and see how they do it full speed.

Q: Do you feel like itís important for them early onódo you think Dallas might challenge the safeties early on and it might be big for their confidence if they can have a couple balls hit the ground?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. Anytime you can make a play as a young guy early, it sort of builds your confidence up. But I definitely think the guys are ready. We definitely put in the work. We have spent the extra time studying, understanding the playbook. Iím just anxious to get out there.

Q: Youíve been at this for a while, do you still get butterflies opening game and why?

A: Yes, sir. Itís just new season, thereís so much going through your mind. Youíre excited to play, youíre nervous to play, itís a new system, you got new guys. I think youíre more excited than anything. So you definitely just got to go out and hit somebody and calm down.

Q: Can you tell the youngsters in your secondary about that feeling and how to deal with it?

A: Itís kind of hard going into Dallas. You got the amazing stadium and things of that nature, so youíre eyes just kind ofóyouíve just got to tell them to zone in and focus and understand weíre there for a job and do whatís asked of us.

Q: Jon Beason hasnít been out there. Are you concerned about?

A: Oh you know, Jon. You know the work Jonís put in and the leader. You definitely know he knows the stuff. Heís the guy that flies around if you see him but he definitely has to fly to the ball every play like itís his last. Itís just got to get him on the field. Once he gets there, weíre not worried about that.

Q: And if heís not there Sunday?

A: With Spags, itís that Ďnext man upí mentality. You canít be worried about whoís going to be there. With his defense, youíve got to understand it and know itís going to work and just go out and play.

Q: What have you thought about Landon Collins so far?

A: I really like him. Heís a competitive guy, tough guy. He flies around, he can definitely get hands to hands. Heís picking up the defense, heís making the call, theyíre starting to use him a lot more as far as him being vocal, so heís been picking it up. Definitely impressed with him.

Q: Think heís up to the challenge Sunday night?

A: Heís got no choice. Heís kinda really got to be up to it. I think he is just watching him and going through practice. You got to get the first game under your belt to truly understand it and feel it and go from there.
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