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Transcript; Linebacker Jon Beason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/10/2015 4:29 pm
LB Jon Beason

September 10, 2015

Q: How do you feel?

A: Iím doing just okay.

Q: Obviously you didnít practice today, was there a setback with the knee?

A: Wednesday was basically to gauge where I was full speed and see how I felt. Obviously we were in pads, tackling, and changing directions. Felt pretty good. Itís just, see how it feels the next day, and so itís a little sore, so the smartest thing to do is to take a day off and see how it feels tomorrow.

Q: With the new schedule, having tomorrow just as a walk-thru, are you concerned about not getting back out there in a full practice and that might hinder your chances for Sunday?

A: You cut from 75 to 53, the same amount of time for practice, so the starters are taking more reps than we have throughout camp, if that makes sense. Yesterday was an extremely difficult day, it was very hot, full pads, and guys really got after it. You want to get out there and get those mental reps but Iím preparing mentally and tomorrow is a recovery day, which is going to help even more.

Q: Do you think youíre going to play Sunday?

A: Thatís the plan. Thatís the plan. Trust me, I donít want to miss Dallas, Sunday Night Football, the opener, so for me personally, it means everything.

Q: I mean the way you felt yesterday.

A: Yeah, I was able to, I lined up fully padded, made some tackles, getting people lined up, changing directions, and chased the ball. I was pretty much myself but I was sore today.

Q: Dallas was kind of the end of last year for you, right?

A: It was. It was. That was the straw that broke the camelís back.

Q: So to be able to go back there and start the season there, does that mean anything?

A: It would. Itís a great venue to play at, obviously against Americaís team, division champ, one play away from who knows what last year, so they have everything to play for and so do we.

Q: If [Uani] Unga has to spell you at all, I mean you have been like a big brother to him, at least he talks about the admiration he has for you and coaching him up. How well do think he can handle if he had to go in?

A: First off, I think heís tough, I think heís an extremely intelligent football player, and thatís what makes him, him. He takes coaching extremely well and when you see a guy who wants it, you want to help him out. The game is bigger than all of us, weíre all just trying to do the best we can for the time that we have, and if you can pass something on to somebody who cares as much as he does, it makes you feel good inside. I love to see him go out there and make plays, to get guys lined up, make checks, and be confident because he is kind of a mild mannered person. To get him out there, making checks, and screaming, itís good to see. I was happy when he made the team and now heís here and heís going to help us out tremendously.

Q: How much have you gotten [Jasper] Brinkley up to speed?

A: We actually had his twin Casper in Carolina, so I felt like I knew him. When he walked in, I was like, ďYo, Jas!Ē I never met him but Iím looking at Casper so itís almost like you know. I was like, ďoh,Ē it had been a long time. Heís a guy who took advantage of his opportunity. EJ Henderson goes down, I think he broke his femur and this kid steps in and was all over the place for some years. I donít know what happened in Dallas but heís a steal for us and I think heís a great football player.

Q: Is there any truth to the idea that a guy like him could come in with some intel a couple days before the game? Does that happen in the league a lot?

A: You have a roster of 90 guys, half of your team ships off, and a lot of those guys make practice squads or they make roster spots other places. If it happened to me, I would know a lot about defense, I would know a lot about our personnel, about our offense going against them, so you would take advantage of that. If a guy can remember something, you do it. We watch the TV copies, you talk to other players, youíve played them before, and theyíre the divisional foe, so you know them in and out. Any advantage you can gain within the rules, you do that.

Q: I missed the very beginning; it was just a precautionary day off?

A: Yeah, just sore. No point of pounding on it again. I was able to practice, which was a good thing, in full pads, full speed, down seven, but it was sore today.
this poor guy  
Hem Roid : 9/10/2015 4:42 pm : link
but enough already, he'll come back at some point, then go down again ... stunting the maturation curve of young Unga ... someone made a point earlier, if they value his football smarts so much, make him a coach or some special position liaison ...
If he plays this week  
arniefez : 9/10/2015 4:44 pm : link
he'll get hurt worse and be out for a long time. But if he sits the odds are he'll get hurt within 2 games and be out a long time anyway.Maybe the best thing is for him to play get his long term injury and have the Giants move on.
quote- obviously against Americaís team ¬†
CRinCA : 9/10/2015 4:47 pm : link

<grinds teeth...>
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