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Transcript: S Brandon Meriweather

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/16/2015 3:44 pm
S Brandon Meriweather

September 16, 2015

Q: Brandon, how important is it for you guys to turn this around quickly and win this weekend at home?

A: Itís important to get a win. Turn it around. I donít know if I would use those words, but I think itís important for us to get a win just like every week is.

Q: What about the challenge to play Julio Jones, who is just about one of the best receivers in the League?

A: Every week we play the best receiver in the league, right? I think last week yíall said Dez was the best receiver in the league, now itís Julio and next week itís going to be DeSean. So every week is a good challenge and we look forward to it.

Q: I think the difference from last week is Roddy White is on the other side, too, and his resume is pretty impressive as well. So to have the one-two punch, how different is that?

A: Youíre right, youíre right. Their one-two punch is outstanding and now theyíve added (Leonard) Hankerson to the mix, which makes them even more, with a great quarterback. So weíve got a task ahead of us that weíre looking forward to.

Q: From the times youíve played Matt Ryan, is he the type of guy who is always looking first to go deep, is he hesitant to do that or is he looking for the big play or not?

A: I donít think itís Matt, I think itís more of the offensive coordinator. Depending on the play call depends on what heíll do.

Q: You were in Washington with Kyle Shanahan?

A: Yes I was.

Q: So you know a little bit about his tendencies?

A: Just a little bit. Just a little bit.
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