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Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2015 4:33 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

September 17, 2015

Q: How difficult is it to come into a team when you havenít been with them the whole summer and then kind of adjust and have the kind of performance that Brad Wing had on Sunday?

A: I think weíre all pretty similar, special teams coaches around the league, and punt protections. For the most part, itís the same, the goals for the op time, everyone wants hang to distance, so I think the objectives are all pretty similar language, maybe a little different but maybe less so for punters and kickers. You either kick it to the right or kick it to the left, thereís not a lot calls that they have to go through. The biggest thing is getting comfortable with the snap, the hold and the kick. Thatís where he can catch the ball and punt the ball, thereís really no adjustment to that. Him affecting another person, I think they handled it well for the first game.

Q: Did you address the last kickoff?

A: No, we were trying to kick it deep, and we always tell guys to do their job. I think Josh [Brown] tried to do a little bit more and get a little bit into it. Anyone who has ever played golf, and I used to play golf and any time I tried to put more into it, it didnít go how I wanted. We have to cover it better, we missed a couple tackles. I thought the tackles were a little bit sloppy in the game; we had a three missed tackles, which is not good enough.

Q: But thatís supposed to beÖ

A: Yeah. We were trying to kick it deep, yeah.

Q: Because he had done a good job of that during the game?

A: Yeah, he was a little inconsistent. He had really good hang time but usually when we play in that stadium, he usually hits it a little further. He is hanging them up there, for the first couple he had some good coverage, two tackles inside the 20. We had a couple touchbacks, we did have one call to put it down at half, and then that one he was trying to kick deep, just tried to do a little too much.

Q: So when you try to do a little too much, maybe get on top of it a little bit?

A: Yeah, instead of staying in rhythm, you get a little more into it.

Q: How difficult is that for the coverage guys?

A: Itís not difficult at all. You cover whatever is kicked. If it was left, middle, right, we cover it. We lost the edge a little bit and we had missed tackles.

Re: Atlantaís Matt Bryant and Matt Bosher.

A: Theyíre talented. They have a talented group, very good long snapper whoís consistent, and a punter who also kicks off and has been there for a number of years now. Played him three or four times in the league, so heís good, heís a challenge, and then Matt Bryant is really consistent and really accurate.

Q: Is Bosher hanging it that high? I know his average was 57 and 51 in the net.

A: Well, you get to a point where you canít. Once you get beyond the 55, youíre not going to get 5.5 seconds to hang but heís real close to getting that match that you want. Good coverage, good location, and real consistent.
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