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Transcript: DE Robert Ayers Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2015 4:38 pm
DE Robert Ayers Jr.

September 17, 2015

Q: Ability to generate a pass rush this week. Whatís the key to that, where does it start?

A: When the ball hikes, go as fast as you can, do moves, and get to the quarterback. Execute our game plan, be on the same page. Itís as simple as that, thatís what weíve got to do. We have to be in situations where we can have opportunities to do that. That starts with winning first and second down, to where we can get them in 3rd and long. If teams are in 3rd and 2óDallas was one of the best teams last year at being in 3rd and short, 3rd and 4, 3rd and 3, because then they can get the ball out quick. Not many true dropback situations. So with that being said, I have full confidence in my guys, my unit, my D-Line, my defense, and being able to get to the quarterback. We got some, and there was nothing to show for it. For one, one play me and Damontre forced a guy out and forced an interception. That looks like we canít get pressure on the quarterback. All you see is the interception, but thatís pressure. Just because there isnít any sacks doesnít mean there isnít any pressure. Sometimes pressure is more important than sacks. Iíve got a lot of confidence in my guys. Iíve got a lot of confidence in Coach Nunn and this unit that we have to be able to do those things. But weíve just got to execute the game plan, and be on the same page. When we do that, I feel like we can get pressure on anyone.

Q: Is there more schematically that can be done to help you guys? Or could that not be necessary?

A: I donít concern myself with the schematics of everything. I just go out and try to bust my behind to get to the quarterback and stop the run. You got 11 guys on the field thatís doing the same thing. As long as we do that, whatever play is calledóregardless of what it is, thatís what weíve got to do. Bust our behind, play relentless, and get to the quarterback. So schematic-wise, we canít control that. Weíve just got to execute whatever it is that heís calling. Thatís our job and thatís what we want to do.

Q: How much more do you expect to be able to rush the quarterback this week? Is it different because youíre not playing the Cowboys and running the ball is their strength? Are there going to be more opportunities moving forward because youíre not specifically playing against them and what they do?

A: Do you want me to pat them on their back? Theyíre a good unit, but weíve got to do what we got to do. Weíve got to create a situation to where we can rush the passer. Who we play doesnít matter, weíve got to put ourselves in a situation to rush the passer. Weíve got to win and on first and second down, get them in 3rd and longer situations where we can get off. Whether itís Dallas or Atlanta, Philly or whoever, weíve got to create those situations for ourselves. Thatís how I feel about it. Weíve got to take things into our own hands and win those situations. Win first and second down, and then when we get into third down, execute. I may be a little off, but I think we were doing pretty good at one point on third down. We didnít get them into third down enough. So weíve got to be able to maximize our opportunities.

Q: Were you satisfied with your ability against the run?

A: We lost, so not satisfied with anything. At the end of the day, thatís all that matters. If we hold teams to zero rushing yards, and we lose, itís pointless. We just want to win. Whatever it takes to winóstop the run, get to the quarterback, get to the passer. If we had won, the questions would be a lot different. We just want to win, that cures everything, that fixes everything. It puts an easy interview for me when you guys come in here asking about why we lost. Thatís all weíre focused on. We just want to win and execute our game plan.

Q: With as many weapons as your team has, is it important to give guys more opportunity and more time on the field?

A: Thatís always the goal of any defense. You want to try and get three and outs, cause turnovers, stop the run. Thatís always the goal, even if your offense isnít good. Weíre blessed with a very explosive offense. So we definitely want to get them the ball back. But even if you donít have a good offense, you want to do those things to where you can get them the ball and get them in a rhythm. Because if the defense is on the field, the other teamís offense can dictate the game and control the clock. Then the offense canít get into a rhythm. Thatís definitely the goal of what we want to do. Get to the ball as much as possible, whether it be through three and outs or turnovers. Every week thatís our goal.

Q: Do you think the game was less indicative of the last two drives of you guys?

A: Like I said, all that matters is the final score. Youíve got to be able to finish those games. In situations like that, you can play 59 minutes, but in the last minute, you do something to lose the game, nothing else matters. If you play 59 terrible minutes, and then you win the game in a minute, nobody is going to care about that. Everybody is going to be happy you won. Weíve just got to finish out strong. You want to start strong, but you definitely want to finish strong. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win, and we didnít do that. Now weíve just got to learn from it and lick our wounds and move forward. As far as what happened last week, my mind is completely on something else. Iím obligated to answer questions about last week, so here I am.

Q: Expect to change the game plan this week? Seemed like you guys were in more coverage last week than what a Spagnuolo defense is known for?

A: Every week the game plan changes. I think a defensive coordinator would get fired if the game plan was the same every week.

Q: Do you feel like you guys will send more and be a little bit more creative with blitzing?

A: Like I said, I donít know what weíre going to do. I donít know what plays heís going to call. We have a very wide variety of plays that we can call. Depending on situation and how the flow of the game, heís going to call what heís going to call. I donít know how to be a coordinator, I donít know what heís going to do. Last week we had a lot of blitzes that we could have run, too. As a coordinator, itís about feel and what weíve got going on, and things like that. I canít dictate what heís going to do or if heís going to be more aggressive. All I know is I can control my effort, I can control my execution, and my job. I can try to help my guys be on the same page, and to play hard. So thatís all we can do as players is execute and be on the same page and bust our behind. As far as scheme-wise and play calling and all that stuff, he gets paid to do that, and he does it very well. I canít answer that question about that.

Q: Every defense has a personality. Do you think that game was indicative of what this defenseís personality will be?

A: I donít agree with that. Thatís just the way you guys like to view the game. In life, people like to have answers for everything, so you want to label this as a Tampa 2 defense or whatever. If you really watch it, Chicago Bears, for example, they ran a lot of other stuff, too. It wasnít just all Tampa 2. Itís just the way you guys choose to label. So we have a lot of bullets. Whatever it is, whether weíre in Cover 2 or Cover 3 or a fire zone or man-blitzes or all-out blitzesówhatever it is, weíre going to execute it. He has a lot of stuff thatís in the toolbox, Iíll just leave it at that. Hopefully, I answered your question.
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