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Friday Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/18/2015 4:27 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

September 18, 2015

Q: Is [Jon] Beasonís status doubtful more just of having one practice or is he feelingÖ

A: Well, he is feeling better, heíll tell you that, but weíre going to see.

Q: If he canít go, will it be Uani [ĎUnga] in the middle again?

A: Sure.

Q: Would Jasper [Brinkley]?

A: Jasper, [Mark] Herzlich can go in there.

Q: How big of a lift would it be if Beason could play?

A: I think that it would be a good shot in the arm. Players, not unanimously but wholeheartedly, voted him captain. It would be a definite plus for us. The only reason I answer in that fashion is because you donít want to get right down when you can get another week. I hope, but weíll have to see.

Q: Itís a short week with a Thursday game coming.

A: It sure is because literally thereís very little practice. A lot of it is very mental but itís not very physical, so you have to be careful with that.

Q: Will Cullen [Jenkins] move inside more with [Markus] Kuhn out?

A: Cullen goes in and out.

Q: It seems like [Daniel] Fells was a big part of what you did last week.

A: He certainly was, yeah.

Q: What has to change with him being out?

A: Well, [Jerome] Cunningham will go, weíll use the young guy, and weíll be prepared in other ways in case we have to be that way.

Q: As a blocker, does Cunningham do what Fells does? I know Larry [Donnell] has had issues with that.

A: Fells is the best blocker.

Q: Did you see the picture of JPPís [Jason Pierre-Paul] hand?

A: I didnít look, I heard it was out there, but I didnít see it.

Q: Did you see his hand when he was here?

A: No, it was wrapped.

Q: Why didnít you look? Were you not curious to see?

A: I was busy and whenever it was on I wasnít watching anything. By the time I got home, I wasnít going to sit around watching that.

Q: How do you think your team did putting last week behind them?

A: It was hard at the beginning of the week, no doubt, but I think theyíre moving along. I think yesterday was better than the day before.

Q: Has Louis Nix [III] shown you enough to get in on Sunday and have an impact?

A: Heís been here a short amount of time. Heís had an opportunity just really to try and understand the way we do things, and so the information that he has is very specific for him. He doesnít have the whole playbook, obviously, but yeah thatís what heís here for, to play and help.

Q: Has Brinkley done enough to play extended periods?

A: Heís done enough to know his special teams assignments and to play in there as well. As I say, we would be able to have him, and Herzlich, and some of those guys available.

Q: You spend any time this week on Washington or is it all crunched into next week?

A: Well, at the end of the week, the coaches have got to get ready for the basics of special teams and then first and second downs. From this afternoon until tomorrow evening or however you want to say it, they will have some opportunity to spend some time on just some preliminary things, so we can get going on Monday morning to formulate a game plan. Everybody has their own responsibilities and they have to be ready to go on Monday.

Q: You donít get it to the players until Monday.

A: Oh no, Monday afternoon. Thereís no information, itís all Atlanta, thatís the key obviously.

Q: Does that involve extra time as a staff here, longer than it normally would be?

A: Sure, youíve got more things that you have to get ready.

Q: With the championship celebration, do you get to enjoy that at all or is it 100 percent Atlanta for you?

A: My wife is going to be able to see some of the coachesí wives and stuff like that, but I donít. Hopefully Iíll see some guys on Sunday.

Q: What was that staff like, the dynamic of that group?

A: Itís a good group of coaches, good group of players, and it was a fun opportunity.

Q: Have you ever reflected on the history about how you guys helped define this league for 25 years?

A: Not really, Iím not much of a reflector.
I like fells a lot  
GMenLTS : 9/18/2015 5:02 pm : link
but I'm really looking forward to seeing Cunningham get some snaps.

Also interesting that TC says plainly that fells is our best blocker.
RE: I like fells a lot  
Gman11 : 9/18/2015 6:02 pm : link
In comment 12490547 GMenLTS said:
Also interesting that TC says plainly that fells is our best blocker.

I thought it was his way of saying that the other two suck at it.
Hey Coach:  
Aloha Alan : 9/18/2015 9:00 pm : link
Preston Parker is the next man up, correct?

TC: Yes he is. WE have the utmost confidence in him to perform as the #3 receiver.

Hey Coach: Did you watch the film on Preston and his three misses? Two went through his hands and one went off his hands.

TC: Coach Ryan says he actually had a belly ache on Sunday night. He watched the film and said to me that those were extremely hard passes to bring in.

Hey Coach: Are you out of your F'ing mind?

TC: No. If Coach Ryan says they were hard to catch I believe him.

Hey Coach: Did you actually see those three misses?

TC: No. I was watching Eli like I always do. He's great isn't he? We have him for four more years, ya know?
He was interfered  
RetroJint : 9/18/2015 10:20 pm : link
with on one of those drops. A second was considered catchable only viewed contextually about how Beckham has changed the calculus of what is possible. Parker is not a personal favorite. However, I think he will play well Sun, especially if Eli throws the ball better.
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