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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2015 6:06 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Postgame vs. Atlanta, September 20, 2015

Iím disappointed. Again, this time we put together 17 straight points and obviously it wasnít enough, but getting the ball back down there at the end of the third quarter and having a turnover, the fumble. The unfortunate thing, the most disappointing thing for me is from that point on, I didnít see any offense. I donít know what happened there, but we didnít really, until the last series when we got the ball to midfield with the penalty, we didnít press beyond after that sequence at the end of the third quarter, for us. Defensively, you know, they did what they have to do. They drove the ball, they threw the ball, they ran the ball, they did what they have to do and they came from behind and the last play to [Julio] Jones, surprise, surprise, down the sideline. But, you know we played hard for a long time, we played hard. I would have definitely come in front of you and said it was an improvement over the first game. You know we ended up with a turnover, which really hurt us. Weíve been doing a superb job of taking care of the ball and you know sliding up in there trying to make a play and getting, coming around the edge from behind and Eli [Manning] did not obviously see the player from behind and the ball came out. But that hurt, no question, that hurt and the things that happen in the course of a game, you know weíre covering a guy down the sideline and donít really know the ballís being thrown, the ball hits us in the back. You turn around there and catch the ball, the gameís over. Itís inside two minutes, they donít have any timeouts, the game is over. But finishing the game, getting the game done and finished the way we want it to, obviously weíre struggling with that.

Q: You talked about the play to Julio [Jones], ďsurprise, surpriseĒ that they went to Julio. How is it that they were able to get in that spot and get open in that situation?

A: He was covered one-on-one, but he evidently, I didnít see the middle part of the play, but he just ran by him. It was just a go route, I think, he just threw it up in the air and he went and got it.

Q: Tom, on the flip side, Odell [Beckham Jr.] was so productive in the first half and not in the second. Was that just part of your frustration with the offense? Do you have any explanation for that?

A: Yeah, yeah it is. It really is. There really isnít. I mean, we had the look that we really wanted, where we could get him where we wanted him and it was too spotty, our ability to take advantage of it. We got to it late, we got to it early, but not enough. But, you know, youíre trying to mix the run in, youíre trying to mix the pass in, you have other people to get involved when the coverage is leaning one way. You have to try to take advantage of some other things with other people. That didnít happen today, either, at least to the extent that the ball was down the field. I thought Shane Vereen did very well and you see why heís here. He had a very, very good game and again, it would have been nice to have enough time to take advantage of him in that last couple of sequences there, which we werenít able to do. But he did play well.

Q: Coach, you got hit with a delay of game and then after that you had one that almost was another delay of game. What did you see, what did you hear happening?

A: I have no, thereís really no reason for that. There was plenty of time when we were out over the ball, plenty of time, and I think, the only reason I can offer is, heís changing the protection around and he loses track of the clock. But to go from third and seven with a legitimate chance and quite frankly, a good play called at third and twelveóand at that point of time, letís face it, we had lost [Ereck] Flowers and they had their ears pinned back because you know there was, we were throwing the ball, throwing the ball, throwing the ball and anytime you get out of a sequence where you can mix or screen or something like that to help you, they had edge rushers that were very good and the [Vic] Beasley [Jr.] kid is very good. [OíBrien] Schofield on the edge is very good and they were powerful in the middle and that affected us as well.

Q: You said that you didnít know what happened with the offense after that fumble. Was there any change in your play calling, philosophy, you started aggressiveÖ
A: No, no, not that I could tell you. I mean, we were trying to be as aggressive as we could. There was no reason not to, you know, because they took it and drove it. So no, not that I would comment on right now.

Q: The last couple years you started 0-2 and never were able to dig your way out of the hole. Youíre 0-2 again now, what could be different, what will you try to tell them to do?

A: I thought we played better than we did last week. We didnít get the turnovers and that was the huge difference in the game. We canít make mistakes. We have to count on the other guys and we didnít get any today. Had we got some today, and got some pressure on the quarterback, there were a couple times where he was floating around in the middle and we still couldnít get to him. So weíll be talking about pressure, Iím sure after you look at the tape. I just asked them to search down inside, we talk every week about finishing. That wasnít a finish for me. We talk about ďdonít keep score, Iíll keep score.Ē Iíll let you know when the gameís over, but thatís not what happened again today. The whole theme this week was to trust your instincts, trust your preparation, go out and play the game, compete, challenge your opponent right to the very end. Donít worry about the score, Iíll tell you whatís on the scoreboard, and weíll continue to do that. The competitive nature and the finish of the game has got to improve.

Q: Can you talk about the challenge now of going into a quick week?

A: Weíre not going to feel sorry for ourselves, we didnít do that last week. There was frustration but there wasnít anybody feeling sorry for themselves. Itís our own doing, thereís nobody to blame but us. Maybe itís better for us to jump right back in. Weíre not going to get to look at this tape with the players, weíll look at it as coaches but weíve got to jump right on to the next opponent.

Q: Through two games, how do you evaluate Eli? In a moment you need your quarterback to lift your team, heís been unable to do it so far this season?

A: Heíll get better, heíll improve. There are times when itís tremendous and other times when itís not. Iím frustrated like you are in terms of, at that point in time, all the engines have to be going full speed not the other way around.

Q: Anything about the injuries to Ereck Flowers (ankle) or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (concussion)?

A: The only thing I can think of with Cromartie was protocol. He has to go through the protocol. Flowers, I hope itís not going to be a continuous thing that bothers him all year long.
Coughlin Gives Me The Impression Either He's  
Trainmaster : 9/20/2015 6:21 pm : link
Not aware of what is going on during the game relative to what the OC or DC are calling or he's almost completely delegated control on game day.

He's giving me an "Absent minded professor" feel. Anyone else feel that way?
LMAO, Coughlin basically said Eli the bus is over there  
Mason : 9/20/2015 6:27 pm : link
Tom is effusive in his praise of Vereen ....  
Manny in CA : 9/20/2015 6:37 pm : link
At the same time, he allows Eli to keep throwing the ball to Preston "Trampoline Hands" Parker ...

Vareen should start wearing "Put Me in Coach" on the back of his jersey and ...

Parker this on his jersey ....

It's frustrating to keep seeing what he does.
What a joke...  
silverfox : 9/20/2015 6:38 pm : link
...same crap different game, different year.
You can cut and paste  
bluesince56 : 9/20/2015 6:48 pm : link
the answers that TC gives after every loss. Tom, the delay of game penalty. As the coach you can call timeout. Don't you watch the clock?
RE: Tom is effusive in his praise of Vereen ....  
HomerJones45 : 9/20/2015 6:56 pm : link
In comment 12494728 Manny in CA said:
At the same time, he allows Eli to keep throwing the ball to Preston "Trampoline Hands" Parker ...

Vareen should start wearing "Put Me in Coach" on the back of his jersey and ...

Parker this on his jersey ....

It's frustrating to keep seeing what he does.
You want Tom to run out on the field and tackle Eli if he throws to Parker.

You guys wonder why Parker is out there and why Eli throws to him. He gets open. He can't fucking catch apparently, or he's going through a bad slump but he gets open.
Did he really  
lecky : 9/20/2015 8:31 pm : link
say Eli will get better? Isnt this our franchise QB that we just payed 84 million dollars to? When will he get better? In 2018? 2022? Will he have it fugured out by then? What a joke.
RE: Coughlin Gives Me The Impression Either He's  
ColHowPepper : 9/20/2015 9:07 pm : link
In comment 12494666 Trainmaster said:
Not aware of what is going on during the game relative to what the OC or DC are calling or he's almost completely delegated control on game day.
He's giving me an "Absent minded professor" feel. Anyone else feel that way?

Trainmaster, sounds and feels to me that he's at odds with McAdoo's playcalling (after the fumble), and lesser extent with SS. Talking about the ball hitting Unga in the back of his helmet, ouch. Right now, our MLB is overmatched, over his head. So, why is he in for critical 3rd and 4th down plays when you know it's going to Witten or Atl's TE. Thing is, with the sideline route the Atl receiver ran (a RB?) when Unga was hit in the back of the head (he never did look around), he did decent job of staying with him, but the awareness is non-existent.
The Mara plan  
Shadow : 9/20/2015 9:49 pm : link
2015 Tom is stripped of all responsability on Offense and Defense. McAdoo is in his training wheels season as Head Coach in training. Problem is Coughlin does not want to give away control and is mingling in the Offense.
This was made clear last week When Eli and McAdoo already made the choice to go for it on 4th down but were overruled by the Old Coach.
Coughlin will retire at the end of the season or if it gets bad a Health Problem either him or his family will force him to retire.
Thats Mara plan when McAdoo showed him his magic notebook and convinced him that he could get Eli in the Hall.
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