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Post-Game Transcript: WR Odell Beckham

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2015 6:30 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Postgame vs. Atlanta, September 20, 2015

Q: Does it make it more difficult because for the second straight week you guys did have the lead late in the game?

A: No, it just makes it difficult losing, period. You never want to lose, that is never the goal and I feel [like] this team played great today Ė offense and defense, you know weíre flying around and it is the second week in a row, so no confidence is lost. I actually feel really good about not where we are as a record but where we are as a team and where to go from here. I think the [offensive line] did another great job tonight in being able to give Eli time to find his targets and make some throws but at the end of the day, youíve got to finish and you have to win games.

Q: It seems like you have some stuff to clean up Ė dropped balls, fumbles, turnovers and things like that. Do you think if you can clean those things upÖ?

A: Absolutely. I feel as though we beat ourselves. This game, last game, I donít compare them so Iím never going to believe that we didnít beat ourselves and there [are] things that we need to correct Ė dropped balls, fumbles, whatever the case may be, we just need to clean it up and find a way to get it done.

Q: That last [ball] that you had to you that went off your hands Ė do you feel like you should have had that?

A: Absolutely, I saw it go through the window and the backer kind of ran out on it and it looked like he was about to get his hand on it and you have to play for a tip as well, you donít want any interceptions, so just try to follow the ball and it ended up not being able Ė he didnít get to it and it got up on me and I didnít make the catch but we even got a first down from there so weíve just got to keep finding ways to keep going forward.

Q: What about trying to get out of an 0-2 start again?

A: Well, we are 0-2 so that is the case and that is what we have to do.

Q: Do you know if going back out there in the second half, something was different, that the Falcons changed defensively?

A: No, we just need to come out and we need to keep going. We need to stay on them and keep attacking when we are up and like I said, you have got to finish the game. At the end of the day, you have got to finish the game. It is 60 minutes of football, it is not 30 minutes, itís not 45, itís not 59, it is 60 minutes, so that is what it came down to today and we couldnít get it done.

Q: Just two games, but is there anything you can put your finger on about not being able to finish these games so similar?

A: The scoreboard, them having more points than us at the end. Like I said, it comes on us as far as being able to execute in crunch times like this.

Q: Odell, with the quick turnaround here -- a ballgame on Thursday -- how does this team regroup and go forward?

A: Well, whatever times weíve got tomorrow, you get there and go to your meetings and go through the same schedule as we always go through. When Thursday comes, you know it will be another game time, so we just look forward to having another game, seeing what was going wrong and you have to be able to correct your mistakes, that is the biggest thing. Like I said, we have got to finish games, not the way we wanted to start, but teams have gone 16-0 and not won a Super Bowl and this is a long season.

Q: Did Atlanta do anything significantly different in the second half with you?

A: Not really, it was kind of the same thing we expected from them and they gave us the same all game, it just didnít turn out how we wanted.

Q: Is there frustration about not being able to finish the games?

A: Absolutely, being a competitor, you want to win every single game no matter what and these are tough bullets to swallow, but these are the ones that build your team Ė they either make or break your team, I feel. And I feel as if we can only get stronger. You can only hang your head so low. I think we played a really good game of football, we just didnít finish.
A disciplined interview. Good for him.  
CT Charlie : 9/20/2015 6:39 pm : link
I hope the whole team plays with this attitude. "Teams have gone 16-0 in the regular season and haven't won the Super Bowl."
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