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Post-Game Transcript: OT/OG Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2015 6:34 pm
G Justin Pugh

Postgame vs. Atlanta, September 20, 2015

Q: Ö.

A: We have to win the fourth quarter. Thatís what it comes down to Ė win the fourth quarter every week. We lost the fourth quarter the last two weeks and lost the games, so fourth quarter.

Q: Does the frustration build on this week-to-week?

A: I put last week behind us right away and I thought wholeheartedly that we were going to come in here and win this game. We moved the ball, we did good things, we just have to finish. We have to finish games better.

Q: Did you feel that the air went out of the offense after the fumble?

A: I should have recovered that damn fumble, it was right by my legs. It just could have saved us. I saw it hit and went to go get it and just couldnít get my hands on it.

Q: Ö

A: I felt like we moved it all day on them besides the last three drives of the game and you canít have that. We have to get a first down with four minutes to go. We were in the same exact position. We got to get the first down and get our defense some rest and just change field position at least. Thatís something we didnít do on that last drive and it might of bit us in the ass again.

Q: Was the drive with four minutes to go especially frustrating? The delay of game penalty is a little out of character for you guys.

A: Thatís something that we have to get up [to the line] and get set. As an offensive line, get set and see the defense so we can make our adjustments. Itís just tough. We have to get a first down there and put our defense in a better position.

Q: What happened there? Tom [Coughlin] said you got to the line with plenty of timeÖ

A: We were trying to draw them offsides and get some yardage there and I guess it just ran out. We have to get a first down on that drive. The first play we have to get more yards and make it more manageable so we donít have to throw it the next two times. Thatís something we have to correct right now and as a team we need to stick together as an offense. We know what we can do. We moved the ball all day on these guys and the last three drives we canít become ghosts.

Q: Did the Atlanta defense show you anything different in the fourth quarter?

A: No, nothing. It was the same front, same guys. We just have to go out there and finish. We have to execute. At the end of the day, you have to do your job in the fourth quarter and win. Thatís when you have to be at your best and today, we didnít execute when we needed to.
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