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Post-Game Transcript: RB Shane Vereen

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2015 6:40 pm
RB Shane Vereen

Postgame vs. Atlanta, September 20, 2015

Q. How do you teach guys to start doing finishing?

A. You gotta do it. Itís inside - itís between the ears and itís in the chest. You just gotta do it.

Q. Is there anything that youíve seen in these two games that pinpoints the issues in not finishing?

A.In these two games, the frustrating part is that we have all the talent. We put ourselves in great positions.Thatís the only frustrating part. Weíve done the hard work, weíve played all three quarters. We just gotta finish out the fourth.

Q. After Eliís fumble, did you feel like there was a change in attitude or a change in demeanor after that fumble?

A. A little bit but defense stopped them. We got back on the field, the score was the exact same as it was before the fumble happened. That thought shouldíve been gone. We shouldíbe moved on, but things happen. Itís a good ball club. We gotta give Atlanta props, they played well enough to win.

Q. Shane, 0-2 isnít too late but it can get late early. Is there a sense of urgency for Thursday?

A. We definitely need to win. We just gotta get back on track and get back to doing things that we do well and do it consistently, and not just consistently, but for four quarters.

Q. If you couldíve gotten a win, if you couldíve gotten that score to make it say 27-13, can the team sort of exhale and say Ďwe got thisí as opposed to saying Ďdo we got thisí?

A. Exactly and I think at that point, Atlanta got the fight and they said we were gonna charge back and weíre going to win the game. Maybe we were a little passive, Iím only speaking for myself. That fourth quarter at the end of the game, thatís when we gotta step up and start making plays.
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