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Post-Game Transcript: DE Robert Ayers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2015 6:53 pm
DE Robert Ayers Jr.

Postgame vs. Atlanta, Sept. 20

Ö What we do is, you know, trying to work every week and get better. We have a short week and we donít have any time to feel sorry for ourselves, so you have to look at it, reflect, learn from my mistakes and move forward. Itís a simple recipeó we just have to get it right.

Q: Does it make it more difficult that itís the second straight week where you guys had that lead late in the game and gave it away, if you will?

A: It doesnít make it any more difficult; [losing] is always going to be. Whether we had finished this [game] off, itís still going to be tough every situation. We just have to finish it. Itís not like it carries overó you know, 1+1=2 type thing. Itís just, you know, we didnít finish. The first one was in the pastó weíve been off that. Now weíre worrying about this one, so weíre not combining two [losses]. We just let one go. We look at this one, the one that we just hadó thatís what weíll be looking at. Thatís what weíre going to study. Thatís what weíre going to try to get better off of. We canít worry about the one before tható weíre going to look at this one and then weíre going to move to Washington. Thatís how Iím going about it, and I think thatís how the team is going to go about it.

Q: Do you try to take any positives from this, [like] the pressure that you put on the quarterback?

A: Definitely. We take the positives out of everything and we take the negatives out of everything. We have to be realistic with ourselves and look at things. Sometimes itís not as bad as it seems and itís not as good as it seems, so we did some things well this week and we have to look at those and try to get those even better. We did some things bad, and we have to look at that and improve. Itís a simple gameó we just have to understand it and grow as a unit and as a team, and when we get in those situations at the end, we have to close them out. Thatís what great teams do and great defenses do, and we didnít do that today.

Q: Odell [Beckham Jr.] says that two straight weeks like this is the type of thing that can either crush a team or it can bring a team together. How do you make sure itís the latter?

A: We just have to be positive. Itís 0-2. Itís not the end of the world. We know we can play with anybody. When we get in these situations we have to finish games and we have to build on the positives. We canít let things go up and down and up and downó when we get up, we have to keep going up and up and up, and that wasnít the case this week.
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