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Tuesday Media Transcript: WR Victor Cruz

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/22/2015 3:31 pm
WR Victor Cruz

September 22, 2015

Q: Howd you feel working today?

A: Felt good. Felt good to be on the grass a little bit, get out there and run around a little bit, so it felt good.

Q: With a short week, is it tough to approach this week? If this game were on Sunday, would you have a little bit different feeling for being game ready?

A: Potentially. You never know what could happen, you always just want to go out there and perform, make sure youre good to go for whatever week is upcoming. Obviously the short week leaves you a little handicapped, if you will. But well see. Well see how it continues to progress, how I feel in the morning, and well go from there.

Q: How close are you?

A: Im closer. Theres no pain in there anymore, so its just a matter of getting the confidence back to running on it and cutting on it, things like that. And then well go from there.

Q: How shocked were you by the news of Preston Parker being cut?

A: I was a little shocked. Obviously as a teammate, as a fellow competitor, I know how much work he puts into this game and how much work he puts in week in and week out, and day in and day out and the things that hes gone through. So it was tough to see a guy like that, anyone, let alone a guy in our receiver room. Its something that I was obviously a little surprised, but its part of the business, unfortunately.

Q: How dramatic does the improvement have to be over the course of the next 48 hours for them to all of a sudden give you the green light?

A: It would have to be a lot. If you know Coach Coughlin, its going to take a lot. So well see, Im going to keep continuing to put the work in myself, and well see where this takes me. But with TC, it gets tough.

Q: How close is this team to getting where they need to be? Youre 0-2, but this doesnt look like a 0-2 team.

A: Were right there, man. The two games we lost were right there, were knocking on the door, pretty much had them won. At the end, things happen, but were right there. Weve got to just come through and learn how to finish these games and finish the fourth quarter and win the fourth quarter, because thats where games are won and lost, the majority of this league is in the fourth quarter. Weve just got to learn to close things out. Its still early in the season, so well see how it goes.

Q: How much were you watching those first two losses and thinking I could have done something, I could have helped this team?

A: Every snap, every game, every whistle, you want to be out there helping them regardless of the win-loss column. You want to be out there helping this team win, doing what you do best, catching the football, making big plays, and making things happen. It was definitely tough to watch early on. Hopefully I can be out there shortly, help this team win.

Q: How much lobbying will you do with Tom to possibly play this week?

A: A lot, lets put it that way.

Q: If not this week, pretty much for sure the following game?

A: We hope so. Obviously its all up to the coaching staff and the training staff, just see when they want to play me and how much progress I make in that time. Well see how it goes.

Q: We know youre injured, but how hard is it to stay patient realizing you have a chance to be part of a high potent offense with Odell and Eli, and getting this thing back on track? How hard is it to be patient?

A: Its pretty hard. Ive been patient for about 11 months now. Its been hard, man, but you know youve got to stay the course. Youre not going to do the team any good if youre out there at 60, 70 percent. You want to go out there 100 percent, being able to help this team win at the top of your ability, at the best of your ability, and thats what I want to do.

Q: I think you said the thing that has kept you back these past couple weeks was they found some bleeding in there. Is that right?

A: Well, that was a while back. But all of that has been taken care of. The swelling is down, theres no pain in it at all, so now were just continuing to move forward.

Q: Youve played in some big games. What is it like playing in a game that everybody is going to be watching on Thursday night football?

A: Its a big deal. Obviously, playing on Thursday night, everyone is watching, everyone is tuned in. You know, division game. So, us personally, we are excited for the challenge. As I know walking through these locker rooms and walking throughout these meetings rooms, everyone is ready to go. And playing on that stage, it should bring the best out of you. And I think it will for us, and hopefully well come out victorious.

Q: Was today the first day you ran on the ground?

A: Today was the first day I ran on the ground, other than chasing Kennedy around the house. Today was the first day I ran on the grass, yeah.
Play the man  
Gman11 : 9/22/2015 4:08 pm : link
first time running on grass since 8/7  
ColHowPepper : 9/22/2015 5:12 pm : link
and the poster above and the media are hounding him about playing Thursday night...there is no rationality, no sanity in the beat writers, just ridiculous...he's been out with a calf for seven weeks and let's just put him on the field as soon as he gets out of the swimming pool, so he can re-injure himself...
Career vs 1 game  
giantgiantfan : 9/22/2015 6:07 pm : link
I wouldn't play him. This team needs to rise up amd beat a beatable opponent on their home turf. It's time for the defense to stuff the run and force Cousins to beat us. It's time for our playmakers on offense: Eli, Odell, and Vereen to step up big. And assuming Harris will be playing in the slot...we'll in that case I hope he's a got a chip on his shoulder about being pigeon holed as a special teams only guy. Also time for the coaches to dial up some creativity and plan ol' top notch game management to get this group over the edge.

We will crush Washington.
I wonder if that interview pissed off TC  
JOrthman : 9/22/2015 8:30 pm : link
I know I wish he was a little bit more vague about his return. He took the bait from the reporters on his injury situation. I would of rather he not say so much and left a lot of questions other there. This would at least make the Redskins have to somewhat gameplan for him.
Giants should wait two more weeks  
Rich Houston-NYG-WR-1971 : 9/22/2015 9:33 pm : link
X He needs more rest
He doesn't need rest, he needs reps.....  
Doomster : 9/22/2015 9:48 pm : link
He has to hope he runs a little one day.....has no swelling/pain the next day, and then can run, a little more the next day......this is just running....not sprinting.....not doing hard cuts......It's a process from one level to the think he can play thursday is lunacy....
I agree, sit down Thursday  
5BowlsSoon : 9/22/2015 9:50 pm : link
Maybe 10 days later he might be ready. If the dude just began running today, do you really want to rush this? I don't.
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