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Post-Game Transcript: CB Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/25/2015 12:58 am
CB Prince Amukamara

Postgame vs. Washington, September 25, 2015

Q: How big is it just to get this first one under your belt?

A: I think itís great for our team. I think itís something that we can build off of. You definitely donít want to be here in New York especially, and keep having that goose eggóitís 0-1, then 0-2, then you end the only team with no wins. You just donít want that type of energy or that atmosphere here. Iím glad we got the win out of the way and we can focus on winning more.

Q: Take me through that pick at the beginning of the game and what you saw on the play.

A: Just formation recognition. Coach Walton, my DB coach, gave me that tip earlier this week. It was one of those formations that I just memorized.

Q: Off the safety, then the pick, did you feel like those two plays got momentum going the right way after a couple of tough losses?

A: Yes, I think those two were huge. I think the safety was a big momentum changer by Rashad, he started it, and then I think my pick as well. Anytime you can turn over the ball and put the offense in a position to score, I think itís good for the team.

Q: Easier to enjoy your weekend off with a win, right?

A: Way much easier. You definitely donít want to spend the whole weekend just thinking about this game and thinking about being 0-3. So Iím glad guys are in great spirits. We have to be prepared for the Bills next week.

Q: The secondary in particular had a very active game, a lot of batted balls and passes broken up. You didnít have DRC and everything, but did everybody step it up?

A: Yeah, I think Hosley did a great job. I donít think he saw a lot of action his way, the middle of the field and my side was getting most of the action. I think he did a great job, I think heís coming into his own. Unga, I think heís leading our team in picks. Ungaís been just huge for us, how he controls the huddle and how heís a leader out there. Heís been great. I think it was just an overall great win for us.

Q: Was it kind of redemptive for you after not being able to make the play on Julio Jones last week to come out and make some plays tonight?

A: I definitely thought about that when I got the pick because that was the last play that I left on the field. Itís like when you play basketball, well when I play basketball, before I leave I like to make the last shot just so I leave on a good note. If I miss the last shot, it just sticks with me and thatís how I felt with the Julio play. I missed the play and it stuck with me, but good thing we had a quick turnaround, a short week. Now I have a sweeter taste in my mouth.

Q: Did you and Landon play a little game at that spot? You were lined up in the slot and dropped back. Was that the plan?

A: Yeah. It was just our coverage, it just switched from one coverage to another. We were playing some type of coverage and then we played zero coverage, which means itís me and that guy alone. It was just me and that guy. I donít know if it really was a game, I think the motion took us to a different coverage.

Q: Landon came on a blitz from the slot. It almost looked like you were playing safety a little bit.

A: Right. Thatís just because I was just one-on-one with that guy. They would rather me play off and not press because if I do, itís just a quick go-route. If Iím off and we are sending pressure, Iím able to read a little bit.

Q: You guys talked all week about finishing, finishing, finishing. When that fourth quarter starts, obviously, you guys are thinking about it. How big of a statement was the Eli to Odell touchdown?

A: You mean Eli to Randle or Eli to Odell?

Q: The first one.

A: Oh, the first one. That was huge, man. Iím excited for our offense. I canít wait for Cruz to come back. I think weíre going to be more scary. Love the way Odell played, I think that helped our team breathe a little bit more. Then when Randle scored, I think we got to exhale more because of that. I think our offense is starting to get it rolling and once we start being on rhythm there, I think weíre going to be scary.

Q: The kickoff return, is this team still learning how to finish?

A: Yeah, that touchdown it was tough. Definitely popped our balloon. I wasnít out there, I donít know what happened, but everyone was just shocked like, ďWow we just scored, then that just happened.Ē Like I said last week, we have the mindset of ďSo what? Now what?Ē So we just had to put that play behind us and get back on the field.

Q: Up until that last play you held them to 62 yards rushing. How important was it to have Jon Beason back in the lineup?

A: It was huge. Jonís presence is great for our team. Heís just one of our strongest captains, strongest leaders. He gets the defense going, heís like a coach out there just with tips and tendencies. He helps everyone out.
Sounds like the Giants  
bceagle05 : 9/25/2015 1:07 am : link
have a lot of loose buttholes in that locker room now.
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