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Monday Transcript: DE Robert Ayers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/28/2015 2:59 pm
DE Robert Ayers

September 28, 2015

A: ÖIím happy to be out here with my guys. Today wonít be a real good indication of how things are going to be, but Iím definitely excited to be around my guys, have a couple days off, and most importantly, Iím happy that my guys won. Iím very proud of that and weíll see how the week goes as far as me.

Q: Did you have an opportunity to show them you could be ready for Thursday or did the short week really compromise?

A: Thatís neither here nor there. I didnít play and we won and now weíre on to Buffalo.

Q: When you see yourself out there, Victor [Cruz] out there, DRC [Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie], all the guys who were hurt, do you feel like you guys are starting to get healthy?

A: Definitely, all things are in the positive as far as getting all the guys back. I think the better teams in the league are the teams that can stay healthy. I donít know the statistics offhand, but if you look at the teams that have won, theyíve been able to keep guys healthy, and guys off IR. I know the year we played Seattle when I was in Denver, they didnít have anybody hurt. The entire team was healthy and we had a bunch of star players hurt. Not saying thatís why they beat us, but being healthy is a big thing. If we can stay healthy and keep guys on the field, I definitely think our chances will increase. Itís a very good thing to see great players like Victor and DRC back on the field.

Q: Does it help lift everyoneís spirits when you see guys like Victor coming back?

A: Definitely, not only just the player he is, the leader he is, the type of person he is, the type of teammate he is, when you know you have a good person like that thatís battled back, it makes you want to play harder when you know how hard heís worked to get back out there. Heís out there with you and it just gives you that extra pep. Itís very encouraging to have guys that have been through things, an injury like his, to be out there, itís a positive for morale for the team, and also for making plays and winning.

Q: Did you spend time yesterday watching games, watching Buffalo, or did you take family time?

A: Family time in my house is watching the games together. My wife is a big football fan and sheís watching it. My kids are watching it with me as well and we do all that together. Iím definitely a football fan, not only because I play, but because thatís what my wife and I grew up around. We both love it so we watched almost all the games. We had the Direct TV channel on flipping back and forth. I was trying to watch all of them, my daughter was right there with me, so I definitely got a little advance scouting going on yesterday.

Q: Can you scout it or can you pull back and just watch it as a fan?

A: Itís kind of both. I kind of look at it and see what theyíre doing in certain situations and see how they develop plays, tendencies as far as certain situations, momentum swings, and things like that. You canít really get the feel for that when youíre watching it on regular film because thereís no sound and no atmosphere. Sometimes a coordinator may call certain things, after a big turnover they want to take a shot to the end zone, so things like that you can pick up on just from watching the game on TV. You can see how momentum changes things, and how he wants to call plays, and if a team wants to go for the dagger, so you definitely can get a lot from watching the games on TV, I know I do. As a fan, I love the game, so Iím doing both.
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