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Wednesday Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2015 3:29 pm

QB Eli Manning

September 30, 2015

Q: What do you see from the Bills on tape?

A: They’re good. They’re talented on defense, they’ve got good players, they’ve got a good scheme, they’ve done a good job. I guess the Patriots had a good game plan against them, made some plays, did some good things, but they still got pressure on Tom. But versus Indianapolis and versus Miami, they got after them pretty good. We’ve got to be sharp up front and on all their different looks and their players. We’ve got to do a good job on third down and take care of the football, can’t turn the ball over against them.

Q: What did you see from Victor Cruz today and his hopes of playing this weekend?

A: Did some individual stuff, ran a few routes and that was about it. We’ll see how it goes.

Q: Coming off a win, can you build some momentum going into this ball game?

A: Yeah, we’ve got to keep playing good football. Each game we did some good things, we did things better and better. So we’ve got to keep playing smart football, keep protecting the football, we’ve got to score some touchdowns in the red zone and find ways to win games in fourth quarter.

Q: I know you guys were very excited to have Victor Cruz back today and he wasn’t able to be on the field during the regular practice. Was that a little deflating?

A: No, we’re going about our business. We’ve got guys who’ve been playing and who’ve been practicing. We’ve got a job to do and I think guys are focused on understanding the game plan, the plays, the different things we may be getting to and what we’re trying to do and just going about our job trying to get ready to play well against the Bills.

Q: As an offense, what is the main thing you have to do against a very talented Bills defense?

A: I think just protect the football. In their wins they’ve done a good job getting turnovers; even versus the Patriots they caused two turnovers. I think they’ve got eight on the year. We’ve got to make sure runners are protecting the football and don’t give the opportunity of short field position and give them momentum.

Q: Not that you lost confidence but how much confidence do you have now after the first win of the season?

A: Well, it’s always nice to get the first win, no doubt. We’ve just got to look at the last game and figure out what we did differently to get the win. Still got room for improvement so we’ve got to keep working, keep grinding and find a way to win some more games.

Q: With everything going on in the division, do you keep track of that? And how much did that win mean to you?

A: I think you always keep track of your division to see where you stand, what’s happening. Obviously there’s still a lot of football left, long season left. I think the most important thing is we focus on what we have to do to win more football games. It’s the only thing we can control and it starts right now in our preparation to get ready for the Bills.

Q: Your thoughts about facing Rex Ryan?

A: I don’t face him directly, but he’s always got great defenses and multiple looks and alignments. So it’s always a big week of preparation just trying to get prepared for his defenses because they’ve always been good.

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